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Chapter 1223 - Turned Everyone Else Into Background Characters

Chapter 1223: Turned Everyone Else Into Background Characters

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She was so caught up in her fun that she did not realize the Emperor had opened his eyes. “I didn’t know you preferred this position.”

The man’s husky voice tickled her eardrums as the world suddenly spun before her eyes, and before she knew it, she was already lying on the bed with the man’s breath overbearingly close to her face.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Coming back to her senses, she blinked innocently at the man and whined, “You were pretending to be drunk?”

“I never said I was drunk.” The corners of Long Yang’s mouth curved into a faint, cheerful smile.

Lu Liangwei bit her lip. Oh well, she had indeed made that assumption herself.

“Then why did you pretend to be asleep?”

“If I hadn’t, how’d I know you were so interested in my body?”

Lu Liangwei looked away sheepishly; she had indeed gotten a little handsy with him just now.

“I was just trying to help you undress so you can sleep more comfortably.” She offered a feeble excuse.

“I see. Please carry on, then.” Long Yang clasped her hand and placed it on his belt.

Lu Liangwei undressed him obediently, then yawned before he could get turned on. “I’m so sleepy. I’m going to bed now.”

Seeing that she was already tired, Long Yang decided not to tease her anymore. “Rest early, then.”

“All right.” Lu Liangwei inwardly heaved a sigh, relieved that he had spared her.

Hearing him leave the bed, she turned her head to look, and to her surprise, she saw him heading out of the room in his inner garment. “Where are you going at this hour?”

Long Yang’s hand paused on the door. He looked over his shoulder at her, the corners of his mouth turning up into a suggestive smirk. “To answer nature’s call.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

For some reason, his smile seemed to suggest that he was up to no good.

Lu Liangwei scoffed, hardly embarrassed by his answer. It was not like she had never seen that certain part of him, anyway.

“Don’t take too long.” Her clear eyes met his gaze.

Long Yang chuckled. “I won’t.”

Once the man left, Lu Liangwei heaved a sigh of relief and lay down facing the wall. Soon, she drifted off.

When Long Yang returned and saw that she was already asleep, he treaded softly.

Two days later, it was the Yan Emperor’s birthday.

Lu Liangwei followed Long Yang into the palace, accompanied by Long Xuan and Chu Jiu.

As envoys from Great Shang, they were all treated as guests of honor.

Lu Liangwei was splendidly dressed today, and she did not cover her face with a veil either. The moment she appeared with Long Yang, she captured everyone’s attention.

However, Lu Liangwei’s extraordinary beauty was not the only thing that captivated them—it was also the striking man beside her.

Although the man had somewhat restrained his aura, there was something imposing about his calmness, which was rather intimidating.

Many people were seeing this Great Shang envoy for the first time, and they were all astonished by his handsome appearance and distinguished bearing.

To think that a mere envoy would have such a powerful presence!

Many young ladies had found their gazes drawn to him the moment he appeared.

They saw him carefully hold the arm of the girl beside him as they stepped over the tall threshold of the doorway.

The girl flashed him a smile so radiant that it eclipsed the resplendence of the hall and turned everyone else into background characters.

The women seethed with envy and admiration, and the men stared at her in a daze as if their souls had left their bodies.

Lu Liangwei was unfazed as she was already used to being stared at, but Long Yang frowned, regretting that he had not veiled Weiwei before they entered the palace.

His icy gaze swept through the hall.

One by one, the bold stares ceased when they met his threatening gaze.

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