Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1556 - 1556 Was He Not Tired Of It?

1556 Was He Not Tired Of It?

Lu Liangwei paused.

They had been married for decades and she could sense the smallest changes in him.

She pressed her lips and said nothing as she quickly left the pool. She went behind the folding screen and got dressed.

If she had left any later, she probably would not be able to climb out of there.

They had made love for a few days just before this; was he not tired of it?

This middle-aged man was pretty scary!

When Long Yang saw her leaving the pool without saying a word to him, he was taken aback. When he realized why she did that, he could not help smiling bitterly. “Weiwei, am I some sort of uncontrollable wild beast?”

Lu Liangwei was now dressed. She walked out from behind the folding screen while putting on her belt. She darted a look at him and said honestly, “There is no need for you to be so humble, Your Majesty. You’re much scarier than an uncontrollable wild beast.”

Long Yang was taken aback. He waved her over. “Come over.”

“I won’t be disturbing you while you enjoy the hot spring. Take your time. I’ll be leaving now.” If Lu Liangwei went over to him, it would just mean that she was tired of living. She walked away as her figure swayed.

Long Yang felt hot and bothered as he watched her move away seductively. If he looked any longer, he might die from exploding on the spot.

He thought silently to himself, “What a temptress that woman is.”

She was not getting any younger, but the older she got, the more alluring she became. She could always turn him on so easily.

His suggestion to visit the hot springs was no doubt a kind of torture he had inflicted on himself.

The past two years of him cultivating a calm temperament had now probably gone to waste.

When Long Yang was done with the hot spring and got out of the pool, Lu Liangwei was sitting on the swing in the courtyard.

Her dark hair fell around her shoulders. There were still beads of droplets on them, which reflected under the rays of sunshine.

She was wearing a white and loose long dress and looked like an angel who descended from heaven as her long skirt billowed daintily in the wind. She was pure and refined, unlike anything else in this world.

When she noticed him, she looked up to glance at him and a smile appeared on her lips. She said to him without a second thought, “Come over here and give me a push, Your Majesty.”

A smile appeared in Long Yang’s deep mysterious eyes as he looked at her adoringly before walking toward her.

He held the rope of the swing and bent down to kiss her on the forehead. After that, he lifted her chin with his hand and gave her a long, passionate kiss.

Lu Liangwei’s cheeks turned red as she pushed him away breathlessly. She said coyly, “Control yourself. Our servants are watching us.”

Zhao Qian, “…”

All the servants in the temporary imperial residence, “…”

The corner of Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched. She was not as skilled as him to be able to treat real-life people as plants.

Long Yang held her wet, beautiful hair in his hand. He frowned as he said, “Why didn’t you dry your hair?”

“The sun is out today. I’ll just let it dry under the sun,” Lu Liangwei replied nonchalantly.

“Even though the sun is out, the temperature is still quite low. You might catch a cold,” Long Yang berated her as he did not agree with her words. He instructed a servant nearby to bring him a towel.

“Ignore my hair. Hurry up and give me a push.” Lu Liangwei insisted as she grabbed his hand.

“I’ll dry your hair first.” Long Yang did not do as she said. He took the towel and carefully helped her to dry her wet hair.

“I’m not a child anymore. I can dry it on my own.” Lu Liangwei reached out to grab the towel.

She was a middle-aged woman now too and it was a little embarrassing that Long Yang still treated her like a child.

Long Yang looked deeply at her. “In my eyes, you’ve never really grown up. You’re still that young girl I met all those years ago.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Why was her face burning?

What was going on to make her feel so shy?

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