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Chapter 1028 - Chapter 1028: See You Next Time, My Xiaolu (Finale)

Chapter 1028: See You Next Time, My Xiaolu (Finale)

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Su Xiaolu looked at Weibo and felt that these fans were quite cute.

The type of fans one attracted depended on one’s personality. When she was not Yi Lei and did not have so many scruples to be herself, many people would hate her. Of course, those who liked her would also come because of her reputation.

They gradually got to know her, liked her, and got used to her.

Su Xiaolu sent a big red packet. All those who had followed her for more than two years could draw the lottery.

Zhou Zhi also sent a big red packet. Many fans also paid attention to him. The fans were happy that they were getting married.

It took two years from preparation to the wedding. The cumbersomeness of the wedding dress was very good and long, but it didn’t matter. They weren’t in a hurry.

Yi Lei did not have parents, and most of her relatives did not contact her anymore because of that matter.

Su Xiaolu would not invite them. She did not invite anyone, but some people from the entertainment industry came.

Most of them were people who had consulted Su Xiaolu about martial arts. Su Xiaolu had taught them diligently. She did not gatekeep anything. She did not say much, but her sincerity was obvious.

Su Xiaolu was wearing a wedding dress. After the wedding march began, she slowly walked to Zhou Zhi’s side. She smiled and whispered, “Fourth Brother is very handsome today.”

Zhou Zhi smiled gently. “You’re also very beautiful.”

Their smiles were bright, but the Yi parents were crying. Grandma Yi was crying so hard that she couldn’t even speak. She only nodded with a trembling head to show that she was very satisfied.

His little grandson, who was weak and hard to raise, was finally married. He had married a beautiful wife and his health was getting better and better.

They had to last for a long time.

Yi Ziheng did not expect them to really reach the end. As the eldest brother, he was calm and composed. He did not mention anything about signing a contract with Su Xiaolu in the past. If it was an act, he hoped that she could keep her act for the rest of her life.

His brother’s feelings for this woman were really heavy. Yi Ziheng felt that the word ‘love brain’ that people often said on the Internet was very suitable to describe his brother.

Finally finding an opportunity, Yi Ziheng coughed lightly to hide his embarrassment. Then, he said to Zhou Zhi, “Zimo, you have to take care of your body at all times. You can’t indulge yourself, understand?”

Zhou Zhi looked at Yi Ziheng. Yi Ziheng himself felt too awkward, but he still braced himself and said, “If necessary, you can use some tools or something… Zhou Zhi interrupted Yi Ziheng. “Thank you, Brother. I understand.”

This matter was originally joyous, but it would always make people feel bad if they said such things out loud. This was probably something that could only be understood but not communicated with words.

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He would block all the toasts for him.

Other people’s weddings might be very tiring, but Zhou Zhi’s wedding could not tire him out. Hence, they went through the motions and the two of them ate and drank before going home.

They returned to their own home. This was the wedding room prepared by the Yi parents. As if afraid that Su Xiaolu would think too much, there was only her name.

The wedding room was very warm. There was also Su Kuo i s big room with a dog amusement park

The Yi family had considered everything about her and knew Su Kuo’s importance, so they took a lot of effort to renovate it.

As soon as Su Kuo arrived home, he tactfully ran to his room to play.

Su Xiaolu blushed.

However, everything seemed to have happened very naturally.

After marriage, their lives were also very normal. They worked, traveled, and watched the seasons slowly change. They accompanied each other through the years.

Su Xiaolu had never paid attention to Xu Yiran again. The officials had already erased the matter about Xu Yiran.

After they found out that Xue Yinzi was Xu Yiran, because of her strangeness, everything about her was erased. Even if someone mentioned it on some platforms, there would not be any popularity.

The entertainment industry changed quickly, so it was normal for Xu Yiran to be gone.

People who were close to Xu Yiran, her distant cousin, He Qu, also had a bumpy career. After falling, there was slowly no news of her anymore.

Xiao Xun, Han Lin, and Su Xiaolu had all been in the limelight.

However, nothing happened, so the people who were paying attention slowly retreated.

OOn a very normal day, Su Kuo said to Su Xiaolu, “Sister, Xu Yiran has been released.

Su Xiaolu only paused and smiled. “It’s fine.”

If Xu Yiran could do anything, it would be her own ability. It was just that she no longer had the extra Golden Finger and no longer relied on external objects. As long as she didn’t do anything to harm society, she could do whatever she wanted.

