Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1578 - 1578 Unforgettable

1578 Unforgettable

A thought immediately crossed Yuan Xin’s mind when she heard this. She looked at Hexin wide-eyed and asked in shock, “Do you like Yin’er?”


Hexin spat out her drink and glared at her mother in disbelief. “What are you thinking about, Mother? How could I even like Big Bro Long Yin?”

Yuan Xin breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good to know. I thought you had already experienced love at such a young age because you found him unforgettable.”

Hexin rolled her eyes. She did not agree with her mother.

“I was so young back then. Only you would think of something like that, Mother.”

“If that’s not the reason, what exactly is bothering you?”

“It’s really nothing. It’s just that I’m a little afraid of Big Bro Long Yin. How am I supposed to greet him when I meet him again in the future?” Hexin looked troubled when she said that.

Yuan Xin was exasperated with Hexin’s words. “Your Big Bro Long Yin isn’t scary at all. He is just quite mature. Moreover, he is the heir apparent, and is quite intimidating and dignified compared to others. Although, he isn’t as exaggerating as you described. To me, Yin’er is of good character. He is polite to me and your father, and he is adept at handling issues. He has the makings of a good heir apparent. How nice it would be if only Hean could pick up even a little of Yin’er’s merits, but everyone has their own personality and each person’s environment is different. If Hean really did act like Yin’er, I probably would find it unsettling.”

Hexin nodded. “That’s true. Hean may be mischievous, but he isn’t without his merits.”

They may argue most of the time, but when it came to the crucial moment, Hexin was still very protective of her younger brother.

Yuan Xin was happy to see her daughter being protective of her brother.

This pair of siblings may be used to arguing most of the time, but they still cared for each other at the end of the day.

Yaoyao returned to the Palace before sundown.

The horse-drawn carriage stopped straight at the doors of Serenity Palace.

She had just jumped off the carriage when she saw Beitang You standing at the door. It looked like he had been waiting there a while.

Beitang You walked over to her and when he saw Chen Jin moving multiple big and small packages out of the carriage, he raised an eyebrow. “That’s a lot of things. What did you buy?”

When Yaoyao saw all the amount of things in Chen Jin’s arms, she suddenly felt slight regret.

The imperial capital of Great Shang was quite a distance away. It was more than ten thousand miles away. How was she able to bring so many things back when she returned? She was just giving herself more hassle.

“These are all clothes and food,” Yaoyao replied. She went to Chen Jin and touched the box in his arms before saying painfully, “I can’t bring so many things away with me. I’ll pick a few and you can help me give the rest to the palace maids.”

Beitang You looked at how much she could not bear to give her shopping away and smiled. “If you like them, you can keep them.”

“But I can’t bring so many things with me on my way home. It’s quite a burden,” Yaoyao said with distress.

“It’s fine. You can keep them,” Beitang You said.

Yaoyao looked at him questioningly. “But there are too many things…”

“You can keep them here. You might return to the Yan Kingdom in the future.” Beitang You’s deep, dark eyes stared at her as he said pointedly.

Yaoyao was taken aback and she quickly lowered her head to pretend to look at the box in Chen Jin’s arm to avoid Beitang You’s gaze.

Beitang You took it upon himself to instruct Chen Jin, “Keep the princess’ things well.”

“Yes, Master.” Chen Jin walked inside with all the packages.

“I’ll be going in as well,” Yaoyao said quickly.

However, she had just taken a step forward when Beitang You grabbed her wrist. “It’s still early. Why not accompany me for a walk in the garden?”

He may sound like he was asking her, but he pulled her along with him before she could answer and headed straight for the imperial garden.

Yaoyao had wanted to reject him, but she was forced to choke it back.

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