Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 226 - Her Face Was Pressed Forcefully Against His Chest

Chapter 226: Her Face Was Pressed Forcefully Against His Chest

Although the original host’s personality was rather disagreeable, there was nobody who would go so far as to want to take her life over it.

Instead, it was the new her who accidentally stumbled upon the scene of Chen Xuping’s attempted murder of Lin Qingyuan. Now that Lin Qingyuan was ‘dead’, Chen Xuping would naturally not let Lu Liangwei go.

The medicine ball’s smoke hindered the assailants temporarily and bought her some time.

She certainly did not expect Chen Xuping to be so bold as to order them to sneak into the imperial holiday home and kill her.

She had already modified the medicine ball. Not only did she add gunpowder and chili powder to the mix, but she also added coma-inducing medicine.

When they breathed in the fumes without warning, their bodies would become weak. Moreover, with their vision obstructed, they would temporarily not be able to come after her.

However, to be on the safe side, Lu Liangwei did not dare linger and sprinted out of the orchard as fast as she could.

Long Yang had just arrived at the entrance to the peach orchard when he heard a familiar sound.

His expression changed, and he immediately unleashed his Light Body Skill to rush over to the source of the commotion.

Lu Liangwei spotted Long Yang appearing in the peach orchard from a distance. A sudden wave of relief washed over her, and she instinctively slowed down.

Long Yang dashed over to her and pulled her into his arms, asking anxiously, “What’s the matter? What happened?”

Lu Liangwei was panting, but her voice was steady when she spoke. “There are assassins, Your Majesty.”

She had barely uttered those words when the assailants caught up to her.

If they were ordinary people, they would have collapsed from the coma-inducing medicine that had wafted out from the medicine ball.

However, these people were well-trained killers. Moreover, they were in an open space, so the smoke quickly dissipated.

Feeling a little regretful, Lu Liangwei made a mental note to add a heavier dose of coma-inducing medicine to the medicine ball to ensure that any victims would collapse within seconds.

Although the killers had not been affected by the coma-inducing medicine, their eyes were bloodshot after being stung by the chili powder.

They finally caught up to Lu Liangwei only to see another man appear beside her.

The group had followed Lu Liangwei all the way while she was traveling just to find an opportunity to kill her.

They had thought that their mission would be easy and had even hatched some obscene ideas when they saw how beautiful Lu Liangwei was, so they were not in a hurry to make their move.

However, they did not expect that Lu Liangwei would travel to the imperial holiday home.

At that point, they discarded their dirty thoughts and sneaked in, bypassing the guards.

They had planned to kill Lu Liangwei and leave without delay, but their plan was interrupted by these unexpected factors. In particular, they did not expect Lu Liangwei to carry a ‘hidden weapon’ on her. It caught them off guard and almost impaired them.

Eyeing the man shielding Lu Liangwei, the killers glanced at each other. Without further delay, they raised their weapons and charged forward.

They were all assassins secretly cultivated by the Drunk Fragrance Pavilion, so they were by nature unafraid of death.

If they failed to complete their mission today, there was no need for them to return either.

Lu Liangwei was locked in Long Yang’s embrace, and her face was pressed forcefully against his chest. She saw the glint of a sword slicing through the air, and in the next instant, she heard several screams.

Lu Liangwei felt her scalp tingle and tense up.

Before she could regain her composure, the man had already turned around with her in his arms. His voice was calm and composed as if nothing had happened.

“Let’s go.”

“Oh.” Lu Liangwei did not look back but followed him obediently.

Long Yang looked down at her, and when he saw that she did not outright reject his embrace, a trace of delight flickered across his face.

The two made their way out of the orchard. At this moment, there came a sound of something piercing the air. Lu Liangwei heard the man give a muffled moan, and in the next instant, she saw Long Yang hurl something over his shoulder.

An even more blood-curdling scream was heard, cutting through the tranquility of the orchard.

Lu Liangwei did not have the time to think about that. The first thing she did was hold Long Yang’s arm, and when she saw bright red blood oozing from the arm holding her, she frowned and said anxiously, “You’re hurt.”

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