Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1433 - 1433 Grant Chu Qi A Marriage

1433 Grant Chu Qi A Marriage

“Yes.” Lu Liangwei nodded quickly and decided to divert her attention elsewhere. “You didn’t eat much just now, did you? Have some food, or you’re going to start whining about hunger later.”

Yaoyao grabbed a piece of cake and scuttled over to her brother.

“Royal Brother, aren’t you tired of looking so stern all the time?” She munched on the cake as she approached him, murmuring at the sight of his expressionless face.

Long Yin glanced at her and removed her crumb-covered hands from him, saying in a low voice, “Sit properly.”

Yaoyao shot him a bored look.

Her brother was getting more and more boring as he aged. He was always wearing a long face as if someone owed him money.

However, despite his young age, he exuded a dignified aura that intimidated those around him.

Butler Zhao said her brother was just like their father when he had been a child.

Catching sight of the cake crumbs at the corners of her mouth, Long Yin wrinkled his well-defined brow. With an air of resignation, he took out his handkerchief from within his sleeve and wiped her mouth.

“You’re not a baby anymore. Why do you still smear crumbs all over your hands and mouth when you eat?” His voice was weary, but his movements were full of tenderness.

Yaoyao grinned as her brother wiped her mouth for her.

It was still early when the banquet ended, so Yaoyao took Long Yin’s hand and headed toward Ji’er’s palace.

To their astonishment, the moment they stepped out of Jade Dew Hall, they saw Princess Man Li blocking their father and mother’s path.

“What’s she trying to do?” Yaoyao tugged at her brother’s sleeve.

Long Yin merely gave her a wordless glance.

Lu Liangwei looked at Man Li, fully aware of her intentions. Still, she asked mildly, “Is there something we can help you with, Princess Man Li?”

Man Li eyed the stunning beauty before her, feeling a little bitter inside.

She was publicly recognized as the most beautiful woman in Southern Xinjiang, and she had always been confident in her looks too. However, after coming to Great Shang and meeting Lu Liangwei, she jealously found that this woman surpassed her in terms of beauty.

She lowered her gaze, and stifling the jealousy bubbling inside her, performed a Southern Xinjiang greeting to Lu Liangwei.

“Your Highness, I have a personal favor to ask of you, and I hope you can grant it.”

Lu Liangwei regarded her quietly. Instead of hastily agreeing to her request, she said, “Let’s hear it.”

Man Li answered, “I had initially come to form a marriage alliance with Great Shang, but then I learned that His Majesty and Your Highness have a loving and harmonious relationship. I do not wish to ruin it, hence I humbly ask you to let me marry Chu Qi. That way, I will have proven my loyalty to Southern Xinjiang.”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei glanced at Long Yang with a half-smile. Apparently, Man Li’s original target was him.

Long Yang furrowed his brow, irritated by the sheer arrogance of this Southern Xinjiang princess.

What made her think he would take a fancy to her?

Ruin his relationship with Weiwei?

As if she could do that!

“It seems that Southern Xinjiang has yet to come to its senses even after that year-long war. Since your country has lost to Great Shang, it is not up to you whether a marriage alliance is to be formed or not. Besides, there are plenty of excellent women in Great Shang, so we do not need to bring in any from Southern Xinjiang. Please return to your country, Princess Man Li.” Long Yang then cast a glance at Zhao Qian.

Startled, Zhao Qian quickly said to Princess Man Li, “It’s getting late, and the palace gates are about to be locked. Please come with me, Princess Man Li.”

Man Li had not expected that she would be bluntly rejected after having mustered all her courage to make her proposal, and she could not help seething with resentment.

She had been utterly humiliated today.

However, she knew better than to test the Great Shang Emperor’s patience, so she had no choice but to leave gloomily with Zhao Qian.

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