Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 83 - Second Livestream (3)

Chapter 83 – Second Livestream (3)


As the wormhole gradually expanded, a white box fell out of it and tumbled onto the ground.

“It’s here!”

After the wormhole shrunk and disappeared, Chen Yu stepped forward and picked up the box. Just as he was about to open the seal, however, an idea suddenly dawned on him.

Recording a video and conducting a livestream were two different things entirely. It wasn’t necessary for him to unbox the product in advance to gain an understanding of it. There was also the option of unboxing it during the livestream and reading the product’s instruction manual then. In fact, doing so might even improve the livestream’s performance.

After gaining this thought, Chen Yu did not waste any more time, quickly taking out his gloves, mask, and haori from under his bed and putting them on. He then walked up to his door and searched for a suitable livestream venue using the Interstellar Portal’s holographic interface.

“Let’s go to a sparsely populated place…”

After sliding across the holographic Earth a few times and establishing a spatial link on his selected location, Chen Yu pushed open the door and stepped through it.

After stepping onto the dirt ground beyond the door, Chen Yu instantly felt a blast of hot air blowing at his face, suffocating him.

His current location was Thailand’s Si Racha. He could see palm trees with brown rhizomes and green leaves swaying with the wind, the leaves obscuring his view of the colonies of bats flying in the sky.

“There are bats even in the morning?”

After observing the bats above him for a while, Chen Yu retrieved his gaze and raised his wrist, canceling his watch’s invisibility. He then used the watch to direct the invisible camera toward him. After making some minor adjustments, he promptly started his livestream.

[Advertising livestream rooms are being activated…]

[Bilibili site activation complete.]

[DouYu site activation complete.]

[Youtube site activation complete.]

[Total viewer count: 0]

After these five lines of text flashed by, the viewer count displayed on the watch’s screen started skyrocketing rapidly.

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In just 10 short seconds, the total viewer count for all three streaming platforms had broken past the 50,000-mark!

It was evident that his audience had been waiting for quite some time now.

[Victory for the early bird!]

[I’ll curse first, then watch.]

[I didn’t know about the last livestream’s schedule, but now I can finally watch it live!]

[I just woke up from a coma!]

[First, first, first!]

[It’s here!]

[Summoning the bullet comment armor…]

[Where’s the beauty from last time?]

[Where’s the beauty? We’re here to see the beauty!]

[Similarly here to see the beauty. UP, get lost.]

[I want to look at the cheongsam beauty!]

[I even took my pants off already! Unsubscribing, goodbye.]

[I endured for an entire month, yet you actually hurt me like this!]

[Grandpa is watching closely.]

Amidst the barrage of bullet comments, Chen Yu straightened his mask and said, “Greetings, friends in the livestream rooms. This is Transdimensional Review’s second livestream. Thank you for your continued support. As everyone knows, I am a person that dislikes nonsense, so let’s get straight into the review!”

After saying so, Chen Yu raised the white box in his arms and continued, “Unlike the previous livestream, we will be including an unboxing session today. As this product has just reached my hands, I don’t know what’s inside either. Hence, let us witness this advanced technological product from the future from start to end together.”

[Support! A review stream without an unboxing session is a soulless one!]

[UP, where is this place? Why are there bats in the sky?]

[The actors from before have exposed you already. Stop pretending.]

[I want to see the female assistant…]

Sitting down cross-legged, Chen Yu sent a quick glance at his watch’s screen, which was densely packed with bullet comments, and found that the total viewer count had exceeded 100,000 already.

At this point, he could basically rival first-rate streamers in terms of turnout rate.

How scary… Smacking his lips together, Chen Yu stabilized his emotions before speaking in his usual voice, “This box also comes from a future space-time. I don’t know what material it is made of, but it is very resistant.”

After saying so, he picked up a stone from the ground and slammed it down on the box.


When Chen Yu removed the stone, a dent had formed on the box’s surface. Surprisingly, though, the dent was gradually recovering to its original state.

“As you can see, this should be a kind of memory material. It is definitely impossible to create something like this with current human technology. Hmm… Speaking of this, I suddenly have an idea.”

Looking at the camera, Chen Yu pointed at the white box and quietly said, “I don’t have a use for this box, but I can’t say the same for ‘some people.’ Then, as a way to give back to my fans, I guess I can use unimportant objects like this box as a gift. Of course, I will only gift it to obedient fans.”

As soon as Chen Yu said so, a barrage of bullet comments exploded in all three livestream rooms.

[Me, me, me, me! Pick me!]

[Pick me (in a gentle voice)!]

[I’ve raised my ass already. Figure it out yourself.]

[UP, are your words hinting at something?]

[I won’t be greedy. I just want that Golden Middle Finger of yours.]

[I’m okay with receiving the female assistant.]

[Do you still have that Heat Ray Gun? Don’t get me wrong, I’m just trying to rule the world.]

[Those are all old antiques. Why are you people fighting over those things for…]

[Mr. King, I am America’s representative! I wish to partner with you! I’ve sent you a private message already! Please read it!]

[UP, who did you offend? Why is there no news about you online…]

Amidst the torrent of bullet comments, Chen Yu noticed a few messages he suspected to be the government officials of various countries. However, he did not pay any heed to these messages. Manipulating the camera to focus on the white box, he moved the subject back to the review.

“Now for the unboxing.”


After removing the seal, Chen Yu casually tossed it away, letting it fly into the air and disappear without a trace.

If Thailand’s officials were keen enough, this “ordinary” seal would most likely end up in one of Thailand’s scientific research institutions before tomorrow arrived.

Meanwhile, there were still plenty of such seals piled up inside Chen Yu’s room. He planned on tossing a seal to every country.

He was never one for preferential treatment. Instead, he preferred to treat everyone equally favorably. After all, only with “competition” would there be benefits for him to had.

This was where his great wisdom came into play.

While having such random thoughts in his mind, Chen Yu opened the box’s lid and pulled out a rectangular machine from inside.

“This is…”

Chen Yu scratched his head in confusion.

Since the first technological product he had received until now, this was the first time he had received a product that did not allow him to judge its function by appearance alone.

“Fellow viewers, can you guess what this is? It looks like a malformed radio. Is this a wire? There’s no screen, but the groove in the middle should be reserved for a holographic projection.”

After saying so, he put the machine aside and picked up a card at the bottom of the box.


The instant Chen Yu’s finger came into contact with the card, the card suddenly lit up and projected several words in the air—Product Instruction Manual!

[Crap! Special effects again?]

[Full score for details.]

[Is this holographic technology?]

[Is this card the rumored new concept phone?]

[I’m guessing that this machine is something used in bed…]

[It’s obviously a miniature nuclear warhead launch pad.]

[My son still can’t write yet…]

“Huh? What an interesting instruction manual.”

Chen Yu could not help but be a little surprised as he held onto the card. He then tentatively swiped a finger across the card’s surface. Immediately, the floating words disappeared and were replaced with new words.

Produced by Pilotage Technology Group!

Sliding his finger again, the card finally displayed the product’s name…

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