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Chapter 81 - Second Livestream (1)

Chapter 81: Second Livestream (1)

Chapter 81 – Second Livestream (1)

Walking into the living room, Chen Yu took a seat on the sofa and observed his two little sisters.

Chen Erke was drawing.

Chen Sanke was in deep thought.

As for Chen Yike, she should be in her own room.

Sidling up to Chen Sanke’s side, Chen Yu asked, “What’s on your mind?”

“I’m thinking about my milk and biscuits from half a month ago,” Chen Sanke said as she aggrievedly squeezed the corners of her shirt. “Where did they go…”

Chen Yu: “…”

“They disappeared, uu…”

“Look at you! Isn’t it just some snacks? Why can’t you let it go still?”

“But I really didn’t eat them!” Her lips curling down, Chen Sanke suddenly widened her mouth and started crying, “Uu… I… I didn’t eat them… Uwaa…”

“Chen Yu!” Hearing crying sounds coming from the living room, Mother Chen came walking out of the kitchen with a spatula in her hand. She then angrily glared at Chen Yu and shouted, “You’re bullying your little sister again?!”

“I didn’t bully her.”

“Then why is Third Eldest crying?”

“She… She might be greedy for more snacks…”

“I’m not!” Waving around her two small hands, Chen Sanke cried while saying, “I clearly…sniffle… I clearly didn’t eat them, yet they disappeared.”

“If they’re gone, so be it. Will you starve to death if you miss out on some snacks?” Grabbing Chen Sanke’s hand and pulling her toward the kitchen, Mother Chen said, “It’s time for dinner, so stop crying.”

“Uu…” Teardrops rolling down her cheeks, Chen Sanke said, “I… I still remember I had half a bottle of milk and fifteen…fifteen biscuits. There were also sesame seeds, pea-peanut slices, and a buttery smell…”

Hearing these words, Mother Chen grew even more enraged as she shouted, “You can’t even count to 10 normally, yet you can count to 15 when counting biscuits?! Is food the only thing in your brain?!”

“There are also 32 holes in each biscuit…”

“Chen Sanke! If you can’t count from 1 to 100 during dinner, I’m going to give you a beating!”

“I… I… I only have 10 fingers…” Chen Sanke tearfully said while stretching out her little hands.

“How did you count to 32, then?!” Mother Chen grew so enraged at Chen Sanke’s words that she wanted to do nothing more than smack her youngest daughter with her spatula.

“I… I don’t know…”

Looking at Chen Sanke’s “sorrowful” back, Chen Yu, the main culprit of this incident, started feeling discomfort in his heart. He never thought that those bits of snacks were so precious in Chen Sanke’s eyes.

Sure enough, one could not simply use their own set of values to determine the value of an object in the eyes of others.

Hence, Chen Yu stole Chen Sanke’s packet of “WW Rice Crackers” and put it into his pocket without hesitation.

Once she lost more of her snacks, she would grow numb to it and would no longer cry.

This, was growth…

“Chen Yu, call your sisters to dinner!” Mother Chen suddenly shouted from the kitchen.

“Okay.” After answering his mother, Chen Yu grabbed the opened bag of dried seaweed Chen Sanke left on the sofa. After pulling out a piece and putting it into his mouth, he tapped on Chen Erke’s head and said, “Stop drawing. Time for dinner.”

“One last stroke! Just one last stroke!” Chen Erke said, wetting her lips as she unblinkingly stared at her drawing board and swayed around the crayon in her hand.

“Hurry up and go eat!” Chen Yu said as he pulled away from the drawing board. “Time for dinner!”

“…” Pouting, Chen Erke glared at Chen Yu in dissatisfaction.

“What? Don’t agree with your Big Brother’s words? Are you rebelling?”

“Hmph! Pervert.” Stomping her feet, Chen Erke turned around and left.

“Hey! What did you say?! Repeat it if you dare!”

“Pervert~ Pervert~”

After saying so, Chen Erke ran even quicker into the kitchen.

“It seems Second Eldest is getting a little naughty recently.” Squinting his eyes, Chen Yu pulled out another piece of Chen Sanke’s dried seaweed and put it into his mouth. Finding it a little too salty, he unscrewed the gold-plated feeding bottle’s cap and drank a mouthful of the goat’s milk in it.

“I’m feeling a little bit full now,” Chen Yu mumbled as he touched his belly. He then got up from the sofa and approached Chen Yike’s room. Knocking on the door, he said, “Eldest, time for dinner.”

“In a moment.”

Hearing some noise coming from inside the room, Chen Yu thought of entering the room uninvited. However, just as he was about to open the door, he suddenly realized that there might be a trap awaiting him and quickly retreated from the door.

After a moment of thought, he raised his wrist and canceled his watch’s invisibility. Using his watch, he manipulated the invisible camera he had left on standby on the first floor, having it fly to the nineteenth floor and peek through the window of Chen Yike’s room.

“Huh? What is she doing?”

