Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 86 - Tool, No; Weapon, Yes! (3)

Chapter 86: Tool, No; Weapon, Yes! (3)

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Chapter 86 – Tool, No; Weapon, Yes! (3)

“Okay, we can turn off the weather module now. Thailand is, after all, a tropical region. If exposed to a snowy environment for long periods, who knows what kind of chain reaction it will set off. The Earth’s atmospheric system has always been susceptible and complex.”

After saying so, Chen Yu pressed down on the “Sunny” button, returning the temperature, humidity, and wind pressure of the area back to its original state.

Instantly, the howling wind stopped, and the dark clouds cleared. The sun also started shining its hot rays on the ground, melting away the snowflakes that were still descending toward the ground and turning them into rainwater.

[Too awesome.]

[UP, you should just become God.]

[Seoul is currently experiencing a typhoon. Host, can you go strengthen it?]



[My son still can’t write…]

Chen Yu ignored the bullet comments flashing across his watch’s screen.

Returning the Weather Control Module to its box, Chen Yu faced the camera, saying, “This is the end of our review in Bangkok. Next up, we’ll choose a place that’s not populated but iconic to conduct the more powerful extreme weather tests. We’ll get a full understanding of this product’s performance.”

After saying so, Chen Yu approached the Interstellar Portal and called up the holographic Earth to establish a spatial link.


At this time, however, the sound of a propeller rotating at high speeds entered his ears.

Instinctively turning toward the direction of the sound, Chen Yu noticed a military helicopter flying straight toward him from a distance.

Additionally, he also noticed billowing smoke and dust on the distant highway, and amidst the dust clouds were multiple military vehicles…

“The army?”

Tensing up, Chen Yu promptly sped up his actions.

“Mr. Transdimensional Review, please wait a minute!” Seeing that Chen Yu appeared to be leaving, the military helicopter stopped coordinating its speed with the vehicles below it and immediately accelerated. At the same time, someone from the helicopter started speaking in awkward Chinese using a loudspeaker. “We are representatives of Thailand’s military! We wish to invite you as a guest, Mr. Transdimensional Review! I repeat! We are representatives of Thailand’s military…”

“What’s with that strange tone?” Straightening his mask, Chen Yu inwardly shivered. “Also, what’s up with ‘Mr. Transdimensional Review?’”

[What? It’s actually the army?]

[The cast this time is on another level…]

[A helicopter! It’s even the American’s AH-64! Heavens!]

[What an excellent guise.]

[What a way to burn funds!]

[Fortune favors the bold! Quickly use the comet impact!]

[I refuse to believe this is an act even if it kills me…]

Initially, Chen Yu wanted to interact with his livestream audience by letting them vote on his next destination. However, now that the army had arrived, he no longer had the spare time to do so.

After a few quick swipes, he chose a familiar location and established a spatial link.

Then, the space within the metal arch started fluctuating, and the world beyond the arch transformed into a barren desert.

“Mr. Transdimensional Review! Please stay! Please stay…”

As the helicopter flew increasingly closer, the shouts became increasingly deafening as well.

Looking at the camera, Chen Yu said, “The person in charge of Thailand is probably watching the livestream, right? Next time, please hire a translator that’s professional and won’t act ‘coquettish.’”

After saying so, Chen Yu swept his haori into the air before stepping into the portal.

Immediately afterward, like a mirage, the huge metal arch actually disappeared into thin air, leaving behind only a cloud of white mist…

“It dis-disappeared…”

Colonel Zongravimon’s eyes straightened at this sight, his spirit greatly shocked.

Similarly, the gaze of the jeep’s driver also straightened…


Thump… Thump… Thump…

As a result, in less than five seconds, the jeep had crashed out of the highway and rolled into the nearby forest.

On the other side of the world, in Africa’s no man’s land, the Sahara Desert…

The sky was still dark, with moonlight shining down on the ground. Chen Yu shivered when a cold breeze blew by.

