Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1558 - 1558 Quickly Lost Interest

1558 Quickly Lost Interest

Long Yang sighed. He turned back to look at her and suddenly reached out with his long arms to circle her as he carried her up.

Lu Liangwei exclaimed as she quickly tightened her grip around his neck. “What are you doing? Weren’t you just worried about the swing not being able to take your weight? In addition to mine…”

Long Yang tugged at the swing’s rope. “Don’t worry. It won’t break if we do this for just a while.”

“Who is going to push us…” Before Lu Liangwei could finish, the still swing suddenly began to move.

Lu Liangwei stopped talking obediently.

Alright. Her husband was not some weak-muscled scholar.

He was well-educated enough to run a country, and powerful enough to bring peace. Getting the swing to move was no big deal for him.

She was the one who had underestimated him.

While Lu Liangwei and Long Yang were enjoying their time alone at Tianzhu Mountain, Yaoyao and Beitang You finally arrived at Yan Kingdom’s capital city.

However, it was already very late at night when they arrived at the Palace.

Beitang You got off his horse and, when he realized there was no movement in the horse-drawn carriage, he pulled open the blinds to look inside.

Yaoyao had already fallen asleep while leaning against the side of the carriage. There was a half-eaten apple in her hand.

A smile twinkled in Beitang You’s eye when he saw this.

He went inside immediately and carried her out of the carriage.

Yaoyao slept very soundly and did not wake up. So, Beitang You arranged for her to stay in the side hall of his bedroom.

After he had settled her down, Beitang You paused when he saw that she was still holding the apple. He took the apple from her hand and placed it on the table before leaving the side hall.

The next day, Yaoyao opened her eyes after enjoying a good night’s sleep. She was dazed when she noticed the strange surroundings.

She rubbed her eyes and got off the bed to inspect the décor in the room. She guessed that this must be the Yan Kingdom’s Palace.

She had just left when a junior palace maid who was instructed to serve her came in with a basin of water.

The maid realized Yaoyao was missing the moment she stepped into the hall and was shocked. She went to report this to Beitang You in a panic.

It was the first time Yaoyao was in the Yan Kingdom’s Palace and she was looking around the place curiously.

After having a walk around the place, she realized the Palace at Yan Kingdom was not that different from the one in Great Shang, and she quickly lost interest.

She remembered Beitang You talking about how Yan Kingdom’s capital city was also always bustling with people and she planned to have a look.

After she was done visiting this place, she would need to return to Great Shang.

Yaoyao was about to look for Beitang You when a group of palace maids came rushing in her direction.

She had no idea where to look for Beitang You, so she approached them to make her inquiry.

“Could I know where your Emperor usually goes to work?”

When she asked the question, the maid wondered who could be brazen enough to ask such a question about the Emperor and turned to look at her in shock. However, their eyes lit up at the sight of her.

An exquisitely beautiful girl stood in front of them. She was wearing a pale, pink dress and stood under the flowers daintily.

The bright, blooming flowers above her dimmed in comparison to her beauty.

They were stunned by the beauty of the young girl in front of them as they had never seen such a pretty thing before.

The palace maid in the lead had an egg-shaped face and was quite pretty. She had not been on duty the night before and Beitang You had returned to the Palace late, which was why she had no idea Yaoyao was an important guest brought here by Beitang You.

When she saw her colleagues stunned by Yaoyao’s beauty, it immediately upset her.

She was considered the beauty among the palace maids and had been used to being constantly praised. Now that there was a girl in front of her who was more beautiful and younger than she was, she was immediately threatened.

The palace maid found the girl’s face to be unfamiliar and thought she must be a new palace maid who did not know the rules. So, she threw her weight around as the maid-in-waiting in Beitang You’s bedroom and said arrogantly instead of answering Yaoyao’s question, “Who are you? Who let you in here? Do you know what this place is?”

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