Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1798 - 1798 How Are You Any Different From A Hooligan

1798 How Are You Any Different From A Hooligan

Hexin pouted and did not want to admit it. “That’s not it. I was thinking of how I’ve already infected you with my cold. You’ll get sick pretty soon and you will suffer. Why should I hurt my hand? My hand will hurt if I hit you.”

Long Yin raised an eyebrow and laughed softly. “I see. How are you so sure that I’ve caught your cold?”

Hexin blurted, “We just…” At this point, she stopped herself. “Anyway, I’m sure you’re already infected.”

“In order for me to be absolutely infected, why not…” Long Yin’s voice was husky and it was clear what he planned to do next as he lowered his head slightly.

Hexin fearfully covered her mouth when she realized his intentions. She said in a muffled voice, “You’re supposed to be the noble crown prince. How are you any different from a hooligan to be taking advantage of a lady like this?”

Long Yin paused slightly in his actions and turned to kiss her on her fair forehead instead. “Marry me, Xinxin, and I won’t need to be a hooligan any longer.”

Hexin was taken aback. She was upset as she said, “Haven’t I been very clear with you? I don’t want to marry you nor do I want to marry so far away to Great Shang.”

“Can’t you tell me the real reason for this? I know very well that I have a place in your heart,” Long Yin said as his slender finger brushed across her chest where her heart was.

Hexin trembled and she blushed beet red. Luckily for her, the lighting in the bed was dim and she was able to hide her face.

However, she was still a little angry and embarrassed, “How can you touch me like that…”

Long Yin was taken aback as well. Even though he had only touched her with the tip of his fingers, he could feel the sensation clearly. He was overwhelmed by the sensation and his heart palpitated with emotion.

He had never touched another woman before and the only knowledge he had of a woman’s body was from books.

Long Yin gulped and grabbed Hexin’s hand. “Xinxin, I already treat you as my future wife. I really hope that you will stop rejecting me.”

Hexin pressed her lips and looked at him. If she did not have a prior understanding of his personality and character, she would have treated him as a scumbag.

He behaved like this two years ago, and now he was still the same. He took her whenever he wanted and did not spare a thought for her feelings at all.

“Have you forgotten about Lu Xue?” she suddenly asked softly after being silent for a while.

Long Yin was taken aback. He gave her a puzzled look. “What does this have to do with Lu Xue?”

“Forget about what I said. Let me ask you this, why are you so determined to marry me?” Hexin changed her question.

“That’s because you’re a good fit…”

Hexin quickly pressed her finger against his lips and said with great disappointment, “Big Bro Long Yin, this isn’t the answer I was looking for.” With that, she pushed him away obstinately and determinedly. She pushed back the bed netting without a second thought and got off the bed.

Long Yin suddenly felt troubled as he watched the young woman walk away.

What was the answer Hexin wanted?

He found himself in deep thought over what she said.

Knock knock!

A knock could be heard on the door right then. He lifted his eyes to look. Hexin had returned and was standing at the door. “Since you’re awake, get up and finish your food. Otherwise, it’s going to turn cold.”

Hexin ran off after saying those words.

Long Yin let out with a small laugh and he found himself in a good mood.

That girl was clearly concerned about him, but she was too stubborn to admit it. No matter what he did, however, she just would not agree to marry him.

He shook his head and got off the bed.

Hexin felt bored while hanging out in the garden.

Qi Heng had brought Yuan You and He’an with him and there was no one left to accompany her.

Hexin sat in the pavilion and leaned her cheek against her hand as she watched the setting sun in the sky. A shadow loomed over her while she was absorbed in the view.

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