Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 122 - Suddenly Dazed

Chapter 122: Suddenly Dazed

Under Lu Liangwei’s astonished gaze, Long Yang hoisted the cloth bundle onto his back.

Collecting herself quickly, she tried to stop him. “But your back is still injured…”

Long Yang shifted the cloth bundle, specifically avoiding the right side of his back. “It’s fine. I won’t crush it. You’d better hurry up; it’s going to get dark real soon.”

“Alright.” Seeing this, Lu Liangwei let the matter drop.

In her previous life, she was rather fit as she often ventured into mountains and forests to gather herbs. Her current body was incomparable to her previous one.

After a day of adventure, she was indeed worn out. If Long Yang had not helped her carry the huge cloth bundle, she doubted that she could reach the foot of the mountain in one piece.

The stretcher really made things easier. Although Long Yang was pulling Chu Yi and carrying a big cloth bundle on his back, his strides were still vigorous. It was impossible to imagine that he was a terminally ill patient.

However, because of the massive cloth bundle on his back, Long Yang’s dignified aura diminished significantly, and he even looked a bit comical.

Lu Liangwei lifted the corners of her mouth slightly, about to laugh, but suppressed the urge eventually.

After that, they encountered a few more beasts, but none of them were particularly ferocious, and they were all finished off by Long Yang.

The three of them finally reached the foot of the mountain just before dark.

Exhausted, Lu Liangwei plopped down on the ground straight away. She massaged her sore feet, a bit reluctant to get up.

Seeing this, Long Yang also sat down on a rock nearby.

He was breathing steadily in a calm and relaxed manner, unlike Lu Liangwei’s disordered state.

After resting for a while, although Long Yang could hardly bear to see her tired face, he reminded her, “If we make our way back from here now, we might be able to reach the imperial capital before dark.”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei ignored her aching legs and immediately scrambled to her feet. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go back now.”

Her eyes sparkled with an unusual brightness in the twilight. They were so enchanting Long Yang could not look away.

He gazed at her tenderly for a moment, then stood up. “Very well.”

Startled, Lu Liangwei glanced at him suspiciously. Why was Long Yang gazing at her so gently, just like…

She paused for a while. It was just like how Lu Hetian gazed at her.

She shook her head. There was no way Long Yang would treat her as a daughter, right?

Well, he was already thirty years old, but he still did not have any children. In the ancient times, society considered this rather pathetic, so it was natural for him to want children.

With that line of thought, she offered him a grin, feeling that she could understand him better now.

Long Yang was leading the horses over when he caught sight of her smile. He was suddenly dazed and his eyes narrowed.

Lu Liangwei did not realize that her actions had caused the Emperor to misunderstand. She stepped forward to take her horse from him, straightened the saddle, and started busying herself.

After hanging the cloth bundle on the horse, she tied her bag to the horse’s back. Once everything was done, she was about to help Long Yang carry Chu Yi onto the horse when she saw that a disoriented Chu Yi had already awakened.

Lu Liangwei hurried over to check his pulse once again. Seeing that there was nothing unusual about him except for some weakness, she asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Chu Yi shook his head.

“That’s good.” Lu Liangwei saw that he was still in a daze and explained, “Chu Yi, you fell to the bottom of the cliff. It was His Majesty who saved you.”

Chu Yi’s eyes bulged, his bewilderment turning into horror. He quickly got up from the stretcher and knelt in front of Long Yang. “Thank you for saving my life, Master.”

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