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Chapter 688 - 688 Earth Dragon Turns Over

688 Earth Dragon Turns Over

When the ground began to tremble slightly, everyone stopped.

Someone was looking forward to it and whispered, “To be able to cause such a big commotion, it seems that there’s something big coming.”

Everyone in the world knew the benefits of divine medicine, but an Alchemist who could extract divine medicine into pure pills was probably the most powerful Alchemist in the Great Zhou Dynasty.

The tremors in the ground began to increase. The scout flew to the tree to check and quickly came down to report with a dark expression.

“Master, there’s a large group of porcupines chasing after us. There’s a huge number—”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone could already hear the cries of pigs. Their cries were anxious.

Not long after, Su Xiaolu saw a huge number of them.

These porcupines barged around, their target was actually the direction of the exit. These things were running out of the foreign land.

Everyone raised their swords and slashed. Not only did the porcupines, who were originally living in groups, not counterattack, but they even ignored their own kind and ran for their lives.

After the porcupines went over, before anyone could pack up, another large group of mountain wolves ran out.

The wolf howls sounded one after another, low and uneasy, as if they were rushing.

Zhou Zhi immediately ordered, “Everyone, climb up the trees.”

Something big seemed to have happened in the foreign land. They still did not know what had happened. Before understanding this, it was best to avoid it.

After Zhou Zhi gave the order, everyone quickly climbed up the trees.

Su Xiaolu was worried about Hu Changshou. She was about to carry Hu Changshou on her back when Chu Jin hugged Hu Changshou’s blanket and tied it to himself. He smiled at Su Xiaolu and said, “Xiaolu, quickly go up the tree. I’ll carry him.”

With that, he quickly climbed up the tree.

Su Xiaolu also flew up the tree.

As soon as they climbed up the trees, the mountain wolves were already running out. Some wolves discovered the people on the trees, but they only growled a few times before running away.

They did not even care about the porcupines’ corpse on the ground.

“That’s strange. What are these things afraid of?”

Chu Jin muttered. He was originally quite happy to see so many good things, but so many of them looked like they were running for their lives. Even a fool knew that something was wrong.

No matter how good the good stuff was, one had to be alive to take it.

Su Xiaolu frowned. The ground kept trembling slightly. Her expression became serious. “Perhaps the Earth Dragon is about to turn. There’s no time to lose. We have to escape quickly.”

The only thing that could make beasts run for their lives was when they encountered danger. The only thing that could make large groups of beasts run was the Earth Dragon turning over, which was an earthquake!

“No way, no way… I’m not a father yet. I don’t want to die here.”

Chu Jin had a bitter expression. How terrifying was it for the Earth Dragon to turn over? His scalp went numb just thinking about it.

Hu Changshou said softly, “Young Master Chu, please put me down. Xiaolu, there’s no time to lose. Hurry up and escape.”

The Earth Dragon turned over. He knew how terrifying it was. He was already a cripple. He didn’t want to drag anyone down while their lives were at stake.

However, Chu Jin smiled. “Hu Changshou, don’t worry. My weapons are heavier than yours. It’s no big deal to carry you.”

“Besides, life and death are up to fate. When the time comes to die, it’s useless no matter who protects you. You don’t have to worry about that. I see that your name is very good. I might get lucky if I bring you along.”

Chu Jin was not joking. He was serious.

No matter what, Hu Changshou was lucky. It might really be beneficial to bring him along.

Hu Changshou was speechless.

Su Xiaolu flew to Zhou Zhi’s side and told him that there was probably going to be an earthquake.

This guess was not without basis.

Zhou Zhi pondered for a moment and ordered, “Everyone, retreat at full speed.”

Along the way, they encountered many beasts of different temperaments. Whether they were enemies or not, everyone was running for their lives.

At night, the sky had a fiery sunset. It was especially beautiful.

If it weren’t for the fleeing beasts spoiling the scenery, everyone would really be in the mood to take a good look at the scenery. But now, they were also part of the group fleeing for their lives.

As the last rays of light in the sky disappeared, the ground shook violently.

“How strange. Why is it so difficult to use Qinggong?”

After this shock, someone pointed out the problem.

“I also feel so tired. It’s as if there’s something pressing down on me and preventing me from using my internal energy. It’s as if there’s a huge mountain pressing down on my heart. It’s so uncomfortable.” Someone echoed his feelings.

Then there was more agreement, and everyone sensed the same problem.

“If you can’t use Qinggong, then run with your legs. If you don’t run, what are you waiting for?”

Chu Jin shouted and stopped the discussion.

Zhou Zhi led the team. His expression was solemn as he said in a low voice, “Continue to retreat. No one is allowed to fall behind. Do not care for the lives of those who leave the group without permission.”

Su Xiaolu looked at Zhou Zhi, whose face was a little pale.

Others could not use their internal energy, and she was actually the same. After reaching Foundation Establishment, her internal energy was spiritual energy, but now, her spiritual energy seemed to be somewhat suppressed. It was also very difficult for her to circulate her water-element abilities.

Zhou Zhi had to rely on the wood mark to transform into his legs. Now that he was suppressed, he must feel even worse.

Su Xiaolu subconsciously wanted to go towards Zhou Zhi, but her clothes were pulled.

Su Xiaolu turned around and looked at Old Wu in confusion. “Master.”

Old Wu took a deep breath and complained, “Girl, Master’s old bones will have to rely on you to escape. It’s still so far away. You have to carry me if I can’t walk.”

Old Wu finally understood. Perhaps his girl did not understand what love was, but she had unknowingly given Zhou Zhi a lot of attention. He was watching her.

He knew that it was not a good sign that he risked his life to save her at sea in the past. This time, he had to hold on tight.

“Master, don’t worry. I’ll protect you well.”

Su Xiaolu looked at Old Wu and did not look at Zhou Zhi again. Zhou Zhi had many people around him, but her Master did not.

No matter how strong Master Gui You was, accidents were inevitable.

Chu Jin grinned at Su Xiaolu. “Xiaolu, don’t worry and take care of your Master. I’m protecting Hu Changshou. I won’t let him down. If anything happens, he’ll go with me. However, if he’s lucky, he might still be here even if I’m gone. However, I think my life is very tough. I definitely won’t die.”

“Thank you, Brother Chu.”

Su Xiaolu thanked Chu Jin.

Everyone fled until late at night. Everyone was exhausted. Zhou Zhi ordered them to stop and rest for five minutes. Apart from the commotion caused by the tremors at the beginning, the surroundings were very quiet now.

Someone couldn’t take it anymore and complained, “Could there be a mistake? There’s no movement at all. It’s so dark that the moon can’t be seen. It’s also very tiring for my internal energy. If I don’t rest soon, not to mention the Earth Dragon turning over, I’ll be exhausted to death.”

“That’s right, that’s right. There’s been no movement for so long. It should be fine, right? The Wisdom King is deep and righteous. He knows more than us, right?”

Everyone discussed as they looked in Zhou Zhi’s direction.

“Let’s continue on our way in five minutes.” Zhou Zhi had also heard the discussion. That was his answer.

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