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Chapter 547 - 547 Big Guy

547 Big Guy

An Cheng didn’t know if Su Xiaolu could imagine it, but he was terrified.

What kind of creature was that? An Cheng dared to say that in all his years in the sea, he had never seen a fish bigger than the black-backed, white-bellied fish.

Even though they had not met, he was still so frightened that he broke out in cold sweat.

“We’ll observe tomorrow. Let’s go back first.”

Su Xiaolu frowned. The big fish An Cheng mentioned was a blue whale, the largest creature in the sea in the future. However, An Cheng said that this creature was at least twice as big as it. How big was it?

The world was just as she had guessed. Two different worlds were merging with each other, and more and more creatures would appear. The small ones were like the white fish, and the big ones were only five to six catties.

As for the other types, big and small, they were slowly appearing.

After this big guy appeared, the sea was not safe. Su Xiaolu decided to return to the shore first.

An Cheng nodded. Actually, other than his leg, after selling the things he earned this time, he wouldn’t have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of his life. His broken leg wouldn’t hurt anymore. Even if it ended here, he wouldn’t lose out.

There was really no need to take the risk. Moreover, there were dangers everywhere in the sea.

The rational choice was to stop in time.

Su Xiaolu looked at An Cheng and said, “Then go back to your room and sleep.”

She had been woken up by the noise, but now was not the time to pry. She would go back to her room and sleep first.

At this moment, she was glad that her two Masters were deep sleepers.

The next morning, An Lie walked onto the deck and shouted, “Oh my god…”

Hearing his cry, Old Wu muttered, “You’re making a fuss.”

As he spoke, he walked forward to take a look. He was so frightened that he staggered. “What happened last night?”

On the surface of the sea, there were many fish corpses of various sizes. There were too many of them. Anyone who saw this would be shocked.

Gui You pondered for a while and said, “Bring the hook over. Catch the arowana and see if it’s still useful.”

As he spoke, Gui You said to An Lie, “Pick up all the fish you don’t know in the sea, or fish that exist in ancient myths. Pick them up when you see them.”

Although he didn’t know what killed them, they hadn’t been dead for long. They had all the effects they should have. He couldn’t waste them.

When Su Xiaolu walked over and saw it, she was shocked. When the arowana was scooped up, she saw that it had been bitten to death. The sharp teeth marks bit its body.

These dead fish looked like they were leaked out from the mouth of some giant predator. It was how some rice grains would fall out when people ate.

Su Xiaolu lit a fire and slowly started the extraction.

With An Lie at the helm, they began to return.

“Something’s wrong, something’s wrong. Didn’t these fish disappear long ago? Why are there so many again?”

An Cheng muttered in disbelief as he helped to fish.

“You only realized it now? No matter how wrong it is, how can there be something wrong with your legs? Kid, use your brain to think carefully. The world has changed.”

Old Wu couldn’t help but roll his eyes. His reaction was too slow. How long had it been before he realized that something was wrong?

The ancient creatures that had disappeared appeared again. Even though they were strange, they didn’t seem to be much compared to the regeneration of broken limbs.

An Cheng frowned, and it was as if he had an epiphany. His expression became heavy, and he asked subconsciously, “Then what should we do?”

“Conform to the will of the heavens.”

Old Wu stroked his beard and said meaningfully.

The power of humans was so insignificant. If there was a change in the world, what could humans do? Humans could only follow the will of the heavens.

“That, that’s too helpless.”

An Cheng instantly felt sad.

He was just an ordinary person. Logically speaking, he shouldn’t know such a huge matter, but he knew. What he faced was a heavy pressure that pressed down on him invisibly. He felt suffocated.

Humans could not fight against the heavens, nor could they win against the heavens.

“Don’t worry so much. To put it simply, there is always a way out. No matter what phenomenon it is, no matter how insignificant it is, there is always a way out, let alone a human. Even if the heavens want to destroy the human race, what can a human do? The world is vast and profound. How can it be so easy to understand? We should just live in the moment.”

Old Wu looked at An Cheng’s devastated expression and his tone softened a lot.

An Cheng was not stupid. He knew that Old Wu was trying to comfort him. He cupped his hands gratefully. “I was too worried. Thank you for your guidance, Senior.”

After interacting with them for so long, he knew Gui You and Old Wu’s personalities very well.

He knew that they did not like to talk and looked very cold and arrogant, but in fact, they were very simple and especially protective. They did not give their gentleness to unimportant people, but as long as they liked them, they would definitely protect them.

This Young Master from outside was really enviable.

“Hmph hmph.”

Old Wu snorted coldly and ignored An Cheng.

After dealing with the fish, Old Wu went to help Su Xiaolu watch the fire.

When the last pot of pills was extracted and the residue was poured into the sea, Su Xiaolu completely relaxed.

She had already saved 300 pills from the extraction. Another 30 pills came out of the last pot. After Su Xiaolu gave An Cheng his pills, she put the rest away.

Fortunately, it was calm when they returned and they did not encounter that terrifying big fish again.

When they returned to the port, An Lie was tying up the boat. Su Xiaolu got off the boat. It had been a long time since she stood on the ground. She was not used to it and felt a little dizzy.


A surprised voice sounded. Su Xiaolu saw An Xiaoou.

She ran over and was already beside An Lie before she could greet Su Xiaolu. She grabbed his hand and sized up him worriedly while asking with concern, “Brother, Uncle, are you alright? You didn’t encounter that terrifying Kun1, right? You were gone for so long. I was really worried about you.”

An Lie held An Xiaoou’s hand and asked, “I’m fine. How are you and mother?”

An Xiaoou nodded. Her eyes were a little red as she said with a lump in her throat, “Mother and I are fine. We just miss you and Uncle very much. In addition, in the past few days, many people have said that they saw the big Kun. Someone from the Xu family even died, and you guys haven’t returned. Mother is very worried. During this period of time, I came to the port every day to wait for you. Fortunately, you guys are fine.”

“The big Kun?”

Su Xiaolu had some doubts.

An Lie asked, “Little Ou, what’s wrong with the big Kun?”

An Cheng frowned.

In the legends, there was a huge fish. It was so big that it exceeded people’s imagination. People designated all such big fish as Kun. Kun was the biggest fish.

Seeing that they still didn’t know, An Xiaoou was relieved. It was good that they didn’t encounter it. She explained, “It’s a fish that’s bigger than a black-backed white-bellied fish. Many people encountered it when they went out to sea. They said that the big Kun is very ferocious. With a few flips and stirs, the boat will capsize. A few people from the Xu family lost their lives because they met the big Kun.”

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