Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 88 - I Want to Fly

Chapter 88: I Want to Fly

Chapter 88 – I Want to Fly

In the end, the box made of special material was not found by any police officers, traffic police, special agents, or security personnel.

Instead, a drug dealer discovered it. Afterward, that drug dealer got “raided.”

According to a neighbor’s description, the scene back then was full of shouting, police sirens, and people.

After hurrying his way to Beijing by plane, the special situation team’s middle-aged team leader arrived at a confidential research institute a short distance away from the capital city. It was here that he came across the special box.

With his authority, though, he could only observe the special box through a safety barrier.

“Team Leader, this is the letter Transdimensional Review’s UP left inside the box,” a staff member of the research institute said as he handed a paper to the middle-aged team leader.

Hurriedly receiving the paper, the middle-aged team leader unfolded it and carefully read through the letter line by line. And the more he read, the more solemn his expression became.

Five minutes later, he folded the paper and asked, “Can I bring this copy away?”

“You can, but try to keep it a secret and don’t lose it.”

“I know. Have you analyzed the original copy yet? Are the paper and ink used domestic?”

“We’ve analyzed them. They shouldn’t be domestic. We’re currently in the process of analyzing for more detailed parameters.”


Nodding, the middle-aged man carefully stored the letter into the folder he carried before walking out of Laboratory No. 2. After getting disinfected, he retrieved up the satellite phone that he had left in the research institute’s care and dialed a number.

“Hello? I’m the team leader. Halt all active operations in Jinzhou City and have all personnel go into a hidden and observation state. We’ll talk further once I’m done with my meeting.”

Disconnecting the call, the middle-aged man narrowed his eyes as he fell into deep thought.


Jinzhou City, Chen Yu’s room:

After removing his drenched haori, Chen Yu picked up the towel hung on the wall and wiped himself dry. He then changed into a new set of clothes before falling flat on his bed and rolling around repeatedly.


After resting for a moment, Chen Yu sat up and looked at his phone to check for the time. He then opened up WeChat and typed a message.

[Chen Yu: “You there?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “…I don’t really want to be here.”]

[Chen Yu: “There’s no problem if I give away that box, right? Moreover, I didn’t generate any profits from it. I’m simply giving it away as a gift. If it’s not allowed, I can still go and retrieve it.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “While your actions aren’t truly considered a pure act of gifting, it is also far from breaching our contract.”]

[Chen Yu: “In that case, I can rest assured. You can start applying for my third livestream’s product now. Make sure it’s amazing.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Please rest assured on this. Our interests are the same.”]

[Chen Yu: “I trust you.”]

[Transdimensional Review: “Oh, right. Mr. Chen, do you have any intentions of exchanging the Weather Control Module for another product?”]

[Chen Yu: “Nope. This thing is quite fun. I’ll keep it for myself.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Very well. I hope you have a fun and exciting time playing with it.”]

[Chen Yu: “Sure. I’ll stop chatting here. If there’s time, I’ll invite you over to drink some water.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “…Very well.”]

Turning off his phone, Chen Yu raised his watch and swiped its screen. He then tapped into the Transdimensional Store page to check the five new products on offer.

He had earned a total of 22 points from today’s livestream. Including the two leftover points he had, he now had a total of 24 points. He could afford to purchase a more useful high-tech product now.

[Transdimensional Store Recommended Products (Refreshes at midnight every day.)]

[1. Nokia Fit Phone: Produced by Nokia Corporation in the year 2028. The Nokia Fit Phone comes in the shape of a ring and can be worn on the index finger. It is made using mainly siloxane and rubber. It has an IP68 waterproof rating, the folding screen is a 4-inch AMOLED screen, has a 16+1TB internal memory combination, a low-pass Xiaolong 1055 chip, a built-in 30-megapixel front camera, a 65-megapixel rear camera, and a 6,100 mAh solid-state lithium battery. The selling price is 2 points.]

