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Chapter 1096 - How Would Lu Liangwei Break Down

Chapter 1096: How Would Lu Liangwei Break Down

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Long Yang returned after he was done cleaning up and he embraced Lu Liangwei right after laying down.

Lu Liangwei leaned into his arms. A memory flashed in her mind and she chuckled gently. “Your Majesty, do you think I’m greedy?”

“Huh?” Long Yang lowered his head and looked at her inquiringly.

Lu Liangwei smiled and hooked his collar with her finger. “I have a vague memory of that day when I was about to lose consciousness—I heard the sound of a baby girl crying.”

Long Yang’s chest tightened. “It must be Yaoyao. She was born later.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head and frowned. “No, that’s not it. It could be my hallucination, but I think it was after Yaoyao was born. I thought I had given birth to a third child, but I found out after I woke up that there were only two children. I must have been too greedy. It is my greatest blessing from the heavens to grant us two children, yet here I am wishing we had three.”

Lu Liangwei felt slightly embarrassed at the end of her sentence.

Long Yang felt a terrible pain in his heart and he almost stopped breathing.

Weiwei must have heard Ji’er crying when she was born…

He pursed his lips when he saw the girl in his arms smile sheepishly. It felt like someone was slowly slicing up his heart with a blade.

He felt immense agony coupled with extreme guilt.

Every time he thought about Ji’er, he felt more and more guilty.

When Weiwei had stopped breathing, he felt only pain and panic. He could no longer think straight and all he was left with was hatred and anger, which he had vented all on Ji’er.

That was his own daughter. The daughter Weiwei had given her life to give birth to.

Despite that, he had done something so cruel that led to Ji’er being abducted by Manna amidst the commotion. To date, he had no idea if the baby girl was dead or alive.

It was not only Ji’er, he had also wished for everyone present to die alongside Weiwei, including himself.

He had gone insane and it was a stroke of great fortune that the Dowager Duchess, Zhao Qian, and the others had managed to stop him.

Otherwise, he might have done even more deeds that could not be salvaged…

He closed his eyes and thought of Ji’er. He turned his head to the side as a single tear flowed down his cheek.

He did not dare to imagine how Weiwei would break down if she knew about this.

Lu Liangwei found it strange that he was silent for such a long time. She was about to lift her head when he pressed it down into his arms. “Weiwei, it’s getting late. Hurry up and sleep.”

Lu Liangwei could tell that his voice was unusually hoarse.

She thought he was being reminded of the day she gave birth and could not help but feel sorry for him. She pressed her hand on his chest and gently comforted him. “It’s all over now. You don’t need to think about it anymore. We’ll be fine from this day onward.” She felt worn out after saying this and soon fell asleep in his arms.

Long Yang watched as she snuggled close to him, but he could not sleep.

At the foot of a barren mountain.

A hunter was tracking the footprints of his quarry when he suddenly heard the cries of a baby.

The sound was faint, but the hunter heard it.

He had been hunting for many years and had developed a keen sense of hearing.

He stopped immediately, but hesitated slightly.

However, the crying continued and it sounded to be getting weaker and weaker. The sound could tug the heartstrings deep in a person’s heart.

The hunter gave it some thought and decided to head toward the source of the crying.

It was a thick forest with massive, tall trees.

The hunter walked slowly and finally came to a place under a tree that was huge enough to block out the sun.

The baby’s crying came from this spot.

He looked around but did not see any signs of a baby. When he observed how the place was covered in branches and was especially dark, he could not help but feel a little afraid.

Could there be some sort of spirit here?

He mumbled in his heart but did not dare stay any longer. He wanted to leave the place at once.

However, right at that moment, there was a thud as something heavy fell from the top of the tree, landing right next to his feet.

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