Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 104 - Pricked Her All Over Uncomfortably

Chapter 104: Pricked Her All Over Uncomfortably

As if she did not understand Lu Yunshuang’s hint for her to leave, Lu Liangwei smacked her lips, savoring the aftertaste. “If you’re tired, then just go to sleep. I’ll return after finishing this bunch of grapes. It’s difficult for you to eat these few days, and the fruits might go rotten if left uneaten for too long.”

Lu Yunshuang was getting a real headache now.

No matter how stupid Lu Liangwei was before, she was a very prideful person and would have left right after she had dropped such a hint.

She would not be sitting there and eating grapes shamelessly like this.

Seeing that she was determined to finish all the grapes, Lu Yunshuang could no longer put up her act. She was about to get up and chase Lu Liangwei out when a servant outside the door delivered a message, “Your Highness, the Crown Prince is here.”

Startled, Lu Yunshuang hastily began to lie down again when she heard Long Chi’s voice before he had even entered.

“Shuang’er, I can’t be at ease if I don’t have a look at your injuries. I must come in even if you won’t let me. Just let me have a look…”

Long Chi walked in as he spoke but stopped abruptly when he saw Lu Liangwei sitting at the table.

Lu Liangwei blinked and stood up suddenly, saying slyly, “Does Your Highness wish to see my sister’s face? That’s simple.”

With that, she suddenly made a beeline for the couch.

Before Lu Yunshuang realized her intentions, she felt a coolness brush over her face the next moment. The veil that she had used to cover her face had already fallen into Lu Liangwei’s hands.

Her grotesque, badly bruised face was exposed to Long Chi and Lu Liangwei just like that without any warning.

The former was surprised and noticeably taken aback, whereas the latter had prepared herself for the upcoming drama.

“Big Sis, you’re so badly injured. What are the imperial physicians doing? Why aren’t they treating you properly?” Lu Liangwei said furiously.

When Lu Yunshuang came back to her senses, her first instinct was to hide under the covers, but when she saw the flash of shock on Long Chi’s face, she was so upset that she forgot about Lu Liangwei’s previous actions.

She was ashamed and frustrated that Long Chi had seen her ugliest side once again. Feeling completely embarrassed, she looked at Lu Liangwei with a trace of viciousness hidden in her eyes.

Lu Liangwei had been observing her expression and naturally did not miss the resentment in her eyes.

She paused for a while, then returned the veil to her. “You don’t have to hide your face, Big Sis. We’re all family—we won’t laugh at you. Just now, I was moved by His Highness’s sincerity and concern for you, so I tore off the veil in a hurry. I hope you don’t mind, Big Sis.”

Lu Yunshuang put the veil over her face again. Failing to utter a single word of accusation, she could only say glumly, “You were too reckless. Don’t do that again next time.”

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei nodded. “Since your body’s fine, I won’t disturb you anymore. Have a good rest, Big Sis.”

“Take care, Lil Sis. I’ll let His Highness see you off,” said Lu Yunshuang.

She was only so generous because she did not want to face Long Chi with her current appearance.

That fleeting display of shock on Long Chi’s face pricked her all over uncomfortably like a needle.

Long Chi seemed to only have collected himself at this moment. His heart ached as he looked at Lu Yunshuang, and he wanted to comfort her. However, seeing that Lu Liangwei was here, he could only hold himself back and say softly, “Have a good rest then, Shuang’er. I’ll come and see you later.”

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