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Chapter 188 - Flying Needles Training

Chapter 188: Flying Needles Training

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“How did you do that?”

Su Xiaolu’s eyes lit up in amazement.

Gui You explained, “Push it with internal energy. Internal energy is a weapon. You’re good at medicine and know the acupoints of the human body like the back of your hand. If your internal energy is strong, you don’t need to use a knife or a gun if you meet a bad person. You just need to raise your hand.”

Su Xiaolu was very tempted. She couldn’t help but ask, “Does my master know how to do this?”

Su Xiaolu suddenly wondered if the old man knew martial arts.

She considered this seriously, then looked questioningly at Gui You.

Gui You said indifferently, “Your master can’t learn martial arts. He only has some simple life-saving skills. Otherwise, why would he ask me to teach you?”

Su Xiaolu nodded in agreement. It made sense.

Thinking that the old man’s martial arts skills were not high, Su Xiaolu looked at Gui You worriedly. “Master Gui You, my master’s martial arts skills are not high. Will he be in danger outside alone?”

The world was dangerous. Su Xiaolu could not help but frown.

Gui You saw that Su Xiaolu was worried about Old Wu. He reached out and flicked Su Xiaolu’s head. “At least you have a conscience. Don’t worry. Your master isn’t as weak as you think. He can protect himself. Besides, your master doesn’t show off. No one will pay attention to him.”

Who would have the time to notice an old man who was not dressed in fine clothes and carrying a rotten wooden basket?

However, seeing that Su Xiaolu was worried, Gui You was put in a good mood. The old man did not dote on her for nothing.

“That’s good.”

Su Xiaolu was relieved.

She looked at Gui You seriously and said, “Master Gui You, I want to practice flying needles.”

Learning flying needles would do her no harm. There was no reason not to learn.

Gui You nodded. “Sure. I’ll go to town tomorrow to buy some silver needles for you to practice. Practice your mental cultivation techniques well. I’ll make a target for you.”

Internal force required practicing mental cultivation techniques. Now that Su Xiaolu had internal force, it was a good thing to practice mental cultivation techniques more.

Since he had decided to teach her, of course he had put in the effort.

Gui You went back to cutting wood to make the target.

Su Xiaolu practiced internal force cultivation techniques. Now, every time she finished practicing, she would use her internal force to relieve her limbs. Her recovery was very slow, but every time she recovered, she felt her internal force grow stronger.

Although it was harder to guide it himself, it was more beneficial.

She couldn’t always rely on Gui You.

Gui You made two targets.

The next day, he went to town to buy a lot of silver needles and gave them to Su Xiaolu and Su Chong.

Since they were going to practice, they would practice together.

Under the teachings of Gui You, not only did Su Xiaolu and Su Chong learn martial arts, but even Su Hua, Zhou Heng, and Su Xiaoling also learned a few moves.

This was a life-saving killer move that Gui You had taught them. After mastering it, they could practice it repeatedly. If they encountered danger, they wouldn’t just sit and wait for death.

The days of practicing martial arts enriched their lives, making every day pass quickly.

Su Xiaolu did not feel anything special. Every day, when she opened her eyes, she would train after eating. After training, it was time for dinner.

She even cultivated internal cultivation techniques when sleeping.

The days repeated themselves.

Winter passed in the blink of an eye.

As soon as spring began, people were busy planting again.

Weeding in summer, harvesting in autumn. In the blink of an eye, it was the end of winter again.

And Su Xiaolu had become a seven-year-old girl.

It was the eighth year since she’d been born into this era.

After practicing martial arts for a year, Su Chong could already fly up to the treetops, and Su Xiaolu could also fly up to the eaves.

Gui You’s daily training for her and Su Chong did not change, but after the daily training, they would have to fight under Gui You.

When they exchanged blows, she and Su Chong used real swords, while Gui You used a random branch, but even if it was a branch, it could still whip her and her brother.

It snowed at noon on the tenth of December.

Su Xiaolu stood upside down on the pillars with one finger supporting her. Her internal force was gathered on this finger. Snowflakes fell on her and quickly melted.

Gui You leaned against the courtyard wall and took a sip of wine from a pot of wine. He casually climbed over the courtyard wall and flew back with a small branch of a tree in his hand. He narrowed his eyes at Su Xiaolu and said, “Girl, let’s fight.”

Su Xiaolu flipped over and jumped down. She stood with her hands behind her back and went at Gui You with her sword.

She attacked his face, legs, and eyes, without mercy.

Of course Gui You laughed and whipped her arm with a twig.

When Su Xiaolu was too tired to get up, she threw away her sword and lay in the snow in the courtyard. As she watched the snow fall from the sky, she murmured, “Master Gui You, the snow is so beautiful.”

The cold snowflakes landed on her face and melted under her body temperature. Her face was red from the battle.

Gui You smiled and went into the house with the wine pot. Without looking back, he said, “You’ll continue to stand on the stakes after the break. There’s not enough time today.”

Su Xiaolu immediately felt that it was not beautiful anymore.

She was so tired that she could not even lift her hands.

Her arms hurt. All from the whipping.

Thinking that she still had to stand on the pillars, she immediately sat up and circulated her mental cultivation techniques. Her current internal force was the size of a fist, and the ball was accumulating in her dantian.

She was also someone with internal energy.

Qinggong flying can be done because of internal energy. When a person flew, it was the same as flying needles, driven by internal energy.

After a few turns, Su Xiaolu felt that much of her fatigue had disappeared. She tapped her hand and climbed up the pillar.

In the afternoon, Su Chong and the others returned. Gui You came out to train Su Chong again.

Su Xiaolu went back to her room to sleep.

After sleeping for two hours, she got up to practice flying needles.

At this moment, Su Chong had already been beaten up and had started to stand on the pillar.

Su Xiaolu practiced flying needles tirelessly while talking to Su Chong. “Big Brother, you’re about to take the exam. Are you tired?”

After learning from Lin Pingsheng for three years, her eldest brother and second brother were about to take the exam.

Su Xiaolu felt exhausted from practicing martial arts every day. Her heart ached when she thought that her brother was going to take the Elementary Scholar exam.

Su Chong stood upside down and grinned at Su Xiaolu. “I’m not tired.”

He really did not feel tired. After practicing martial arts together for more than a year, he vaguely understood that his physique was a little different from his sister’s.

It might be tiring for Su Xiaolu, but for him, it was not that tiring. Sometimes, when he was exhausted, he would circulate his internal energy for a few breaths. After resting, he would have strength again.

Gui You had actually been kind to him because he was still in school.

Seeing that Su Chong was not lying to her, Su Xiaolu smiled and continued practicing flying needles.

In the past year, other than taking Sun Baoshan and Sun Baoqian’s pulse, her daily training schedule was full.

She was growing up day by day. So were her brothers and sister.

With food and a stable business, their family didn’t have to worry about anything.

The new year was the same as usual this year. The food was sumptuous.

Gui You did not speak much. He gave everyone a red packet and waited for Su Sanlang to speak.

Su Sanlang was more talkative. He looked at Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng gently and said, “Chong, Hua, Heng. You will be taking the exam after the New Year. This year, I wish you success in your studies and success.”

They’d studied for years just so they could make it during the examinations.

This was something every scholar worked for.

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