Through his watch’s screen, he saw Chen Yike’s figure seated before her study table. Currently, Chen Yike was staring at a piano poster before her while frenziedly playing an imaginary piano. At the same time, she was also shaking her head in all directions, her long hair dancing in the air.

Chen Yike had fully demonstrated the bewildering behavior of a human being when they were alone.

“What kind of piano playing is this?”

Lowering his wrist, Chen Yu abruptly opened the door to Chen Yike’s room. However, to his surprise, the seat before the study table was void of people. The poster he saw through his watch was also nowhere to be found. As for Chen Yike herself, she was quietly lying on her bed, an English textbook in her hands.

“Brother! What do you want?!”


“I said I’ll go in a moment. Let me finish memorizing these two words first.”

“Oh… Sure…”

Skeptically closing the door, Chen Yu raised his watch once more and saw that Chen Yike was still sitting before her desk and frantically playing her imaginary piano…



Chen Yu pushed open the door once more.

Seeing this, Chen Yike, who was lying on the bed, revealed a dissatisfied look. Putting down her English textbook, she questioned, “Brother, what is wrong with you? I already said I’ll go once I’m done memorizing these words.”


Tentatively shutting the door again, Chen Yu lowered his head and looked at his watch.

Just like before, Chen Yike was still playing her imaginary piano. This time, however, even her feet had joined in on the fun, and she was playing with all 20 of her digits.


Frowning, Chen Yu muttered, “Is this door a portal as well?”

There were 365 days in a year. Hence, 15 days was but a small part of a year.

However, in just 15 short days, Jinzhou City had gone from experiencing a yellow autumn to getting coated in a white winter.

“It’s snowing. How fast.”

Waking up on a Sunday morning, Chen Yu could not help but sigh in lamentation as he looked at the descending snowflakes outside his window.

Meanwhile, Little Peach remained seated at the desk, having typed codes from autumn to winter…

“Mr. Chen, you’re awake.”


Stretching his waist, Chen Yu sat up, got out of bed, and changed into his school uniform.

“Will your second livestream’s review product be arriving today?”

“That’s right. It’s coming at nine o’clock. However, I don’t have time to wait for it.” Putting on a thick coat, he said, “I need to take my monthly exam. I’ll be back at noon even at the earliest.”

“What will you do about the livestream?”

“We don’t have a choice but to do it in the afternoon.”

“But this will create a problem,” Little Peach said. Raising her right index finger, she continued, “You started your livestream at nine o’clock in the morning last month. If you change your livestream schedule this month just because it coincides with Sixth High’s monthly exam, won’t you be exposing yourself?”

Upon hearing Little Peach’s words, Chen Yu nodded, “Yes. I have also thought of this problem, especially now that there is that Xing Biqi keeping an eye on me. However, I have no choice. If I don’t attend the monthly exam and start my livestream on time, that will draw even more suspicion. Currently, I’m even considering whether I should change my livestream schedule to Monday or not.”

“If you change it to Monday, you will still look suspicious if you skip school.”

“That’s why I have no way out,” Chen Yu said, sighing. Spreading out his arms, he continued, “Haven’t you noticed that things have been abnormally peaceful this past month? Even the people secretly stalking me have disappeared. I can’t help but feel uneasy at this situation.”

“In reality, there’s an easy solution to this problem.”

“You have a plan?” Chen Yu asked as he quizzically raised his left eyebrow.

“I do! Wait for me!”

Clapping her hands, Little Peach jumped out of her chair and walked up to the door. She then called out the holographic Earth and initiated a spatial link.

“Where are you going?”

“To your warehouse, Mr. Chen.”

“Let me do it, then. I have the warehouse’s exact coordinates.”

Taking over the controls, Chen Yu made a few swipes on the hologram before establishing a spatial link with the space inside the suburban warehouse. He then pushed hard against the door.


Beyond the door was none other than the warehouse Chen Yu previously rented.

Taking the lead and walking into the warehouse, Little Peach observed her surroundings before saying, “Nobody’s here.”

“I only made a verbal agreement with the landlord when I rented this place. Now that the landlord has moved out of town, the government shouldn’t be able to find this place for now. Moreover, it’s also been quite some time since I visited this place. The last time I came here was also to store your slumber pod… Slumber pod?”

Stunned, Chen Yu muttered, “Are you trying to…”

“That’s right.”

Nodding, Little Peach approached a corner of the warehouse and opened her personalized slumber pod. She then laid in it and said, “I’m going to modify my face! Please wait.”

After Little Peach said so, the lid of her slumber pod slowly closed.

Meanwhile, Chen Yu’s eyes lit up in excitement.

At the same time, he could not help but admit that this robot that mainly focused on “love” really knew how to surprise him.

Five minutes later…

Psh… Psh… Psh…

White mist escaped from the slumber pod as the lid slid aside. A figure then slowly emerged from the blurred background.


After seeing the face of this figure, Chen Yu’s mouth involuntarily widened…

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