Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 106 - A Suspicious Puddle

Chapter 106: A Suspicious Puddle

Long Chi’s face went a few shades darker at Lu Liangwei’s words.

At the sight of this, Lu Yunshuang’s expression instantly became ghastly.

It was all thanks to Lu Liangwei’s blabbing mouth!

Despite her inner fury, she forced a look of dismay. “I was too anxious. Let me help you inside, and we’ll wait for the imperial physician to come.”

Long Chi headed toward the room with her support. When they reached the door, Lu Liangwei suddenly exclaimed and pointed to the ground. “Your Highness, be careful not to slip.”

Long Chi was suffering a serious arm injury and was already in a tense state. When he heard her sudden shout, he immediately jumped in shock, the veins on his forehead throbbing wildly.

Lu Yunshuang recovered from her surprise and snarled at Lu Liangwei, “How dare you cause a scene in front of His Highness?”

Lu Liangwei pouted. “I was just worried that His Highness would fall again and reminded him to be careful. You don’t have to be so fierce to me, Big Sis.”

When Lu Yunshuang heard this, her heart sank. Fearing that Long Chi would realize what was going on, she hurriedly added, “Fine. His Highness is injured today. I don’t have time to entertain you anymore. You should go back now.”

Lu Liangwei shrugged. “Alright then.” As she spoke, she held onto the door frame with one hand and carefully stepped out from the side.

After finally walking out, she patted her chest, appearing to be greatly relieved.

Lu Yunshuang’s face turned pale, and her heart pounded uncontrollably. She was about to help Long Chi inside, but Lu Liangwei’s peculiar behavior had already attracted his attention.

Long Chi lowered his head and, as he predicted, saw a suspicious puddle on the floor in front of the door. Although it was not obvious, the floor tile had a different color from other tiles, as if it had been smeared with something.

When he looked at Lu Yunshuang’s panicked face again, his handsome eyes widened as the truth suddenly dawned on him.

“Shuang’er, you…”

“Let’s talk about it inside.” Lu Yunshuang no longer tried to blame Lu Liangwei for this. All she wanted was to help Long Chi in quickly and explain the situation to him.

However, Long Chi was enraged now, especially when he saw the ghastly wounds on his arm. He could not tell if he was feeling disappointed or something else. He shot a glaring look at Lu Yunshuang before turning and walking away.

Lu Yunshuang was stunned for a while, then pulled herself together and hurriedly chased after him. “Your Highness, it’s not what you think. Please let me explain…”

Lu Liangwei left the Eastern Palace in good spirits.

After leaving the palace, she met with Lu Hetian’s personal guards, then headed off right away to the holiday home in the capital suburbs.

It was a good time to have a day out. The scenery in the suburbs was beautiful and calming, and many people were going on outings.

Lu Liangwei sat in the carriage, admiring the suburban scenery, and soon arrived at the holiday home.

After arriving at the place, Lu Liangwei was not in a hurry to go to Sacred Hillock Peak but took a stroll in the peach blossom forest with Zhu Yu instead. She seemed to be engrossed by the scenery there and lingered for quite some time.

After passing a quiet day in the holiday home, Lu Liangwei seemed to have caught a cold the next day. She took a walk around the place wearily, then went back indoors to rest.

She did not come out again after going in.

Just when everyone was beginning to think that she must be physically exhausted and was recuperating in the house, a person had sneaked out from the backdoor with a horse.

Sitting on the horse was an unremarkable boy carrying a simple rucksack on his back.

He steered his mount toward the north.

After traveling a distance, the boy finally raised his head, revealing a fair and delicate face.

It was not a boy. It was a young lady, none other than Lu Liangwei.

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