Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 134 - Suddenly Had An Idea

Chapter 134: Suddenly Had An Idea

Long Chi’s worry finally dissipated at her words. He stroked her dainty hand that he was holding. “That’s good to hear.”

Lu Yunshuang’s heart thumped. Taking advantage of the atmosphere, she immediately started explaining what happened the other day.

“Your Highness, what happened that day was purely an accident. I didn’t intend to harm you at all.”

At the mention of that incident, Long Chi felt a faint throbbing pain in his left arm, which had just begun to scab over recently.

His mood instantly soured, and his voice was a little upset. “I know. You prepared it for Lu Liangwei, but why didn’t you remind me sooner?”

Seeing that he was getting angry, Lu Yunshuang turned pale. “I was so infuriated by Lu Liangwei that I forgot about it. When I finally remembered, it was already too late.”

She sounded extremely aggrieved.

Although Long Chi was angry with her, he held himself back from scolding her when he thought of all the things she had done for him. After sulking for a moment, he glanced at the veil on her face, finding it an eyesore. “Are you going to keep facing me like this?”

As he spoke, he reached out to pull her veil off.

Startled, Lu Yunshuang hurriedly dodged with a turn of her head and complained sourly, “Your Highness, my face has not healed yet…”

“I won’t despise you because of that,” Long Chi said while pulling her into his arms. “In my heart, you’re the most beautiful woman in the world…”

For some reason, Lu Liangwei’s gorgeous face flashed before his eyes as he said those words. When he looked at Lu Yunshuang again, the image of her swollen face after her fall in the Grand Duke Mansion the other day appeared in his mind.

Somehow, he could not bring himself to kiss her.

Lu Yunshuang had already prepared herself for his embrace, her heart filled with sweetness and anticipation. However, after a moment of waiting with closed eyes, nothing happened.

“I’m tired. Let’s rest earlier; I still have to get up early for court tomorrow morning.”

Lu Yunshuang opened her eyes abruptly. Feeling extremely embarrassed, she clenched her fists in her sleeves unconsciously.

They had not made love for many days. Did he not desire her at all?

As she thought of this, she felt a little unsettled.

Long Chi said that he loved her and always spoiled her with affection, but he was not enthusiastic about making love to her and would end things hastily every time.

At first, she was not too bothered by it as she thought that men should not indulge themselves in lust anyway. Moreover, the fact that Long Chi was not a lustful man saved her the worry of him taking in a bunch of troublesome concubines.

However, Long Chi’s behavior today made her a little skeptical.

She had sensed that he was obviously in the mood just now, but why did he stop so suddenly?

Could it be that he had already gotten tired of her in such a short time?

Was she not beautiful enough?

Suppressing the bitterness in her heart, she remained calm and asked tentatively, “Your Highness, it’s so deserted in the Eastern Palace. Staying there all day long must be lonely. How about I arrange for a few more beauties to come and serve you?”

Long Chi paused and thought of Lu Liangwei once again.

In the past, Lu Liangwei would pull out all the stops just to become his concubine, but now she had ceased all her efforts. It seemed that she had really given up on him.

Remembering how sharp her tongue was during their previous confrontations, he suddenly had an idea.

If he took her in, she would definitely make the lifeless Eastern Palace very, very interesting.

This idea flitted across his mind, but when he saw the hidden bitterness in Lu Yunshuang’s eyes, his interest vanished in an instant.

“Don’t worry too much about it, Shuang’er. I don’t want anyone except you. I only need you by my side.”

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