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Chapter 935 - Chapter 935: Going Down the Mountain

Chapter 935: Going Down the Mountain

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Chen Lian also understood this, so she cursed Mu Feng for generations to come.

When the matter was over, although Mu Feng was still alive, he was in a daze.

He cried bitterly and repented, begging Jiang Wanlin to show him the way. Jiang Wanlin made him become a monk, become a vegetarian, and chant Buddhist scriptures to eliminate his sins.

Mu Feng refused. He wanted Jiang Wanlin to use other methods to help him. Jiang Wanlin didn’t have the time to say another word to him, so she left. Mu Feng wanted to chase after her, but she flew away.

This time, she could tell that Mu Feng had a lot of turbid things on him. He probably did not have much martial arts left, let alone flying.

The few of them often wrote letters, so Jiang Wanlin wrote about this in her letters to Wang Mingyue. That was why Wang Mingyue was discussing it excitedly now.

Although Jiang Wanlin did not interrupt, she did not feel that it was noisy. This was good.

Rumors in the martial world liked to call her Mie Jue, but so what? She cultivated the heartless Dao to begin with. Those rats only dared to talk about her behind her back.

Jiang Wanlin looked up at the academy and her gaze softened.

As soon as the four of them returned to the sect, they went to visit Su Xiaolu.

When master and disciples met, Su Xiaolu actually did not care about the etiquettes, but no one could find fault with her disciples in etiquette.

Su Xiaolu asked about their daily lives and then said that she was going down the mountain and would not return to the academy for the next year or two.

The disciples nodded. They understood.

They had dinner together that night. Since Chang Xian returned, he was naturally the main host. He roasted the meat as he ate.

This was the first time Su Xiaolu had seen such a pot, where the inner circle was used for grilling meat and the outer circle was used for hot pot. She thought that she had seen the most prosperous things in her previous life, but she did not expect that they would always broaden her horizons here.

It turned out that many new things in the future could be thought of by the ancients. The development of the future generations stood on the shoulders of history.

“Master, let me tell you. Do you still remember Mu Feng and Chen Lian from ten years ago?”

Wang Mingyue thought of Mu Feng. She took a sip of wine and said to Su Xiaolu excitedly.

Su Xiaolu thought for a moment and nodded. “I remember.”

Mu Feng and Chen Lian were expelled from the academy twelve years ago and there had been no news of them since. Mu Feng and Jiang Wanlin were no longer related, so Su Xiaolu naturally wouldn’t pay attention to him.

Now that Wang Mingyue mentioned them, it was probably about Mu Feng and Chen Lian.

Su Xiaolu looked at Jiang Wanlin, whose expression was calm.

Wang Mingyue said with a smile, “Master, Junior Sister doesn’t want to talk about that scumbag. Let me talk, let me talk.”

Wang Mingyue told her about Mu Feng and Chen Lian.

Su Xiaolu smiled after hearing that. Mu Feng and Chen Lian were not really sincere when they were together. It was not strange for them to have such an ending.

Wang Mingyue sighed. “Fortunately, Junior Sister was clear-headed…”

If Jiang Wanlin hadn’t separated from Mu Feng, Jiang Wanlin might be the one in trouble now.

“If I wasn’t clear-headed, they definitely wouldn’t be like this. They would only be especially happy.”

Jiang Wanlin said calmly.

Wang Mingyue was puzzled. “Why do you think so? Will someone like Mu Feng change with you around?”

Jiang Wanlin laughed. “The Mu family’s current state is mostly related to my family. Mu Feng wanted to make use of me back then, but he didn’t want me to think that his family was using my family’s power. He suppressed me and made me unable to raise my head. Everything was because he hoped that I could become a perfect wife. One that didn’t have any sense of self. He just wanted me to be a marionette in his hand and he would have a smooth sailing path with my family around. This way, Mu Feng naturally would have the time and energy to cherish that person.”

Jiang Wanlin thought that if she didn’t come to her senses, sooner or later, she would die in the entanglement between Mu Feng and Chen Lian. Whether she was willing or not, she wouldn’t be able to escape.

All of this was completely avoided because she acknowledged Su Xiaolu as her master.

She had once hidden an outstanding version of herself for Mu Feng. She was very tired, but she was used to hiding. Gradually, she would really become the stupid, timid, and petty Jiang Wanlin that Mu Feng had described.

Fortunately, none of this happened.

“Junior Sister, this glass of wine is for you. The heavens will punish the b*tch, and you will always be beautiful.”

Wang Mingyue thought for a moment and knew that Jiang Wanlin’s analysis was right. She immediately poured wine and toasted her.

What was Mu Feng? He would never appear in Jiang Wanlin’s life again.

This was worth a drink.

The disciples chatted. Su Xiaolu ate and listened.

This reunion would be the last one for a few years.

In the next few days, Su Xiaolu tested their skills one by one.

Jiang Wanlin’s way of the sword was very outstanding. Although she could not be on par with Su Xiaolu, Su Xiaolu saw her own past in her.

The highest comprehension of the way of the sword was to become one with the sword and become stronger day by day.

So far, Gui You had done it, Su Xiaolu had done it, and so had Jiang Wanlin.

In terms of medical techniques, Chang Xian surpassed his master.

Fang Lan and Wang Mingyue had not reached the realm of being one with the sword, but they were still outstanding experts. The two of them traveling together enhanced their cultivation.

Su Xiaolu was extremely relieved. She only had one request for her disciples now, and that was to cultivate hard and not die before her.

The night before they left, she had dinner with Su Xiaoling and Zhou Heng.

On the eighth of July, Su Xiaolu went down the mountain alone early in the morning.

On the way back to Wuzhou, Su Xiaolu lay on the horse’s back and let it walk slowly.

In the past, she would only return at the end of the year for the new year. Therefore, when she arrived at the house, she flew into the courtyard and appeared in front of Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao. When Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao saw her, they were stunned for a while.

“Xiaolu, you’re back.”

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Su Xiaolu went up and hugged Madam Zhao tightly.

Madam Zhao smiled with tears in her eyes. “It’s good that you’re back. It’s good that you’re back.”

She and Su Sanlang were already old. Both of them were in their seventies. Their grandchildren had already grown up and did not need their care. They were very free and liked to think about food and plant vegetables every day.

Su Xiaolu looked at the white hair on Madam Zhao and Su Sanlang. She felt that her plan this time was correct.

Therefore, after dinner, Su Xiaolu told them the plan. Su Hua and Su Chong fell silent.

Su Chong had been transferred back last year. He was now in charge of the Wuzhou soldiers in Wuzhou.

The entire family was reunited.

After a moment of silence, Su Sanlang spoke first. “Xiaolu, your mother and I are old and used to living here. Father and Mother are very satisfied with your kindness, but we won’t go.”

Madam Zhao also smiled gently and nodded. “Yes.”

Su Chong said, “You can go, but Father and Mother are old and haven’t been in good health recently. They would be tired from the long journey. I’m afraid they can’t take it.”

Su Hua also said, “With Xiaolu around, this isn’t a problem. It depends on

Father and Mother’s wishes. If they’re willing to go, then go. I support them..”

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