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Chapter 201 - What Other Reasons Could There Be For A Man Treating A Woman With Concern

Chapter 201: What Other Reasons Could There Be For A Man Treating A Woman With Concern

As for the four concubines, they were also looking at Lu Liangwei with complicated gazes.

They were the ones closest to the Emperor. Even though they have never been truly close to him, but compared to outsiders, they knew him better.

The Emperor was someone who would not easily display his emotions, but the moment Lu Liangwei knelt, they could tell clearly that the Emperor was not happy about it.

It was just kneeling, but the unhappiness felt by the Emperor was more of anxiety and concern.

What other reason could there be for a man to be so anxious and concerned for a woman?

Emotions were building up within the four concubines.

Could it be that the Emperor felt something for Lu Liangwei…

Their gazes fell upon Lu Liangwei and suddenly, they noticed how beautiful the woman was. She had a pair of pretty eyes that were bright and lively, with the ability to attract the attention of another.

The most crucial attribute about her was that she was very young…

The Pure Consort twisted the handkerchief in her hand tightly. She had guessed earlier that His Majesty and Lu Liangwei had something unusual going on between them, and now, this had cemented the suspicion she had…

Lu Liangwei noticed the subtle looks in everyone’s gaze. She secretly darted an unhappy glance at Zhao Qian.

This Butler Zhao was really too much. Was he afraid she did not have enough attention? Why did he need to act in such an exaggerating manner?

Lu Tingchen had also noticed this. Before Zhao Qian was able to approach Lu Liangwei, he quickly helped her up and turned toward Long Yang. “Thank you for your grace, Your Majesty.”

He nudged Lu Liangwei’s arm as he thanked the Emperor.

Lu Liangwei took the hint. She lowered her head and said, “Your humble servant thanks Your Majesty for your grace.”

Right then, the Dowager Duchess suddenly said, “Weiwei, come over here quickly. You’re still feeling unwell. His Majesty has always been concerned about the health of his subordinates, he would not punish you over this.”

Everyone recovered from their surprise when they heard her.

Lu Liangwei was feeling unwell?

Zhao Qian also came to his senses. He immediately continued, “The Dowager Duchess is right. Second Miss Lu is still feeling unwell. Kneeling too long might aggravate her condition. Heir Presumptive Lu was worried for her while they were in the imperial study just now. His Majesty had even gotten an imperial physician to check on Second Miss Lu’s condition.”

Everyone strangely felt relieved when they heard his words.

They had actually read too much into this. Butler Zhao’s action before was on behalf of Heir Presumptive Lu.

After all, Lu Tingchen was in charge of the palace cavalry and was highly regarded by the Emperor. It was reasonable to express some concern and empathy when his sister, Lu Liangwei, was feeling unwell.

Everyone felt more at ease.

Lu Liangwei returned to her seat next to the Dowager Duchess.

The Dowager Duchess glanced at her without saying a word, but the look in her eyes had worry hidden within them.

Long Yang glanced at Lu Liangwei and frowned before turning to Zhao Qian to instruct, “Distribute the glutinous rice dumplings to everyone.”

“Yes.” Zhao Qian went forward and opened up each dumpling, cutting them into small pieces and distributing them to everyone.

There were not many dumplings and he could not give everyone a whole one each, hence he could only cut it up.

Everyone could only have a very small piece by distributing it this way.

When the banquet ended, Lu Liangwei followed by the Dowager Duchess and Lu Hetian’s side, planning to leave the Palace and return to the mansion when Zhao Qian suddenly approached them. He said respectfully, “Dowager Duchess, My Lord, Second Miss Lu is still feeling unwell. Since she is in the Palace, it would be best for the imperial physician to give her one last check before leaving the Palace. He is already waiting in the side hall.”

The wise Dowager Duchess stared at him, which gave Zhao Qian chills.

Her gaze was sharp, making him feel uneasy. However he was capable of holding his ground, and his expression did not betray him as he maintained a smile on his face.

“Second Miss Lu, please follow me. It would not take up too much of your time. Dowager Duchess and My Lord, please wait here for a while.”

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