Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 108 - Was His Health Not Doing Well?

Chapter 108: Was His Health Not Doing Well?

Long Yang’s stern, cold eyes suddenly became warmer when he saw her watching him in a daze. A hint of a smile twinkled in his eyes. “Lu Liangwei, you’re a little late. I’ve been waiting for quite a while.”

Lu Liangwei gave a start. She was astonished. “You were waiting for me?”

She had finally dropped the humble way of referring to herself as a humble servant when she addressed him, and a flash of joy could be seen in Long Yang’s eyes. “Yes.”

Lu Liangwei was astounded. “You have so many important matters to attend to every day, so why…”

“You ask too many questions. If you delay this any longer, your father and brother might discover that you are missing. When that happens, you won’t be able to go to Sacred Hillock Peak,” Long Yang frowned as he interrupted her.

Lu Liangwei finally suppressed all the questions in her mind when she heard this reminder. She nodded. “You’re right. We’d better hurry on our way.”

She was worried about Lu Hetian discovering she was gone. There would be quite a lot of trouble if he had personally come to get her back.

With that, she cracked her horsewhip as soon as she finished speaking and set off at a full speed gallop toward Sacred Hillock Peak, ignoring Long Yang.

The man in the straw hat was tongue-tied as he watched the young girl rush away at full speed.

If he had not witnessed this scene, his impression of Second Miss Lu would have remained to be of her being stubborn and stupid, willing to die out of her longing for the Crown Prince. He had never expected Second Miss Lu to be such a character. She had completely changed his perception of noble ladies from renowned families.

“Master, was that lady really Second Miss Lu?” He was flabbergasted and could not help asking the question.

Long Yang tore his gaze away from her and glanced at him casually. He did not reply to the man’s silly question and his voice was now stern and cold. There was no longer any remaining warmth from his conversation with Lu Liangwei.

“What are you still waiting here for?”

The man in the straw hat gave a start as he felt a chill in his heart. He stopped his imagination running wild and quickly mounted his horse as he quickly followed behind his master.

Lu Liangwei rode for quite a while before she saw Long Yang catching up from behind. It was not long before he was already riding by her side.

She blinked with slight surprise. Was Long Yang’s health not well? How could he catch up to her so quickly?

She turned to glance at him.

She could only just make out the man’s profile from the tight angle.

The outline of his face could be described as flawless. Perhaps it was all those years of sitting on the throne, for there was a strong aura of dignity about him that made the overall outline of his face look cold and hard.

This was even more pronounced when he was silent. He did not need to display anger to show power and dignity. There was an intimidating force about him that was suffocating.

If not for the fact that he was slightly pale in the face, which betrayed his poor health, Lu Liangwei would not have believed that this man—this coldly dignified, intimidating, and frightening man—did not have long to live.

She sighed privately. She hoped that this journey to Sacred Hillock Peak would see her successfully find the medicinal inducer for Frostbite and save his life.

At this thought, she lifted the horsewhip in her hand and whipped her horse forcefully.

The horse galloped forward speedily with its rider as it felt the pain.

Lu Liangwei was growing to like this feeling of galloping at full speed.

However, the smile on her face quickly became strained.

It was because no matter how hard she tried to get the horse to speed up, Long Yang, who she regarded as a dying man, managed to always keep up by her side. He did not overtake her, nor did he stray behind.

She could not help feeling baffled about this.

If it was not for Long Yang’s sick appearance, she would have suspected that she had misdiagnosed him and that Long Yang was not poisoned after all.

Compared to Lu Liangwei, who was using all her strength to spur the horse forward, Long Yang seemed pretty much at ease.

Lu Liangwei felt a little jealous about it.

How could someone make it look so easy to ride a horse at full speed?


She clenched her teeth. She refused to believe that she was not able to leave Long Yang in the dust.

However, the result of her riding the horse at full speed was her soon becoming drenched in sweat. On top of that, she could not prevent the violent shivers when the cold wind blew against her.

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