Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 140 - I Will Bear This In Mind

Chapter 140: I Will Bear This In Mind

“Your Majesty, there is no good tea in our holiday house. Do accept our apology over this bad hospitality service.”

Long Yang picked up a teacup and took a sip, and commented with a pleased expression, “The tea is acceptable. You should take a seat as well.”

A curious look flashed in Lu Tingchen’s handsome eyes.

His Majesty looked like he was in a good mood.

That was strange. He had only just left for a while. Did something happen that he was not aware of?

He was quietly puzzled over it.

When Lu Liangwei entered the room holding the bowl of decocted medicine, she saw her big brother playing Go with the Emperor.

She walked closer to take a look and saw that the battle was intense even though both of them looked calm and collected.

This was especially so for Long Yang. He may look casual and relaxed, but he had everything under control.

Lu Tingchen looked to be calm, but his slightly pursed lips betrayed his heart was in turmoil.

Lu Liangwei’s gaze fell on the Go board. The white stones were already surrounded by the black stones. There was no hope of survival. It would be difficult for the white stones to fight their way out from being surrounded.

Just as expected, it did not take long for the white stones to be obliterated and the black stones had made a clean sweep of the board.

The Go game was just like a battlefield on a piece of board. Lu Tingchen’s fair forehead was now covered with a thin layer of sweat, displaying the nervousness he had felt previously.

“I bow in full defeat,” Lu Tingchen’s gaze left the board as he sighed slightly while cupping his hands together at Long Yang in a gesture of respect.

Long Yang shook his head. “I won by a slim victory.”

He picked up the teacup next to him as he said. He was about to take a sip of the tea when a delicate hand reached out to stop him.

He was taken aback and turned toward the direction of the hand. He saw Lu Liangwei frowning. “If this humble servant remembers correctly, I’ve written pretty clearly on the prescription that it’s not advisable to drink tea while taking your medication. Did Your Majesty even read the instructions detailly?”

Long Yang found it amusing seeing her serious look as if she was an experienced physician of many years. “I did not drink much of it…”

“Not even one sip should be taken,” Lu Liangwei frowned slightly as she reminded. She removed the teacup from his hand without giving him another chance to say anything further.

Seeing what she did, Lu Tingchen nervously tried to signal her with his eyes, wanting to remind her to behave properly in front of the Emperor but the girl did not even bother to even glance at him.

Lu Tingchen had thought Long Yang would berate her, but to his surprise, Long Yang nodded good-naturedly. “Second Miss Lu is right to lecture me. I will bear this in mind and not drink any tea during this period.”

Lu Liangwei’s expression finally looked much better as she replied with an ‘okay’ and placed the bowl of medicine in front of him. “This was just decocted. Please drink it while it’s hot, Your Majesty.”

Lu Tingchen was about to grab a silver needle, but before he even moved, Long Yang had already taken over the bowl of medicine from Lu Liangwei’s hands and drank it in one gulp.

Lu Tingchen could not even stop him in time.

He frowned.

His sister would not poison the medicine, but this was still the Emperor and certain procedures should not be ignored.

Allowing the Emperor to drink this without testing if it was poisonous first would be something they could not afford to take responsibility for if anything bad were to happen to him.

His handsome brows furrowed at the thought of this. He planned to lecture his younger sister about the procedural necessity after the Emperor had left to prevent her from getting into terrible trouble in the future.

Lu Liangwei took over the empty bowl from Long Yang’s hands and shoved it into Lu Tingchen’s hands. “Big Brother, take this bowl back into the kitchen, please.”

Lu Tingchen turned to her with a slightly puzzled look. This cheeky girl was openly trying to get rid of him. Was there something she wanted to tell His Majesty?

Even though he had some questions in his mind, he did not reveal them in front of the Emperor.

He gave her a thoughtful look before leaving the room with the bowl.

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