Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 232 - Been Alone For Too Long

Chapter 232: Been Alone For Too Long

Long Yang’s words were still trailing off when he heard the young girl’s tender shout, “Hya!”

She had galloped quite far away on her horse.

Zhu Yu watched dumbfounded at her Miss who had gone quite far off. She did not dare see the look on the Emperor’s face right now.

She felt quite unsettled.

Why was her Miss acting so recklessly? This was the Emperor.

Seeing her Miss going further away, she clenched her teeth and prepared to go after her. Just as she was about to give chase, a horse ran past her speedily, and very soon, it was also far off.

Zhao Qian gave the young maid a slight look of sympathy. “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to your Miss with His Majesty around.”

Zhu Yu was relieved when she heard this.

Zhao Qian and Chu Qi got on their horses one after the other.

Chu Qi immediately went after his master as soon as he got on the horse while Zhao Qian followed next to Zhu Yu casually. He asked with a smile, “Your name is Zhu Yu, right?”

Zhu Yu nodded absent-mindedly. She could not figure out why was Butler Zhao suddenly acting so friendly toward her.

“Yes, Butler Zhao, my name is Zhu Yu.”

Zhao Qian laughed and said, “Don’t be nervous. I just want to ask you a few questions.”

“Please go ahead, Butler Zhao,” Zhu Yu replied, and got a little defensive.

“What does your Second Miss usually like to eat? What sort of cloth does she like for clothes? Does she have a favorite type of jewelry? What does she normally enjoy doing?” Zhao Qian asked several questions in one breath.

Zhu Yu was taken aback. These were questions she was able to answer, and she did so seriously. “Miss is not picky when it comes to food. As long as they are delicious, she would like them all.”

“As for clothes, Miss used to like them bright and resplendent, but now she doesn’t like them too much. She currently likes soft fabrics and plain colored clothing. In terms of jewelry, she has a particular likeness for jade hairpins though she doesn’t really wear them. She enjoys staying in her little medicinal room to play around with herbs.”

As she answered, Zhu Yu suddenly realized that her Miss was now completely different from before, as if someone had replaced her entirely.

Zhao Qian was not bothered with what Zhu Yu was thinking about. He noted down in detail everything she had told him about Lu Liangwei’s preferences.

He would tell his master about it when he returned.

Master was so taken by Second Miss Lu. If he found out about what Second Miss Lu liked, he would be able to cater to her wishes and win her heart faster and easier.

Zhao Qian felt extremely smart!

He was just trying to help his master.

He hoped that his master would have a smooth experience with his relationship.

Master has been alone for so many years, it was truly a wonderful thing for him to finally meet someone he had feelings for.

Meanwhile, Long Yang had caught up to Lu Liangwei after she had galloped for quite a distance.

Lu Liangwei was a little frustrated to see the man catching up next to her step-by-step.

She slowed down the galloping horse and both of them journeyed side-by-side.

Lu Liangwei secretly heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the city gates not far off. She turned to say to Long Yang, “Your Majesty, we’re almost there.”

“Yes,” Long Yang glanced in the direction of the city gates, his voice sounding slightly listless.

Lu Liangwei had thought to tell him there was no need to see her any further as they were almost there, but she did not say a word in the end.

It was not long before Zhao Qian and the others had caught up.

Zhu Yu did not dare approach Lu Liangwei when she saw the Emperor by her side.

When the group passed by Heavenly Street, the fight had reached an exciting moment in the arena.

It only took one look for Lu Liangwei to spot Chu Yi standing there, easily taking down all challengers.

She remembered something and could not help turning back to glance at Long Yang.

With Chu Yi’s martial art prowess, there was no doubt that he would continue to be the winner. When that time came, there was no way Long Yang would allow Chu Yi to represent him to get into the Lu family, would he? Even though, she would not mind it at all.

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