Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 136 - Like I Did Something Terrible To You

Chapter 136: Like I Did Something Terrible To You

No matter how slow Housekeeper Chen was, he had already realized now that something was wrong. “I’ve drunk a lot of tea just now, so I’m not thirsty…”

Lu Liangwei shot him a sidelong glance. “You dare to refuse the tea I specially prepared for you?”

Her sudden reproach shocked Housekeeper Chen, and his legs turned so weak he almost fell onto his knees.

He said ruefully, “I’ve really had too much. I can’t drink anymore. Can it wait until tomorrow?”

“No.” The smile on Lu Liangwei’s face had disappeared completely. “Since you refuse to drink it, I’ll get someone to help you. Guards!”

Housekeeper Chen collapsed to the floor in fright when he saw a few of her burly personal guards burst into the room.

“Don’t worry; this isn’t some kind of lethal poison. If I wanted to kill you, all I needed to do was twitch my finger. Why would I have to go to all this trouble?” Lu Liangwei’s voice softened. Plastering on a smile once again, she pushed the cup outward. “So, Housekeeper Chen, you’d better follow my orders while I’m being nice, or else…”

Housekeeper Chen glanced at the guards blocking the doorway, then at Lu Tingchen and Lu Liangwei sitting in their chairs. Gulping, he got up, forced himself to pick up the teacup, and downed the contents in one go.

Realizing that nothing had happened, Housekeeper Chen secretly exhaled in relief, believing that he had overthought things and that Second Miss had not intended to harm him at all.

However, the next instant, the cup in his hand fell with a thud, and he started rolling on the ground while clutching his stomach.

“It—it hurts…”

At this moment, Lu Tingchen, who had not spoken all this while, finally opened his mouth. “What did you put in the tea?”

Lu Liangwei said with a grin, “Nothing much, just a type of poison that causes people to have mouth ulcers and pus on the soles of their feet and eventually die. It’s just that once the poison takes effect, the person will be in a living hell, and they’ll wish that they’d never been born.”

Hearing this, Housekeeper Chen, who was rolling all over the floor and wailing, immediately crawled to Lu Liangwei’s feet and tried to grab hold of the hem of her skirt. “I beg you, Second Miss; please give me the antidote…”

However, before his hand could touch Lu Liangwei, he was kicked away by Lu Tingchen, whose voice radiated a chilling murderous intent, “Looks like you don’t need your hand anymore.”

Housekeeper Chen was so scared that he immediately withdrew his hand. He knelt before Lu Liangwei and kowtowed to her, his face streaked with tears. “Second Miss, please have mercy and spare my life.”

Lu Liangwei pursed her lips and said impassively, “Just listen to yourself; you sound like I did something terrible to you.”

Housekeeper Chen, “…” Could it be that the pain in his body was just his imagination?

The guards also sneaked a glance at Lu Liangwei.

Second Miss did not even blink when she disciplined someone. Even the guards, who had spent years on the battlefield, could not help shuddering when they saw Housekeeper Chen’s miserable state.

The corners of Lu Tingchen’s mouth also twitched suspiciously, but he did not think that his sister was scary. On the contrary, he found her rather adorable.

“Please enlighten me, Second Miss.” Housekeeper Chen’s voice trembled as he endured the excruciating pain.

“It’s simple. As long as you work for me in the future, I won’t keep the antidote from you,” Lu Liangwei said concisely.

Housekeeper Chen was stunned for a while before nodding his head over and over again. “I’m only at your service, Second Miss. Please order me however you wish.”

“I don’t have anything for you to do at the moment. It’s too late today and I have to go to bed first. Let’s leave other matters for tomorrow,” Lu Liangwei said indifferently and stood up. When she walked past Housekeeper Chen, she swiped his money bag away without hesitation.

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