“Everyone should be very familiar with this place. I’ve visited here during the previous livestream. It is none other than the Sahara Desert!” Chen Yu said. Putting down the white box and sitting on a pile of sand, he continued, “However, unlike before, this time, we have warped to a truly deserted part of the Sahara Desert. Can you see these fine sands? They’re finer than even plaster. There’s also not a hint of moisture in them. I find it truly hard to imagine that any life can survive here.”

After saying so, Chen Yu opened the white box once more and took out the Weather Control Module. He then sat it on the sand.

“There are no people within a hundred-mile radius, so we can do it boldly this time. Everyone, type what kind of weather you wish to see on the public chat.”

[Comet impact.]

[Comet impact.]

[Comet impact.]

[Don’t ask. If you ask, all you’re gonna get is comet impact…]

Chen Yu: “…”

“Fine, then. If you guys don’t want to participate, I’ll decide myself.”

After saying so, Chen Yu exited the general weather category and entered the extreme weather category. Of the many extreme weather types listed, he chose the fifth entry.

Massive Snowstorm!

Pzz— Pzz— Pzz—

After the sound of electric currents flowing appeared, a shot of red light burst out of the weather module’s antenna! Immediately, white clouds started crowding and overlapping with each other in the originally open sky. And in the blink of an eye, these white clouds had turned into dark clouds. The clouds also moved increasingly closer to the ground.

The sky, darkened.

The howling winds lifted up the sand on the ground, instantly covering the world around Chen Yu in sand.

Looking at this apocalyptic scene, the 200,000 viewers watching Chen Yu’s livestream were shocked. For a time, even the number of bullet comments being made had decreased significantly.

One could only experience the terror of nature by personally witnessing it in action.

This was especially true for Chen Yu, who was standing at the scene. When he looked at the Weather Control Module again, he could help but have complicated feelings.

Compared to the 404 Heat Ray Gun that possessed incredible single-target destructive power, the Weather Control Module did not seem particularly unusual.

However, if this unassuming item fell into the wrong hands, it could easily wipe out human civilization…

Meanwhile, this “unassuming” object was actually available in abundance in the future civilization.

So…will humans end up playing themselves to death?

While Chen Yu was having such thoughts, the first snowflake fell from the sky.

Afterward, blankets of snow started descending along with the strong winds, the snow instantly dyeing the world around Chen Yu in white. The visibility of the area was now lower than two meters.

[It’s snowing in the Sahara Desert. I’m genuinely convinced now.]

[The might of a weather weapon.]

[Next up, make it rain in the North Pole, create a sandstorm on the Pacific Ocean, release extreme thermal currents in the Antarctica, extreme cold currents in the Guangdong Province, and finally summon a comet to strike Yellowstone Park…]

[It would be great if we really had such technology. We can also have snowball fights in Wuhan City.]

[My son still can’t write.]

[To tell the truth, I’m feeling pessimistic about the human race.]

[I just made a post of this livestream on Tieba, yet it got deleted in seconds?]

[If you still think that the host is acting until now, you’re either stupid or have brain damage…]

Wiping away the snow collected on his mask, Chen Yu pressed down on the “Sunny” and “Recovery” button. The weather module instantly dispersed the dark clouds gathered above him.

Under the shine of the rising sun, the snow that had yet to melt away reflected the golden light. Looking around, Chen Yu could not help but be mesmerized by the beautiful scene before him.

“…I feel like I’ve just been reincarnated.” Spreading his arms, Chen Yu quietly gazed at the falling golden snowflakes. He then muttered, “The darker the clouds are, the more beautiful the sunshine will be once they disappear.

“Maybe, this is technology.”

Sucking in a breath of cold air, Chen Yu returned the Weather Control Module to its box. He then stood up and approached the Interstellar Portal.

“I suddenly feel that there’s an error in the direction of this livestream. Rather than testing the product’s performance in an uninhabited area, let’s use it for something more useful. We’ll show its value from a different angle.”

“There’s a typhoon blowing in Seoul, right?

“That’s a good location…”

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