To be able to let her out, they must have studied her thoroughly and confirmed that she was fine before letting her out.

Su Kuo silently paid attention to Xu Yiran.

Therefore, Su Xiaolu also knew what Xu Yiran had done.

Xu Yiran ‘ s identity had been investigated thoroughly. Her parents and relatives had been implicated because of her, and their ancestors had been investigated like traitors. Hence, the Xu family had long treated it as if they did not have this daughter. When they were investigated and specially treated, they had already expressed that they had severed ties with their daughter. Their ancestors were all good people. Even if Xu Yiran wanted to be a traitor, it was her own business.

After finding out that it was indeed an innocent family, the Xu family heaved a sigh of relief. Therefore, the entire family clan tacitly did not mention Xu Yiran again.

Xu Yiran went home to ask for money. Not only was she chased out, but the Xu family also called the police.

Xu Yiran had no choice but to leave. She wanted to do a live broadcast and talk about her fortuitous encounter online.

However, she was banned as soon as she started broadcasting. After a few times, Xu Yiran knew that she couldn’t talk about this.

She couldn’t even use her name. Her name was Zhang Juan now.

Ordinary people who did live broadcasts could not earn money without gimmicks. After ten years, she was almost 40 years old. It was not easy to find a job, so she could only be a cleaner.

Every time she saw some advertisements on the city screen, she would sigh at her colleagues and say, “I was once a celebrity. I had a good figure and was very beautiful.”

Her colleague was in her sixties. She only smiled and asked her in a fake manner, “Then why did you stop? Being a celebrity earns more money. Why did you stop doing it?”

What a joke. How could a real celebrity come to sweep the streets?

Xu Yiran’ s heart ached. Even if she said that she was Xu Yiran, no one would believe her.

Even if she said that she once had a system that could suck away other people’s luck and almost reach the peak of her life, the old men and women only laughed when they heard that.

Slowly, Xu Yiran stopped talking.

She had lost a lot of weight, but she was still 160 or 170 catties. Without exquisite skincare, her skin was already unbelievably rough. She was not lucky. When she was almost 50 years old, a widowed old man wanted to date her. She agreed.

Faced with the unbearable life, Xu Yiran often called the system in her heart. She yearned for such a good thing to happen to her again, but no matter how she called out, that mysterious voice never sounded again.

She lived a noisy and indignant life.

Su Kuo learned how to use the Internet, so he learned about this.

A dogs lifespan was at most 20 years, so Su Kuo could leave this year.

He continued to learn new technology online while Su Xiaolu grew old with Zhou Zhi.

They sent the Yi parents and Grandma Yi off. In the end, both of them were grav-haired.

The Yi family was already managed by the grandchildren. The love between the two of them was enviable both in the industry and outside. They had proven their love for each other using their lives.

When it was time to part again, Zhou Zhi’s eyes were filled with reluctance. His voice was hoarse. “Goodbye, Xiaolu.”

Goodbye, my Xiaolu. Our next meeting won’t be long, but I hope that no matter how long or difficult it is, I will find you and come to your side again and countless times.’

Su Xiaolu smiled at Zhou Zhi. She leaned over and gently kissed Zhou Zhi’s eye

She replied gently, “Ah Zhi, see you next time.”

Zhou Zhi smiled and closed his eyes.

Su Xiaolu leaned against him and said to Su Kuo in her sea of consciousness,

“Little Kuo, let’s go.”

If not for Zhou Zhi, she would have left after Su Kuo cleaned up the evil Golden Finger. With Zhou Zhi around, staying here with him for decades would cause one’s body to fail. When it was time for them to say goodbye, her Ah Zhi had already left, so she did not miss him anymore.

In the myriad of worlds, mountains and rivers would always accompany each other.

Su Xiaolu felt that her soul was very solid. She asked Su Kuo in confusion,

“Little Kuo, can I still obtain power like this?”

Su Kuo smiled and replied, ‘Of course, guarding the world will allow you to obtain the power of the world. You will slowly grow. Perhaps in the future, you and he can meet with your souls and don’t have to meet in various worlds for a short period of time, if you still love each other.”

Su Xiaolu smiled. “Then I’m looking forward to it.”

As for whether she would always love him, of course her answer was yes.

He would come to her side countless times, and she would continue to love him deeply countless times. She would not let him down.

(The end..)

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