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Chapter 12 - Remember It Forever

Chapter 12: Remember It Forever

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Chen Hu wanted to help more, but his parents would not agree.

Su Sanlang patted Chen Hu’s shoulder. “You don’t have to be so formal with me. Go home and rest.”

Chen Hu was not his biological brother, but he was like one.

After watching Chen Hu walk into the moonlight and return home, Su Sanlang also packed up and returned to the house.

As the ancients used to say, it was common to kick someone when they were down, but it was rare to offer timely help.

Su Sanlang would never forget Chen Hu’s friendship.

As soon as Su Sanlang entered the house and lay down, he realized that Madam Zhao was still awake. He could not help but ask, “Why aren’t you asleep? Did Simei disturb you?”

Madam Zhao smiled and said, “No, Simei is very obedient. Sanlang, Hu must have come to help us.”

Su Sanlang nodded. He reached out and gently touched the sleeping Su Xiaolu before lying down. He said, “He’ll help me fix the roof. It’s been really sunny recently, so it might be cloudy soon. I’ll go and bring some chestnuts back tomorrow and come back early. Then, I’ll go and cut the weeds for the rest of the day. Huzi will come over and help me weave it at night. Then I can renovate our roof.”

“It’s been hard on you.”

Madam Zhao had too much sadness in her heart. In the end, she only said this. She was in confinement and could not help Su Sanlang with anything. All the work at home had fallen on Su Sanlang.

If his two sons were smart, they could help. But they…

As if he knew Madam Zhao’s worries, Su Sanlang gently reached out to stroke her hair and said, “It’s not hard at all. It’s much easier than before. In the future, everything in our family will belong to us. When we’re free, I’ll go and cut some bamboo to weave baskets. Rich families often use them to carry things. Don’t worry, our lives will get better and better.”

Since winter was coming, Su Sanlang knew what Madam Zhao was worried about. Even if he was equally worried, he still tried his best to comfort her.

“In the past, you’ve never been in confinement. This time, you can rest for a full month. The medicine prescribed by Doctor Wu can last for a month. I’ll get Sanmei to brew it for you every day. In two days, I’ll go and take a look at traps. Maybe we’ll be lucky and catch something.”


Su Sanlang stroked Madam Zhao’s face and said gently. Madam Zhao was very thin, and the bones in her cheeks were sharp. Other than the fact that they had just been kicked out of their home, he had already accepted their fate.

Although there was not much food, it could all enter their stomachs. In the previous house, their family had also never been full. Even if there was meat, it would not be theirs to eat.

At least for now, whatever the family had, the family could eat.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Madam Zhao leaned on Su Sanlang. Although their family was poor, their hearts had always been together.

As Su Xiaolu woke up from peeing, she heard these conversations. She couldn’t help but think that her father was a good person.

Madam Zhao was in poor health. If she could rest for a month, it would be beneficial.

She was happy to be in such a family. In her previous life, she had been an orphan. The old Chinese physician who had adopted her had said that he had picked her up. At that time, it was very common to favor boys over girls, and it was in time for family planning. Therefore, many people who were quietly pregnant and gave birth would see that the child was a daughter and quietly abandon her by the roadside.

If someone picked the child up, she would live. If no one picked it up, she would be as good as dead.

She longed for the warmth of her parents, but she also knew how cruel the world could be. Just because you had parents didn’t mean you would feel warmth. Whatever she didn’t have in her previous life, she had in this life.

If Madam Zhao had not carefully wrapped her up, she would have wanted to feed Madam Zhao spiritual spring water every day.

That said, there was plenty of time. There was no hurry.

The next morning, Su Sanlang was up before dawn. He warmed up the fire and started cooking before waking up Su Sanmei and her brothers.

He instructed the three of them to eat a bowl of rice each before continuing to clean the well. He asked Su Sanmei to wash off the diapers that Simei had changed out of.

Before leaving, Su Sanlang was most worried about his two sons. He patted their heads and said, “Chong, Hua, don’t go out and play, understand? You have to work with Sanmei, I’ll bury chestnuts for you to eat tonight, okay?”

Su Chong and Su Hua recalled the fragrant chestnuts from yesterday. They had burned them in the ashes, and they smelt great. The two of them nodded obediently and agreed. “Yes, yes.”

Su Sanmei nodded obediently too. She entered the room and took out the diapers that Madam Zhao had changed out of Simei to wash them. Then, she poured the dirty water on the edge of the courtyard.

After Su Sanlang made arrangements for the three siblings, he carried the basket on his back and entered the mountain. Along the way, he went to see if he had caught anything in the traps. They were empty, and he could not help but feel a little disappointed.

Fortunately, he had the chestnut tree. When he arrived at the tree, he cut down a small tree and started climbing. There were many knots in this tree. He should be able to sell it for a hundred coins.

He still did not know about these things yet. In the past, his mother, Madam Wang, was the one who sold them. Madam Wang never said how much she sold them for. They were being left to die this time, hence, his family did not get a single cent.

Even if it was only worth a few coins, he would sell it.

Ever since he had accepted the reality, Su Sanlang felt full of energy. After knocking down all the chestnuts on the tree, he carried home the ones that he could peel.

The basket on his back was heavy, and Su Sanlang couldn’t help but hurry home with a smile on his face. From a distance, he watched the children diligently cleaning the well. He smiled in relief.

Seeing that Su Sanlang had returned home, the three siblings ran to his side happily and grabbed his hand. “Father, Father, you’re back.”

Su Sanlang rubbed their heads one by one and said with a smile, “Have you been obedient?”

Su Chong and Su Hua nodded happily. “We’re very obedient.”

Su Sanmei let go of Su Sanlang and ran to the chicken coop. She quickly brought over a leaf bag and handed it to Su Sanlang as if she was presenting a treasure. “Father, I caught a lot of insects for the chickens to eat. They all really like to eat these. Father, use this as bait. The chickens at home all like it, so the birds in the mountains will definitely like it too.”

Sue’s eyes sparkled. She was sensible enough to know that things were different at home. Difficult. She’d thought of this when she was feeding the chickens.

Su Sanlang took it and nodded with a smile. “Okay, Father will listen to Simei. Father will go out to cut the weeds after drinking some water. You have to be obedient at home, understand?”

Su Sanmei nodded happily. “Yes, yes. I’ll take good care of Big Brother and Second Brother.”

Su Sanmei’s obedience brought tears to Su Sanlang’s eyes. He ruffled her dry hair and smiled as he entered the house.

Madam Zhao heard Su Sanlang’s voice and sat on the bed. When he came in to see Su Xiaolu, she said gently, “Sanlang, sit down and take a rest.”

As she spoke, Madam Zhao reached out and removed the leaves from Su Sanlang’s head. Her heart ached when she saw that Su Sanlang’s hand had many wounds from being pricked by the chestnuts.

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