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Chapter 48 - Decision    

Chapter 48: Decision

Madam Zhao immediately sensed that something was on Su Sanlang’s mind. Thinking about the two people that Old Man Wu had gone to treat, Madam Zhao immediately knew what Su Sanlang was planning.

When she was cooking at night, Madam Zhao started crying. She said to Su Sanlang, “Sanlang, I won’t allow you to go.”

Looking at Madam Zhao’s tears, Su Sanlang smiled at her and said, “Darling, if I’m lucky, we don’t have to leave. We can build a house and buy land.”

Not only did Madam Zhao not stop crying, but her tears fell even more. She said, “Sanlang, that’s a tiger, not a chicken or rabbit.”

How lucky he had to be to get a family settled.

How could they do something that even the hunters could not? More likely, he would lose his life.

Su Sanlang looked at Madam Zhao and said, “Darling, let me go. I promise I’ll be back.”

Madam Zhao firmly refused. Seeing that Su Sanlang was determined to go, Madam Zhao gritted her teeth and said, “Alright, I’ll go with you.”

If they lived, they would live together. If they died, they would die together.

Madam Zhao’s determination made Su Sanlang’s heart ache. He choked and said, “Darling, how can I let you come?”

Madam Zhao’s tears kept flowing out. She also said in a choked voice, “Sanlang, how can I let you go? If we leave here, it doesn’t matter if we have to be beggars, as long as I’m with you. I can’t let you go alone.”

In any case, there was no way out of this. Even if she had to throw her life away, she would stay with Su Sanlang.

Su Sanlang hung his head and said nothing more.

Madam Zhao thought that he had given up on this thought.

After dinner that night, Su Sanlang and Old Wu went to change the medicine for Zhou Anding and his son.


When they returned, the children were asleep.

Su Sanlang gently touched the faces of the three children before lying down beside Madam Zhao.

Madam Zhao was still awake. Knowing that Su Sanlang had returned, she turned around and leaned against his shoulder.

Su Sanlang sighed and said, “Darling, it’s getting cold.”

He had almost recovered and it was time to leave. There was no reason for them to stay at Old Wu’s house.

However, no matter how big the world was, there was no place for their family. It was so cold. Where could they go if they left Southern Mountain Village?

Madam Zhao cried silently and said softly, “Sanlang, I’ll go wherever you go. I’ve decided to follow you for the rest of my life. Don’t even think about leaving me behind.”

Su Sanlang sighed heavily.

He hugged Madam Zhao. During this period of time, Madam Zhao had lost weight again. Her body was always cold, and she did not have much milk. The couple hugged each other tightly. Su Sanlang hoped that Madam Zhao would feel warmer this way.

As for Madam Zhao, she felt at ease by relying on Su Sanlang. She was afraid that Su Sanlang would quietly enter the mountain, so she did not dare to let go.

It snowed during the night, and the next day the ground was thick with snow.

The children all rubbed their hands together in the cold. It was cold, but they still worked diligently.

After feeding the chickens and ducks, Su Sanmei came back to help take care of Su Xiaolu. She sat in the house with Su Xiaolu in her arms and wiped her tears as she said to Su Xiaolu, “Simei, I’m so afraid of losing our father and mother. What should we do?”

Su Xiaolu could not speak yet. She could not help at all. She could only cry and ask Su Sanmei to carry her to the water vat to play. She took the opportunity to inject the spiritual spring water into the water vat.

Now that their family had nowhere to go, she didn’t know what else to do.

She knew what Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao were thinking, but she was powerless to stop them. She could only remember everything and pray that Su Sanlang would be safe no matter what he did.

Su Sanmei hugged Su Xiaolu and talked for a while before wiping away her tears and pretending that nothing had happened.

Su Chong and Su Hua still helped Old Wu with his work. Sometimes, they would run to Su Sanmei and kiss Su Xiaolu.

Perhaps because they felt too many heavy things, the two brothers were quieter and more obedient. Their eyes were still clear and ignorant, but they rarely smiled anymore.

On the 18th of November, Zhou Anding and son had already been picked up by their families. Gradually, no one spoke about the tiger anymore.

Su Sanlang was already better. He didn’t say anything about leaving, and Old Wu didn’t rush him.

Old Wu did not have the time to care about Su Sanlang’s family. Su Sanlang’s family was very quiet. Su Chong and Su Hua could work and they were obedient. Madam Zhao was good at washing clothes and cooking. To him, it did not matter if Su Sanlang’s family left or not.

However, he knew very well that it was difficult to be a good person. It was impossible for him to ask them to stay. Therefore, it was up to Su Sanlang’s family whether they left or not. If they left, Old Wu would not ask them to stay. If they did not leave, he would not chase them away. If he did, it would be after this winter.

He’d thought that since Su Sanlang knew tigers weren’t easy to fight, he’d probably given up the idea. However, the accident happened on the 19th of November.

This morning, Old Wu woke up and saw that only Su Sanmei was working in the kitchen. She placed the little girl on the stove stool and wiped her tears as she worked. Old Wu couldn’t help but ask, “Little girl, why are you crying? Where are your parents? Your eldest brother and second brother aren’t up yet?”

Su Sanmei looked at Old Wu with tears in her eyes and said in a choked voice, “Grandpa Wu, Father, Mother, and my brothers have entered the mountains to hunt the tiger. Sob, they left Simei and me behind…”

Su Sanmei’s tears kept flowing, but Old Wu was shocked.

After a while, Old Wu came back to his senses and said in frustration, “They’re really not afraid of death. I didn’t even chase you guys away!”

Old Wu was furious, but when he saw Su Sanmei wiping her tears, he said angrily, “Don’t cry. Take care of this little girl. I’ll go out and see if I can find your parents.”

Old Wu really did not expect Su Sanlang to bring his wife and son along. Wasn’t this nonsense? Wasn’t he just courting death?

Old Wu had no idea when they left. After all, he drank every night and slept soundly.

He thought that if he didn’t chase them away, Su Sanlang would understand that he could stay as long as he was thick-skinned.

Old Man Wu didn’t know what to say about Su Sanlang’s stubbornness, but it had already happened. There was no point in saying anything else.

As soon as Old Wu left, Su Sanmei cried out loud.

Su Xiaolu also wanted to cry too, but she held it in and only prayed for Su Sanlang and the others in her heart.

Last night, Su Sanlang was about to get up and leave quietly, but before he got out of bed, Madam Zhao said with a sobbing tone, “Sanlang, don’t even think about leaving me behind.”

Su Sanlang also cried and said, “Darling, just let me go. If I can’t come back, beg Doctor Wu to see if he’s willing to take you and the children in. If he’s willing to take even one, then leave one behind. And you leave with the children. Don’t be afraid when it comes to that. I’ll wait in the underworld to pick you up.”

Madam Zhaocried and said, “No, let’s go together. Even if I can only be a bait, let me go. If you don’t let me go, I can’t let you go alone.”

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