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Chapter 46 - There's a Tiger  

Chapter 46: There’s a Tiger


Su Sanlang lowered his head, hiding the redness in his eyes. He was afraid that Madam Zhao would cry if she saw him like this.

Old Wu was a doctor. He had no shortage of food and clothes here. If he was willing to take his children in, then his children would be able to live. No matter what, he had to keep his children safe.

The couple did not speak again. They worked in silence.

The family had been staying at Old Wu’s place for five days, and Su Sanlang was almost fully recovered. They should be leaving in a few days.

The couple had a tacit understanding about this. They had each other in their eyes. They weren’t afraid to leave this place. Their hearts just ached for these children. If there was even the slightest possibility, they had to hold on to any hope that there was.

Stewed duck was the same as stewed chicken. Old Wu did not lack anything at home. They stir-fried it first before stewing it and added some dried fungi. When the soup in the pot boiled, the fragrance wafted out.

As the sky gradually darkened, and the food was ready. When Su Sanlang set the table, Madam Zhao went out to call them to eat. Seeing her two sons diligently and obediently help grind the medicine, Madam Zhao felt a warmth in her heart.

When Old Wu saw Madam Zhao, he said indifferently, “Is the meal ready?”

Madam Zhao nodded. “Yes, yes.”

Old Wu didn’t seem to want to talk to Madam Zhao anymore. Knowing that the meal was ready, he clapped his hands and shouted to Su Chong and Su Hua, “Alright, alright, we’re done for today. We’ll do more tomorrow when we’re free. Let’s eat first.”

Su Chong and Su Hua were especially obedient. Their eyes lit up when they heard that it was time to eat, but they still cleaned up the medicine in the stone mill and carefully packed it as Old Wu had taught them.

They did it slowly and carefully. They could stay calm even when they were hungry.

Old Wu saw this and remained silent. When they were all done, they went to the kitchen together to eat.

Even if Old Wu did not say anything, Madam Zhao could feel that he liked her two sons very much.


Su Sanmei sat obediently in the kitchen with Su Xiaolu in her arms. When Old Wu arrived, she stood up respectfully and greeted him, “Hello, Grandpa Wu.”

The little girl had good manners.

Old Wu nodded. “Let’s eat.”

The fragrant rice was just right, not too hard, and not too soft. It was obvious that Madam Zhao had grasped the skills well.

Duck soup and a full basin of meat. The food smelled delicious.

The dishes contained his own dried fungus. The taste was undoubtedly delicious.

Madam Zhao scooped the rice into a bowl and gave it to Old Wu first. Old Wu did not stand on ceremony and started eating. He also gave the duck legs in the bowl to Su Chong and Su Hua.

“Hurry up and eat.”

Old Wu said calmly and then buried his head in the meat and soup.

Half of the pot of meat was gone after this meal.

Madam Zhao’s eyes were filled with heartache. When Old Wu saw this, he only rolled his eyes. How petty and useless.

After dinner, Su Sanlang helped Madam Zhao clear the dishes.

Old Wu had already returned to his room.

The weather was getting colder and it was practically dark after dinner. There was nothing much to do, so everyone went to bed early after washing up.

During the night, the family huddled in one bed. The children were asleep, but the couple were still awake.

It seemed especially cold today. Madam Zhao sighed and said, “Sanlang, it’s cold. It should be snowing soon.”

Su Sanlang replied softly, “Yes, it’s the twelfth of November. It’s about time for the snow to fall.”

Su Sanlang knew that Madam Zhao was worried. He couldn’t help but reach out and pat her on the shoulder. “Go to sleep. It’s getting late.”


Madam Zhao nodded slightly. The two of them did not speak anymore. They seemed to be asleep, but no one knew if they really fell asleep.

Neither of them mentioned this. The road ahead was bleak. It wasn’t as if they could actually fall asleep after saying so. They just closed their eyes and let their thoughts wander.

At this moment, it was snowing heavily outside the house.

Before long, the ground was covered in a layer of white. The snow was still falling, and the village was quiet as everyone fell asleep.

The trees in the quiet forest swayed, and birds were startled away. It was as if something had come down from the forest and was stumbling towards the village.

Soon, there was a loud cry for help.

Old Wu’s house was at the entrance of the village. A figure ran over and knocked on the door loudly. “Doctor Wu, help! Doctor Wu, quickly get up and save him. There’s been an accident. The big cat on the mountain hurt someone.”

The loud shouting outside woke up Old Wu and Su Sanlang’s family.

Su Sanlang stood up and said to Madam Zhao, “Darling, take the children and sleep. I’ll go out and see if Doctor Wu needs help. Don’t worry, I’ve already recovered.”

With that, Su Sanlang rolled out of bed.

Old Wu, on the other hand, got up quickly. He came out with a medical kit on his back. His face was dark, and he did not look happy when he saw Su Sanlang.

“So noisy.”

When Old Wu passed Su Sanlang to open the door, Su Sanlang heard him mutter with anger.

It was snowing outside and the cold wind blew. Of course, he could not be happy to be woken up at this time.

Su Sanlang said nothing. He just followed Old Wu and stayed behind him, waiting for his orders.

Old Wu opened the door. It was a villager with the surname Zhou. His name was Zhou Quan and he was about the same age as Su Sanlang. Su Sanlang knew him.

As soon as the door opened, Zhou Quan said anxiously, “Doctor Wu, come with me quickly. Two people were injured by the big cat. They’re waiting for you to save their lives.”

“Let’s go. Lead the way. Su Sanlang, help me carry the trunk.”

Old Wu spoke lightly and tossed the medical kit to Su Sanlang while he tucked his hands into his pockets.

Zhou Quan was anxious, so he did not have the time to talk to Su Sanlang. He led the way quickly.

He was afraid that Old Wu wouldn’t be able to keep up, but every time he looked back, Old Wu followed closely with ease. On the other hand, Su Sanlang jogged after him, panting.

When they arrived at Zhou Quan’s house, they heard someone crying out in pain from inside. The woman asked helplessly, “Second Uncle, what can I do?”

Zhou Quan shouted anxiously, “You don’t know sh*t. Don’t mess around. Go and boil some water. I’ve invited Doctor Wu over.”

With that, Zhou Quan turned to Old Wu and said politely, “Doctor Wu, my two relatives are hunters. They were hurt by the tiger while they were hunting. Please save them.”

Old Wu said calmly, “I can’t guarantee that. I can only say that I’ll do my best. If you want to save them for sure, then find someone else.”

Old Wu would not spoil anyone, and he could not promise anyone.

He was also famous for his bad temper. When he said this, Zhou Quan was speechless. He did not dare to offend him and hurriedly said, “Doctor Wu, don’t be angry. We know what you’re saying. You do your best to save people. Whether they live or die in the end has nothing to do with Doctor Wu.”

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