[2. Autistic Wheelchair: Produced by the Field Medical Research Laboratory in the year 2107. It was made specifically for the younger generation of the new galaxy era. The wheelchair has a built-in 5-hydroxytryptamine inhibitor, which affects neurotransmission, and can effectively cause the user to temporarily experience communication disorders, narrowed interests, restricted and repetitive behaviors, lowered self-esteem, lowered IQ, and diminished cognitive functions. The selling price is 4 points.]

[3. Fart Control Device: Produced by the Oversensitive Pharmaceutical in the year 2061. After the device is installed on the user’s sensitive part, three functions will activate immediately. 1) The device will automatically determine whether the gas discharged from the intestines and stomach is a “pure” gas or mixed with foreign matter. It will then conduct specific treatment, allowing the user to discharge without worry and avoid embarrassment (recommended when experiencing diarrhea). 2) Set a standard odor value. If the discharge’s odor value exceeds the standard, it will be blocked. If it is lower, it will be released. 3) Intelligently adjust the angel of the external sphincter so that the gas is not compressed and is discharged silently. The selling price is 6 points.]

[4. Spiral Ascending Aircraft: Produced by DJI Technology Company in the year 2188. When installed on the head, it will rotate the user’s body in a clockwise rotation and allow the user to take off and land at will. The aircraft’s maximum take-off weight is 592 kg; the maximum flight speed is 260 km/h; the sea level climb rate is 11.5m/s; the maximum flight duration is 4 hours and 25 minutes; it is capable of recharging up to 50% of its battery in one hour using solar energy. (There is a built-in suspension buffer to prevent discomfort to the human body.) The selling price is 21 points.]

[5. Lenient Confession Hat: Produced by the China Security Research Office in the year 2118. It can alter the dendritic potential at the top of the wearer’s vertebral cells, preventing the user from consciously concealing facts. After using the hat, the wearer may experience slight mental disorders. Please use it with caution. The selling price is 15 points.]

[The listed products can be refreshed for 10 points. Multiple refreshes within 24 hours will cause the refresh price to increase by tenfold.]

Chen Yu quickly ignored the first three products after giving them a glance. This was especially true for the third product. He was afraid that he would start generating an image of the product in his mind if he kept thinking about it.

“Lenient Confession Hat… This thing’s quite dangerous and not very useful to me. Let’s just go with the aircraft. I’ve already wanted it since before.”

Having decided so, Chen Yu tapped on the screen and bought the fourth product—the Spiral Ascension Aircraft.

[23 points expended (product + tax). Remaining points: 1]

As the prompt text disappeared, space before him immediately distorted as a small space-time wormhole formed in the middle of his room. A long white box then fell out of the wormhole.

“I’m broke again. Is this Transdimensional Store recommending me products based on my points?”

While muttering so, Chen Yu picked up the box and removed the seal. He then pulled an exquisitely crafted propeller from the box.

Each of the three propellers was roughly half a meter long and thoroughly black. They were also made using a composite material that was both hard and elastic. Three metal clamps also extended down from the central bearing.

The three clamps hung down at three different heights. At a glance, Chen Yu could tell that these clamps were meant to fix his body in place.

After thoroughly inspecting the aircraft several times, Chen Yu rubbed his palms together and excitedly wore the propeller on his head. He then affixed the three metal clamps on his shoulders, waist, and hips.

With this technology, he could be considered to have satisfied the desire of mammals to fly…

“It actually looks quite cool?”

After making a few poses in front of the mirror, he sat cross-legged on the floor and pulled out the instruction manual from the box, making sure to read the instructions carefully.

However, after reading just the first page, he could not help but be shocked.

On the instruction manual’s title page, it clearly stated the following:

[This product is controlled by brainwaves. So long as the word “takeoff” appears in the user’s mind, the Spiral Ascending Aircraft will start immediately.]



“…Wait, no!”

Before Chen Yu could react, the propeller above his head started spinning, carrying Chen Yu into the air…

Hum, hum, hum!!!

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