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Chapter 170 - Su Xiaozhi's Hardships

Chapter 170: Su Xiaozhi’s Hardships

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Su Xiaozhi calmly wiped the tears off her face and said gently to Madam Cao with an empty bowl, “Mother, rest well. I’ll go out and take a look.”

Who else would come to this house? Su Xiaozhi could not think of anyone else. Hu Daniu and Madam Cao were seriously ill. She borrowed money from her relatives because Hu Daniu had not recovered for a few months. Madam Cao’s eyes had not recovered, and no one in the family was willing to borrow money anymore.

They even distanced themselves from her family.

Who else would come to their house?

Su Xiaozhi was puzzled when she heard a familiar voice.

“You must be Shuangshuang. I’m your third uncle. This is your third aunt. Where’s your mother?”

Su Sanlang looked at the thin Hu Shuangshuang and his heart ached. He spoke gently to Hu Shuangshuang.

Madam Zhao’s expression was gentle and tender.

Hu Shuangshuang looked at the kind Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao. For some reason, she suddenly felt like crying. She choked and said, “Mother is in the house giving Grandma medicine.”

At this moment, Su Xiaozhi came out and stood still. She glanced at Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao before lowering her eyes.

Her third brother and third sister-in-law had arrived.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao put down their back baskets. Su Sanlang looked at Su Xiaozhi, who had lost a lot of weight, and his heart ached for her. Su Sanlang was a little angry. “Why didn’t you tell me that such a big thing happened at home?”

Madam Zhao also asked with concern, “How is Brother-in-law now?”

Thinking of Hu Daniu, Su Sanlang became even angrier. “Xiaozhi, you… sigh…”

Su Sanlang swallowed the accusation that was on the tip of his tongue. He felt bitter. Why didn’t Su Xiaozhi tell them? Was she afraid of dragging them down?

His anger eventually turned into heartache and a sigh.

Su Xiaozhi’s tears fell. She choked and said, “Daniu, he hasn’t woken up yet.”

Su Xiaozhi did not expect Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao to visit her. When they came, Su Xiaozhi felt that she could not hold it in anymore. Tears flowed out like a flood.

Madam Zhao went forward and gently hugged Su Xiaozhi. She patted her back and comforted her softly, “It’s been hard on you.”

Hu Changshou brought Hu Changyang in and looked at Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao in a daze.

Su Sanlang looked at the children and felt an indescribable sense of melancholy. It was as if he had suddenly seen himself a few years ago.

He gently stroked the child’s hair and finally looked at Su Xiaozhi. He said gently, “Have you seen a doctor? What did the doctor say?”

Su Xiaozhi sniffed and said, “The doctor said that he might not wake up. The chance is very slim.”

But every time she heard Hu Daniu’s heartbeat, she couldn’t give up on him. Even if the chances were slim, as long as Hu Daniu continued to breathe, she would grit her teeth and persevere.

Su Sanlang looked around his ruined home, his eyes were worried. “Home, this home…”

He felt bitter. Su Xiaozhi had sold everything she could.

“Third Brother, Third Sister-in-law, let’s not talk about this anymore. I can get through this. You guys haven’t eaten yet, right? I’ll cook for you.”

Su Xiaozhi wiped away her tears and said with a tenacious smile.

Madam Zhao sighed and hurried to help.

The kids looked hungry. She couldn’t let them go hungry.

Whatever it was, it would have to wait until after dinner.

Hu Shuangshuang was obedient and sensible as she helped wash the vegetables.

When the vegetable porridge was cooked, it would be dinner today.

Su Sanlang went to take a look at the house and Hu Daniu.

It was clearly autumn harvest, but there was not much food in this house. There were almost no chickens or ducks left, only a hen and a rooster.

Hu Daniu had also lost a lot of weight. His face was green and he lay motionless on the bed. If not for the faint rise and fall of his chest, people would have thought that he was already dead.

Not long after, Su Xiaozhi called for dinner.

She went in and helped Madam Cao out. Madam Cao knew that Su Sanlang was here and did not want to come out. She felt ashamed.

But Su Xiaozhi cried and Madam Cao sighed.

“Aunt, do you remember me? I’m Su Sanlang.”

When Su Sanlang saw Madam Cao come out, he immediately went forward to help her sit down.

Madam Cao’s hair was completely white, but she was only in her fifties.

Her eyes were terrifyingly red and swollen. There was no focus in her eyes. Her originally good eyes had been blinded from crying.

Madam Cao’s empty eyes met Su Sanlang’s. She nodded. “I remember you.”

After sitting down, Su Xiaozhi scooped a bowl of porridge for everyone.

After she had everything, she carried a bowl to feed Hu Daniu.

After Su Xiaozhi left, Madam Cao choked and said, “We’re the ones who let Xiaozhi down and made her suffer. We’re really sorry for not letting her have a good life.”

Back then, Su Xiaozhi had a family that was much better than theirs.

Madam Cao was extremely happy that her son could marry Su Xiaozhi. For so many years, she had always treated Su Xiaozhi as her own daughter. Su Xiaozhi was also very good and worked hard for this family.

Now that the entire family was dragging Su Xiaozhi down, Madam Cao felt pained just thinking about it.

Su Sanlang comforted Madam Cao. “Aunt, don’t think too much. There’s nothing to suffer. Xiao Zhi is Daniu’s wife. As husband and wife, they have to support each other. I believe that if Xiaozhi can’t move today, Daniu won’t abandon her either.”

Madam Zhao also said, “Sanlang is right. Aunt, don’t be too sad. You have to recuperate well. We need your help in this family.”

Su Xiaozhi was now alone and helpless. If Madam Cao recovered, Su Xiaozhi could still have a helper.

Madam Cao felt very guilty.

Su Sanlang said, “Don’t worry, aunt. I’ll get a good doctor for my brother-in-law.”

Su Xiaozhi was still young, and the children were still young. If Hu Daniu left now, it would be very difficult for Su Xiaozhi in the future.

Su Sanlang thought of Su Xiaolu. He and Madam Zhao looked at each other and exchanged glances. He knew that Madam Zhao was thinking the same thing.

Was there a doctor more powerful than Su Xiaolu in this world?

No, Su Xiaolu was a divine doctor. No one would be better than her.

Looking at the few children who were not full, how could Madam Zhao eat? She shared the porridge in her bowl with the two brothers, Hu Shuangshuang and Hu Changshou. She went into the house to see Su Xiaozhi.

That year, Madam Zhao had returned Su Xiaozhi’s silver bracelet to her and even gave her one, implying that good things came in pairs.

She had personally put it on Su Xiaozhi, but now, Su Xiaozhi’s hands were empty. It could be seen that the silver bracelet had been pawned.

Su Xiaozhi fed him with her mouth.

Only half a bowl of porridge was fed. Hu Daniu could no longer swallow his food. Su Xiaozhi’s tears flowed silently as she said anxiously, “Daniu, Daniu, how can you not eat?”

Hu Daniu could not give Su Xiaozhi any answer.

Su Xiaozhi tried many times, but Hu Daniu only swallowed one mouthful. The rest flowed out from the corner of his mouth.


Madam Zhao’s heart ached when she saw this. Hu Daniu’s situation was already very bad.

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