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Chapter 173 - Let Him Wake Up 1

Chapter 173: Let Him Wake Up 1

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In the past few months, she had hired countless doctors for Hu Daniu.

Every doctor had told her it was impossible to wake up unless a god came to save her.

She was the one who refused to give up. She was the one who held on to an extravagant hope and endured. She always thought that as long as she didn’t give up, he might slowly wake up.

But the truth didn’t lie.

Hu could not swallow his food. He was thin, his health was gone, and he was no longer agile. All the signs said that he could not last much longer.

Su Xiaozhi closed her eyes and said shakily, “I have to talk to my mother-in-law before I can answer you.”

She couldn’t make the decision herself. She had to ask Madam Cao.

Su Xiaolu said softly, “Aunt, go ask.”

Of course, Su Xiaozhi could not make such a big decision.

Su Xiaozhi went out.

Madam Zhao sighed. “Sigh, if only we had known earlier.”

If they had known earlier, Hu Daniu might have been saved.

Su Sanlang sighed, too, but there was no such thing as knowing earlier.

Su Xiaolu did not say anything. At this moment, her aunt Su Xiaozhi was the most upset.

If they had to blame someone, they could only blame fate. It was fated that they didn’t know earlier.

There were many silver needles stuck in Hu Daniu’s body. His eyelids kept trembling and tears kept flowing out. He seemed to be trying to express something, but because he couldn’t wake up, he couldn’t say anything else.

Being trapped like this was undoubtedly painful.

Hu Shuangshuang wiped Hu Daniu’s tears as she sobbed, “Father, Father.”

“Shuangshuang, good girl. Don’t do this. Your father will be even more upset if you do.”

Madam Zhao held Hu Shuangshuang’s shoulder and comforted her gently.

Children were the life of parents. Hu Daniu could sense it, so Hu Daniu knew what Hu Shuangshuang was shouting. However, he could not respond, nor could he comfort his heartbroken and crying daughter. He could not do anything, but he could feel everything. This was undoubtedly very painful.

Hu Shuangshuang was already sensible. She restrained herself from crying, but her tears still flowed silently.

Hu Changshou also cried silently.

Even the youngest Hu Changyang seemed to understand. His eyes were filled with tears as he tried his best to hold back his emotions.

Su Xiaolu felt terrible.

All she could do was wait for an answer.

She thought that if Su Xiaozhi and Madam Cao were unwilling to let Hu Daniu wake up and live for a while, she would leave behind the herbs. Good herbs could allow Hu Daniu to last a little longer.

At this moment, Su Xiaozhi entered Madam Cao’s room and gently woke her up.

“Mother, wake up.”

Su Xiaozhi’s voice was hoarse.

When Madam Cao woke up, sadness spread in her heart.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t cry another tear.

Su Xiaozhi looked at Madam Cao’s haggard expression and her heart skipped a beat. She took a few deep breaths before she could suppress her emotions.

Su Xiaozhi said, “Mother, a divine doctor came to treat Daniu today. Daniu’s body can’t recover, but the divine doctor has a way to wake him up… to… to make arrangements for his funeral… but Daniu won’t be able to hold on for long.”

“Mother, I don’t know what to do. I want Daniu to wake up and talk to me, but I also want him to stay with me forever. Mother…”

Su Xiaozhi couldn’t help but sob.

Madam Cao was also sad. She looked very pained. She raised her hand and clenched it into a fist, beating her heart again and again, as if this could ease her heartache.


Madam Cao spoke. She looked at Su Xiaozhi with empty and desperate eyes and said with difficulty, “In the end, you’ve suffered in vain. It’s our Hu family who has let you down. Let Daniu wake up and also… let him leave a message.”

Madam Cao’s heart was in pain.

She wanted to be selfish and give up the chance to wake Hu Daniu up, but she couldn’t be so selfish.

She knew Hu Daniu too well. If Hu Daniu could make the decision, he would definitely choose to wake up. Even if he had to leave, he would not want to go in such a muddle.

It would hurt the most if he couldn’t even leave a word.

Now that she had such an opportunity, Su Xiaozhi respected her and listened to her wishes. How could she only care about herself and not care about Su Xiaozhi?

Madam Cao touched Su Xiaozhi’s face and said again, “Xiaozhi, let Daniu wake up. Let him leave a message and let him go in peace.”

“Mother… wuwuwu…”

Su Xiaozhi threw herself into Madam Cao’s arms and cried bitterly.

She knew. She knew everything. Her mother-in-law was reluctant, but for her sake, she agreed.

After Su Xiaozhi cried enough, Madam Cao patted her back.

After Su Xiaozhi vented her emotions, Su Xiaozhi wiped her tears and said to Madam Cao, “Mother, let me help you over.”

Madam Cao nodded.

Su Xiaozhi helped Madam Cao over. Her eyes were swollen from crying.

“We agree to awaken him, Xiaolu.”

Su Xiaozhi sobbed.

She helped Madam Cao to the side.

Su Xiaolu looked at Madam Cao and said, “This granny’s eyes are injured from crying. Let me take a look at them.”

Since this was the last time, she had to be cautious.

Madam Cao was Hu Daniu’s mother. She endured the pain and agreed. She definitely wanted to see Hu Daniu.

Su Xiaolu wanted to take a look at Madam Cao first. If Madam Cao could recover, she would feel better.

After her husband’s death and her son’s accident, Madam Cao suffered a huge blow and quickly aged.

Her eyes were blind from crying.

Su Xiaolu checked her meridians and knew that Madam Cao’s meridians were damaged and her eyes were blind because the meridians connected to her eyes were damaged and blocked.

She took out her silver needle and said, “Let me make sure Granny can see first.”

Su Xiaozhi nodded. “Okay, okay.”

Madam Cao was a little panicked. Su Xiaozhi held her hand and said gently, “Mother, don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

Su Xiaolu gave Madam Cao life-saving medicine and silver needles.

Two needles went into the ends of her eyes. Deep.

Soon, two drops of blood flowed out of Madam Cao’s eyes. She said with a trembling voice, “I can see, I can see.”

Su Xiaolu said, “Close your eyes for a while. It’s uncomfortable to open them now.”

Su Xiaolu turned around and went to the bed. Now she wanted to wake Hu Daniu up.

Madam Cao could see. Remembering Su Xiaolu’s words, Su Xiaozhi quickly said to Madam Cao, “Mother, close your eyes first.”

Madam Cao looked at Su Xiaolu. She was shocked, but in the end, she only sighed.

In the past, every time she thought of her son’s death, she would be in so much pain that she wanted to die. However, on this day, Madam Cao’s grief gradually calmed down. He could no longer stay. Then, it would be enough if she could look at him and listen to him.

Madam Cao’s eyes were very uncomfortable. She was afraid that she would not be able to see clearly when Hu Daniu woke up, so she listened to Su Xiaozhi and closed her eyes to recuperate.

Everyone looked at Su Xiaolu nervously. They saw Su Xiaolu take out a silver needle and stab it into Hu Daniu’s glabella.

Soon, only a little of the silver needle was left outside, and blood began to seep out from between Hu Daniu’s brows.

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