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Chapter 23 - Don't Even Want Your Daughter

Chapter 23: Don’t Even Want Your Daughter

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With food to eat, the two chickens were very cheerful, but Su Sanmei realized that the hen had not come to eat. Instead, it was squatting motionless on the bundle of grass. Su Sanmei suddenly realized something.

She quickly grabbed Su Chong and Su Hua and made a shushing gesture at them. She smiled and said, “Big Brother, Second Brother, don’t speak. Our hen is about to lay an egg.”

Su Chong and Su Hua had never seen this before. They carefully followed Su Sanmei and quietly squatted outside the chicken coop to watch.

The hen was wary when laying eggs. The slightest movement disturbed it, but in the quietness, the hen quickly completed the process of laying an egg.

Then, it jumped out of the chicken coop and ran towards Su Sanmei.

A white egg was left in the chicken coop.

Su Sanmei went in and carefully picked up the egg. Then, she said to her two brothers, “Let’s go and tell Father.”

Su Sanmei was very happy and didn’t forget to turn back to the hen in the coop. “You’re awesome. I’ll catch more worms for you to eat later.”

The egg was huge, like a reward.

As soon as they entered the house, Su Sanmei smiled and said, “Father, look, there’s another egg today.”

Su Sanlang was a little surprised. Ever since this chicken started laying eggs, it laid eggs every day. Moreover, they were relatively big. Compared to the eggs sent by Su Xiaozhi, it was even more obvious.

Su Sanlang took the egg and said with a smile, “Good child, your aunt sent over a basket of eggs. I’ll cook poached eggs for you today.”

The rice was still mixed with corn, while the vegetables were dried and soaked. He cut a small piece of cured meat and cooked it. Then, he beat six eggs to make poached egg soup.

Because Su Xiaozhi was here, there were not enough bowls to eat with. Su Sanlang called Su Xiaozhi to eat. After scooping for the children, he carried Madam Zhao’s food into the house.

In just two hours, Su Xiaozhi had sewn the foundation of the three children’s cotton clothes. Su Sanlang’s heart warmed. “Darling, it’s time to eat. Our chicken laid another egg. Xiaozhi also brought a basket of eggs for you to eat. In the future, I’ll cook an egg for you every day.”


“Sanlang, don’t worry about me. Go out and take care of Xiaozhi.”

Madam Zhao took the bowl and urged Su Sanlang to leave.

She lowered her eyes so Su Sanlang could not see her tears.

When Su Sanlang came out, he realized that Su Xiaozhi and the children had not eaten yet. Su Sanlang quickly went to get a bamboo bowl and scooped rice. He said, “Eat quickly.”

After Su Sanlang sat down, Su Xiaozhi smiled and said, “Alright, alright, let’s eat.”

Su Xiaozhi gave the poached eggs to the three children. Seeing that there was only one left in the bowl, she gave it to Su Sanlang without thinking.

Su Sanlang quickly stopped her and said, “Xiaozhi, I don’t eat eggs. If you don’t eat them, I’ll be angry.”

Su Xiaozhi had no choice. He knew that Su Sanlang was telling the truth.

After dinner, Su Xiaozhi was about to leave when Su Sanlang took two eggs from the chicken at home and sent her out. He said, “Xiaozhi, I don’t have anything to return to you. These two eggs were laid by our chicken at home. They’re not worth much. Take them back as a good bet.”

Su Xiaozhi did not refuse. She took the egg and said, “Third Brother, I’ll go back then. I’ll visit you guys again next year.”

“Okay. Stay safe.”

Su Sanlang said with a smile. After sending Su Xiaozhi away, Su Sanlang continued to flip the soil with Su Chong and Su Hua.

Meanwhile, Su Sanmei was taking care of Madam Zhao and Su Xiaolu in the house.

Su Xiaozhi carefully put the eggs away. The eggs in her hand were equivalent to three ordinary eggs. She thought about how when she came, she saw Su Sanmei catching insects to feed the chickens, and how Su Chong and Su Hua were helping to rake the ground and clearing weeds. The heavens would definitely treat this family well.

When Su Xiaozhi returned to the Su family, she realized that the door was already closed. No one seemed to be at home.

Su Xiaozhi’s heart turned cold. She went forward and knocked on the door. She shouted, “Father, Mother, are you at home?”

No one responded to her.

However, the sound of her nephews playing in the house told Su Xiaozhi that there were people at home, but she was not welcome in the house.

This was only because she insisted on visiting the Third Brother’s family.

Before going, Madam Wang said, “If you dare to go, don’t ever come back again.”

Su Xiaozhi did not take it seriously, but at this moment, looking at the tightly shut door, she knew that what Madam Wang said was true. Su Xiaozhi’s heart ached a little, but she did not regret doing that at all. Since her parents were so ruthless and refused to let her in, she would not force them to.

Su Xiaozhi shouted again, “Father, Mother, it’s getting late. I’ll go home first.”

With that, Su Xiaozhi left.

As soon as she left, Madam Wang opened the door and splashed out a ladle of water. Accompanying it were Madam Wang’s merciless cursing. “You scourge, don’t ever come back. If I had known this would happen, I would have drowned you to death back then. Like that family, you’re also a piece of trash. Get lost!”

Su Xiaozhi’s back trembled. She still did not look back and quickened her pace.

When Madam Wang saw Su Xiaozhi leave, she was not appeased at all. She placed her hands on her hips and stomped her feet as she said fiercely, “Once it snows, I’ll see how that room full of rotten things can survive. Pfft—I’m so angry.”

After cursing them, Madam Wang turned around fiercely and lost her temper at Madam Li and Madam Zhou. “Look, look, see if you can bring all the food here by looking. Hurry up and get to work. Whoever dares to slack off, get out of this house.”

Madam Li and Madam Zhou were in a difficult position and did not dare to challenge Madam Wang directly. However, they were secretly cursing her to die in their hearts.

Without Madam Zhao at home, Madam Wang vented her anger on the two of them.

In the past, they did not feel it, but ever since the third branch was split up, Madam Li and Madam Zhou had suffered quite a bit, although they could not do anything about it.

There was a lot of work to do at home, and it was tiring. They had to go to the fields as well. As for the cooking at home, Madam Wang and Madam Zhou’s daughter took care of it. The hard work of the autumn harvest immediately made everyone feel tired.

Madam Li and Madam Zhou carried their baskets on their backs and started chatting.

“It will still be tough for a month or two. It’s so tiring. There’s no mother-in-law in the entire Southern Mountain Village who is more heartless than our mother.”

As Madam Li complained, she felt a wave of frustration in her heart. Madam Wang was both stingy and vicious. The moment she caught anyone, she would curse them viciously. It was infuriating to hear.

Madam Zhou felt the same way. “Isn’t that so? She doesn’t even want her own son and daughter. I wonder when such days will come to an end.”

Their only hope was for their sons to be successful in their studies. By then, Madam Wang would be old too.

Madam Li sighed. At this moment, she was actually a little envious of Madam Zhao. She thought about how her three sons were all healthy and would definitely have a good life after being separated.

She looked at Madam Zhou and said casually, “Right, I’m even a little envious of the Third Sister-in-law.”

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