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Chapter 97 - When Dealing with an Enemy, One Must Be as Cold as the Icy Winter

Chapter 97: When Dealing with an Enemy, One Must Be as Cold as the Icy Winter

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Chapter 97 – When Dealing with an Enemy, One Must Be as Cold as the Icy Winter

Shanghai, a rich, prosperous, and self-respecting city.

Shanghai, a fallen, demoralized, and empty city.

Shanghai, a city that cannot be worse off than other cities.

In this city, every corner seemed to be filled with indulgence and depravity. This was especially true for the nightclubs.

Chen Yu always believed that the greater the ability a person possessed, the greater their responsibility.

As an UP that allowed mankind to peek at future technologies, he had an obligation to promote positive energy and eradicate Shanghai’s unhealthy trend.

Hence, he came.

While standing in the middle of the dance floor, he scanned the people around him, opened his mouth, and yawned.




In the next moment, the men and women that were frantically shaking their bodies around him instantly felt as if they had aged by 40 years, their movements slowing down considerably. All of a sudden, the people on the dance floor had gone from disco dancing to square dancing…


Pushing forward, Chen Yu made an even bigger yawn, his actions irritating his eyes and causing tears to flow out.


“Ha… Mm…


Suddenly, others also started yawning on the dance floor.


Stretching his waist, Chen Yu yawned for the third time amidst the nightclub’s flashing lights…


Thud, thud!

Thud, thud, thud…

Like cut wheat, the hundreds of people on the dance floor limply collapsed to the ground.

It was an annihilation.

“It’s so late already, yet why are you still high? If you don’t go to bed soon, won’t you make your parents worry?” Chen Yu muttered as he reached into his mask and wiped away the tears leaked out of his eyes.

After he was done testing the Yawning Denture, he approached the mixer and lowered the sound track’s volume to 0 decibels. Afterward, he took out the small white box and packing foam, tossing them onto the dance floor before turning around and leaving.

“Goodnight, my little kids.”

The next day, Tuesday:

Chen Yu obediently sat on his seat as he waited for the announcement of the monthly test scores.

He had been relatively busy recently and did not focus much on his studies, so he was sure he wouldn’t score first place in his grade. After all, no matter how terrible of a school Sixth High was, there were always exceptions. There would still be a few students that would stand out from the rest every year.

With that being the case, according to Principal Pang’s “mandatory” gambling agreement, once the monthly test scores were released, he would have to start doing sports.

However, who was Chen Yu?

How could he possibly be crushed by some random minnow? Even if that minnow in question was slightly fat.

Hence, in Chen Yu’s mind, he had already thought of over a dozen dark, obscene, forceful, evil, despicable, and indecent plans…

“I have the monthly test scores here. I will now announce the class rankings.”

Shortly after the bell rang, Class 2’s form teacher entered the classroom while holding a score sheet in his hands. Glancing at the students before him, the form teacher said, “Disappointment! What a disappointment! You bunch are the worst batch of students I have ever taught!

“Afraid that some idiots would hand in a blank paper, we deliberately set the first question on the mathematics paper to be 1+1, yet 12 students in our class answered 13,627! You can bloody go on the news for this! Which fool taught you this answer?!”

“Our math teacher,” a male student said with his hand raised.

“That’s right. Our math teacher.”

“He taught us that.”

Chen Yu similarly raised his hand and added, “I can testify. I was present at the scene.”

The form teacher: “…”

His face distorting, the form teacher raised the score sheet to cover his face. Gnashing his teeth, he said, “First place, Chen Yu, 411 marks.”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Every student in the class focused their eyes on Chen Yu.

Cough, cough.” Clearing his throat, Chen Yu clasped his hands together and said, “Calm down.”

After sending Chen Yu a glance, the form teacher continued, “Second place, Xing Biqi, 405 marks. Our new classmate has excellent grades. Everyone, a round of applause.”

Clap, clap, clap!

Clap, clap, clap…

“Third place, Zhen Congming, 334 marks.”

“Wonderful,” Zhen Congming exclaimed as he suddenly stood up from his seat. With a look of relief, he continued, “There is progress. God truly does reward hard work.”

“Indeed.” Sneering, the form teacher said, “You scored 334 previously. You improved by one mark. Congratulations.”

“Teacher, you should know that after reaching the standard of top students like myself, we have to put in enormous effort for every additional mark we gain.”

“Just shut your mouth.”

Forty minutes later, the bell signaling the end of the first period rang. Upon hearing the bell, the form teacher promptly packed up his things and left the classroom without so much as looking back even once.

“Student Chen Yu.”

At this time, Zhen Congming approached Chen Yu with large strides. “I never thought that you would really surpass me in just one short month and fulfilled your dream.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Now, it’s my turn to chase after you.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“This is the determination a genius should have. Please do not become arrogant and complacent. Continue striving, and don’t let me overtake you.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“Out of the five subjects, I recall English being your worst subject, right?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“Haha.” Cooly swiping his bangs, Zhen Chongming revealed a smile and said, “English just so happens to be my strongest subject. You should be careful next month.”

“Oh! How many marks did you score for English this time?”



In Sixth High, a total score of 411 was enough to get Chen Yu within the top 40 of his grade. Unfortunately, he was still nowhere near meeting the requirement Principal Pang had set for him.

However, to Chen Yu’s surprise, neither Principal Pang nor Niu Lanshan had come to force him to do sports throughout the entire morning. This rendered all the countermeasures he had thought up to become useless…

“It seems I’ll just have to give up.

Caressing the peach fuzz that was gradually growing on his chin, Chen Yu fell into deep thought.

Afternoon, after the end of the fourth period…

Just as Chen Yu was about to head to the principal’s office to scout out the situation, Xing Biqi, the female student seated in front of him, actually turned around to look at him. Smiling, she asked, “Fellow student, your grades are excellent.”


After being momentarily stunned, Chen Yu abruptly clenched his fist below his desk.

It came!

It came!!

It came!!!

This “ill-intentioned” female agent finally caved in and could not help but talk to him.

Keke, finally can’t hold it in anymore? And here I thought a professional special agent possessed extraordinary endurance. It turns out that you only amount to this much.

After calming himself down, Chen Yu squinted and said, “You scored pretty well as well.”

“No, I just managed to luckily perform better than normal,” Xingbiqi said as she shyly scratched the back of her right ear and lightly pulled on her hair. She then picked up her own mathematics test paper, pointed at a question, and said softly, “I’m quite bad at math. I wish to ask if you know how to solve this trigonometric equation. I don’t quite get it.”

Was she trying to strike at him using “study” as the topic?

Since the other party had made the first move, she should be ready to get ‘ravaged’!

When dealing with an enemy, one must be as cold as the icy winter!

After having such thoughts, Chen Yu decisively stretched out his sleazy hand. Simultaneously, as he grabbed the extended test paper, he made sure to hold onto the girl’s small and tender hand. “I know it. I’ll teach you.”


Xing Biqi was stunned by this situation. Subconsciously, she tried to retrieve her hand, only to fail in doing so.

“What’s wrong?”

“P-Please let go…”

“Oh! My bad. I didn’t do it on purpose,” Chen Yu said as he “obediently” let go of the test paper…

Xing Biqi: “…I’m talking about my hand!”

“Oh.” Unfazed, Chen Yu switched from grabbing to touching…

“You… What are you doing?”

“Are you still cold?”


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