Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 240 - How Dare He Go After Such A Young Girl

Chapter 240: How Dare He Go After Such A Young Girl

She would rather confess everything immediately than wait for her grandmother to interrogate her.

Otherwise, when Long Yang came over to ask for her hand one day, it would definitely catch her grandmother and father off guard.

If she informed them of Long Yang’s decision first, she could give them some time to take in the news.

They may even come up with an idea to turn things around.

Lu Liangwei met her father and brother’s scrutinizing gazes openly.

“Big Bro, the Emperor used your name to invite me to the imperial holiday home and had someone meet me halfway.”

Lu Tingchen frowned.

If Weiwei had not said this herself, he would not believe that the Emperor would ever do such a thing.

Why had the Emperor taken a fancy to Weiwei?

He furrowed his brow in worry.

Lu Hetian’s expression was not too pleasant either.

What angered him was the Emperor’s flippant way of bypassing them and meeting Weiwei privately. If this news were to spread out, it would damage Weiwei’s reputation.

Of course, other people would not accuse the Emperor. They would only criticize Weiwei for being improper and deliberately seducing the Emperor.

Thinking of this, Lu Hetian glowered with wrath.

He had always thought that the Emperor was a wise ruler who deserved his utmost loyalty.

Seeing the change in his expression, Lu Liangwei quickly reassured him, “Father, the Emperor didn’t do anything to me. He just invited me to pick peaches.”

Lu Hetian’s face was still grim.

If not for the man’s identity, he would not give it a second thought and drag him out for a vicious beating.

However, he could not take his anger out on this man.

The Dowager Duchess was also very upset.

Who did Long Yang think her granddaughter was?

The people of the Great Shang Kingdom were open-minded and did not have a lot of rules. It was common for unmarried men and women to meet in private.

However, when the matter involved her granddaughter, she found the whole situation somewhat unacceptable.

The Emperor had gone too far this time.

Sensing the tense atmosphere in the room, Lu Liangwei sighed.

If her grandmother and father knew that the Emperor had also snuck into her maiden room in the middle of the night, they would probably start a rebellion.

After thinking for a while, she decided to tell them. “Grandmother, Father, Big Bro, the Emperor said that when the bridegroom selection match is over, he’ll visit our home personally and talk to you about a marriage proposal.”

As soon as she uttered these words, the three of them froze.

The Dowager Duchess was the first to react. “The Emperor told you that himself?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes.” She was quite dismayed too.

Compared to entering the palace, she preferred getting a selected husband. She would have much more freedom that way.

Entering the palace meant that she would no longer be free. Moreover, she was unwilling to serve the Emperor along with so many other women.

Looking at her youngest granddaughter’s gloomy face, the Dowager Duchess instantly knew that she did not want to enter the palace either.

However, the Emperor had already made his intentions clear. How could they protest?

The Dowager Duchess fell into a distressed daze for a while.

Lu Hetian had recovered some of his composure too, and the darkness in his eyes seemed to be on the verge of spilling out.

The Emperor was already so old; how dare he go after such a young girl so shamelessly!

From the Emperor’s usual gentlemanly demeanor, he never would have imagined that the man had such a kink!

Weiwei was young enough to be the Emperor’s daughter, yet he still dared to harbor intentions toward her.

Lu Hetian’s expression became ghastlier by the second, and he suddenly stood up. “I disapprove. I’ll go and explain to the Emperor right now.”

Seeing this, Lu Liangwei gave a start and stood up as well. “Dad…”

“What are you doing? Sit down this instant!” The Dowager Duchess slapped the armrest and said sternly.

Lu Hetian frowned. “Mother, the Emperor is so old. How can he…”

“Quiet!” The Dowager Duchess’s expression sank.

Lu Hetian’s face clouded over.

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