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Chapter 112 - You Took Me By Surprise

Chapter 112: You Took Me By Surprise

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“For example?” Lu Liangwei raised her eyebrows.

“For example, medicine that can chase away beasts.” Chu Yi looked at her expectantly.

“No,” Lu Liangwei answered simply and straightforwardly.

Chu Yi looked disappointed when he heard this.

With some effort, Lu Liangwei picked up the broadsword Chu Yi had dropped onto the ground and pushed it back into his hands. “If we bump into any vicious beasts later, I’ll leave them to you.”

Chu Yi hoisted the broadsword onto his shoulder resentfully and moved forward.

Lu Liangwei turned her head toward Long Yang. “Isn’t he your guard?”

Long Yang had a feeling he knew what she was about to say, but he nodded anyway. “Yes.”

Lu Liangwei could not help complaining, “Then why is he so hopeless? He’s even afraid of snakes!”

How could someone as lousy as this be Long Yang’s personal guard? To her, this was inconceivable. Furthermore, how could Long Yang tolerate such a person to the extent of keeping him by his side?

The youngster she had encountered twice before might not be that old, but he seemed much more reliable than Chu Yi.

It seemed as if Long Yang had long since become accustomed to Chu Yi being unreliable; it did not seem to bother him at all.

Long Yang recalled her calm demeanor when faced with the invasion of the den of snakes. He commented banteringly, “Aren’t ladies all afraid of snakes? Second Miss Lu is not scared of them, however.”

Lu Liangwei caught the teasing intent in his words. She shot him a look and fired back, “Who said that all ladies have to be afraid of snakes?”

Long Yang could tell that she took exception to his comment. He paused and sized her up with a glance. He then nodded. “You’re absolutely right. However, prior to Second Miss Lu, I have not seen any other young lady displaying such courage. You took me by surprise, Lu Liangwei.”

Not only was she bold enough to head for Sacred Hillock Peak, but she had also looked quite heroic while galloping on her horse. Furthermore, she had been cool and collected when faced with the den of snakes.

Even a martial arts expert like Chu Yi had been frightened by those serpents, yet a young maiden like Lu Liangwei possessed bravery that even surpassed the courage of a man.

Lu Liangwei was moving forward, but when she heard Long Yang’s words, she paused in her steps. Tilting her head, she glanced over and caught the Emperor sizing her up.

His eyes were far too profound and unfathomable. When he looked at people in silence, there was an allure in them that could take one’s breath away.

She gave a start and quickly averted her head as she tried her best to suppress the strange emotions within her.

It was not long before she discovered why Chu Yi had been able to become Long Yang’s guard.

The three of them had walked on for only a short time before they encountered a pack of wolves.

The pack stared at the three as if they were setting eyes on a delicious meal.

Right after that, the leader of the pack gave a howl, and the rest of the wolves leaped forward at lightning speed, bearing down on the trio to attack.

Sharp teeth bared, the wolf pack aimed for their prey’s weak spots, preparing to tear off a piece of meat from them.

Before Lu Liangwei came here, she had anticipated all sorts of danger. Due to this, she had actually brought along different kinds of liquid poisons that would work against vicious beasts.

She had created those poisons herself, all of which were incomparably potent and capable of killing any enemy or beast in one go.

However, she had not expected to run into so many wolves.

Under such circumstances, the poisons on her person were more or less useless.

There were just too many wolves.

She could not take all of them down in such a short time.

At this crucial juncture, Chu Yi leaped into the air. With a slash of the broadsword in his hand, he blocked the attacking wolf pack.

His actions were very swift. His hands came up, the broadsword sliced down, and in short order, he had slaughtered dozens of wolves.

All this while, Long Yang remained calm and collected. He did not panic at all, even talking to Lu Liangwei, who was behind him.

“Do you know how to climb a tree?”

Lu Liangwei was momentarily taken aback, but quickly understood what he meant. She nodded. “Yes, I do.”

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