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Chapter 235 - His Intentions Were Self-evident

Chapter 235: His Intentions Were Self-evident

The Dowager Duchess already had her hands full with Weiwei’s problem. What sort of trouble had Ji Qingyuan come to stir up now?

However, Ji Qingyuan was not someone she could dismiss easily. Furthermore, based on his amicable relations with Lu Hetian, it would not be polite for her to decline his request for an audience. She could only nod and say, “Show him in.”

Aunt Lan turned to go out.

The Dowager Duchess looked at Lu Liangwei and said quietly, “In a little while, go to my room and rest for a bit. We’ll discuss more once I send him off.”

“Yes, Grandmother,” Lu Liangwei agreed.

She planned to make an exit after Ji Qingyuan arrived, and she had greeted him.

Before long, Aunt Lan returned with Ji Qingyuan.

A tall, slim young man followed behind them.

He was about sixteen or seventeen years of age and was comely in appearance. However, there was a certain unruly expression in his eyes and a sense of slight frivolousness in the way he looked at others.

Ji Qingyuan had brought along his son, Ji Xiu. They approached the Dowager Duchess to greet her.

“Dowager Duchess, this is my son. I’ve brought him here today specially to visit you. Ji Xiu, quickly go and greet Dowager Duchess now.”

“Ji Xiu makes his greetings to the Dowager Duchess.” Ji Xiu went forward, but his attitude was somewhat careless and indifferent.

When Ji Qingyuan saw this, he felt a surge of anger. However, this was not an appropriate place to display his annoyance, so he forcefully suppressed his temper.

The Dowager Duchess frowned when she heard what Ji Qingyuan said.

His purpose in bringing his son to meet her out of the blue like this was quite obvious.

Lu Liangwei felt that what Ji Qingyuan said was rather odd but did not think too much of it. She came forward to greet him.

“Weiwei makes her greetings to Duke Ji.”

When Ji Qingyuan saw her, he was pleasantly surprised. Quickly, he said to his son, “This is your Lil Sis Weiwei. Come here so you can get better acquainted.”

This was not the first time that Ji Xiu had met Lu Liangwei. Before, he had seen her occasionally during Palace banquets. At that time, however, Lu Liangwei had been thoroughly infatuated with the Crown Prince, which Ji Xiu had been disdainful of. That was why he had never bothered to set his sights on her.

Today, however, his father had dragged him here. Despite his unwillingness, it would not be wise for him to embarrass his father too much.

Ji Xiu stepped forward with a distinct lack of interest, merely giving Lu Liangwei a nod. “Lil Sis Weiwei.”

Lu Liangwei was not bothered by this, but Ji Qingyuan wanted to grab his son by the ear and give him a good beating. However, he suppressed the temptation.

When Ji Qingyuan looked toward Lu Liangwei, his expression had already mellowed out. “Weiwei, this is your Big Bro Ji Xiu.”

Lu Liangwei nodded at once. “Young Master Ji.”

With that, she turned from Ji Xiu without a second glance and looked at the Dowager Duchess, “Grandmother, you have guests here. I’ll take my leave now.”

The Dowager Duchess nodded immediately. “Very well. Go ahead.”

When Ji Qingyuan saw that Lu Liangwei was about to leave, he interjected quickly, “Weiwei, I haven’t seen your grandmother for quite a while, and there are many things that I’d like to talk to her about. Your Big Bro Ji Xiu would like to visit the garden; might I trouble you to show him around?”

Lu Liangwei could not very well decline. She shot a glance at the Dowager Duchess. When she saw that her grandmother did not say anything, she had no choice but to agree. “Of course.”

When Ji Qingyuan saw this, he lamented, “Weiwei is so obedient and understanding. Not only is she pretty, but even her temperament is also beyond reproach. If only my Xiu’er[1] was half as understanding as Weiwei.”

The Dowager Duchess made no reply.

Lu Liangwei led Ji Xiu out of Longevity Hall, and they left together.

The moment they departed, Ji Qingyuan immediately explained the purpose of his visit to the Dowager Duchess.

“Dowager Duchess, I shan’t conceal anything from you. To be honest, I’m here today on behalf of my son.”

The Dowager Duchess pretended not to understand. “What do you mean?”

Ji Qingyuan sighed. “Dowager Duchess, I’ve heard about you and Brother Lu setting up an arena on Heavenly Street to select a bridegroom.”

The Dowager Duchess nodded but did not say anything.

When Ji Qingyuan saw that she did not reply, he suddenly felt extremely pressured.

Even though the Dowager Duchess was quite elderly, the intimidating aura she possessed as a result of spending years on the battlefield had not decreased in the slightest.

[1] She was called Ling’er in previous chapters by the author

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