Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 119 - I Shouldn’t Have Disturbed Second Miss Lu’s Slumber

Chapter 119: I Shouldn’t Have Disturbed Second Miss Lu’s Slumber

She clenched her fists as she listened to the snorting behind her get closer and closer, immediately followed by the sound of rapid running. The thing seemed to be charging in her direction.

Startled, she jumped down without hesitation and squatted quickly.

At the same time, a huge wild boar rushed over.

It had originally intended to shove Lu Liangwei, but its target had disappeared so unexpectedly that it could not slow down in time. As a result, it ended up hurtling over the cliff edge.

As Lu Liangwei watched the wild boar fall to the bottom of the cliff, she breathed a loud sigh of relief.

Fearing that another beast would appear, she did not dare to stay on the cliff edge and sat down on the rock instead.

Meanwhile, Long Yang had already found Chu Yi at the bottom of the cliff.

However, Chu Yi was seriously injured after being struck by the serpent’s tail and toppling off the cliff.

When Long Yang found him, he was already unconscious.

Long Yang looked up toward the cliff-top, then turned and chopped off a few vines. After securing Chu Yi to his back with them, he climbed up the cliffside step by step.

With a grown man on his back, he struggled for a bit before finally reaching the cliff-top.

Once he was back up, his eyes quickly scanned for Lu Liangwei’s whereabouts. However, there was nothing on the cliff saved for the remains of the serpent’s eaten carcass.

His heart sank at the sight of the serpent’s carcass, thinking that something unfortunate had happened to Lu Liangwei.

Deep regret filled his heart. Why did he leave a young girl like her alone here?

All kinds of ferocious beasts could appear here any time. Was leaving her here alone little more than sending her into the beast’s jaws?

After putting Chu Yi down, he immediately searched the entire cliff-top.

However, he found nothing, and his heart sank deeper and deeper.

“Lu Liangwei?”

He shouted several times and was about to look elsewhere when a confused voice suddenly came from the cliff edge behind him.

“Your Majesty?”

Long Yang was stunned for a while. He then turned around abruptly to see a head of dark hair poking out from below the opposite cliff edge, followed by a girl’s lovely face.

Those alluring eyes, which usually shimmered like stars, were currently a little dazed.

Lu Liangwei rubbed her eyes and yawned elegantly. “You’re finally back. Did you find Chu Yi?” As she spoke, she climbed up from the rock with her hands and feet.

Halfway through the climb, a sudden force clamped down on her arms and hoisted her onto the cliff-top.

Lu Liangwei had barely found her footing when she caught sight of a faint smile in Long Yang’s icy, intimidating eyes. He said teasingly, “Did you fall asleep just now?”

Lu Liangwei was a little embarrassed.

She had wanted to brush the matter aside, but Long Yang seemed to insist on exposing her publicly without caring about her dignity.

To hide from dangerous beasts, she had decided to sit on the rock while waiting for Long Yang and Chu Yi to return. With nothing to do, she got bored and fell asleep unknowingly.

If she had not heard Long Yang calling her, she would probably still be asleep right now.

“No…” She wanted to deny it, but the man’s gaze was so piercing that she could not bring herself to lie and eventually admitted, “There was a wild boar just now. I was worried that there would be other beasts, so I hid there while waiting for Your Majesty to come back, then I fell asleep accidentally.”

Looking at the hint of guilt on her face, Long Yang smiled slightly and said jokingly, “Indeed, it’s my fault—I shouldn’t have disturbed Second Miss Lu’s slumber.”

Lu Liangwei blushed a little and thought to herself, ‘Thank goodness he woke me up, or else I might have fallen off the cliff if I slept too deeply.’

“Chu Yi’s injuries are quite serious. I’ll have to ask you to help treat him,” Long Yang said solemnly, thinking of Chu Yi, who was still unconscious.

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