Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 79 - Misunderstanding…

Chapter 79 – Misunderstanding…

The next day, Monday, right before classes started in the morning…

Chen Yu sat on his seat and browsed through Bilibili like usual. Suddenly, an interesting video popped up in his view.

The video’s UP was none other than the captain of the national mountaineering team he had met on Mount Everest.

The quality of the video was considered above average, but the whole video could basically be summarized into one point—Transdimensional Review’s video was fake. The encounter on Mount Everest was only an act meant to enhance the effect of the livestream. All members of the mountaineering team were actors.

The purpose of the video was self-evident.

However, despite this situation, Chen Yu remained indifferent. On the contrary, he even hoped that the government would launch more of such smokescreens. That way, he could maintain a steady state of growth in terms of audience.

He had always thought of himself as a person full of wisdom. Hence, he would never squabble over petty profits.

If he wished to gain a lot of popularity at once, it would be extremely simple for him to do so. For example, during his previous livestream, he could’ve simply teleported himself to several densely populated regions or notable locations such as the White House’s front lawn, a massive concert, the field of a European football game, the bustling streets of Beijing, and New York’s Times Square. If he did that, he would instantly become a global sensation.

At that time, even if the various governments wanted to keep a tight lid on the matter, they wouldn’t be able to do so. His name would instantly spread across the globe overnight.

However, what next?

The world’s population numbered over seven billion only. Suppose he managed to lure in over a billion real viewers to himself. In that case, he might be able to push his access level to C very easily, but that would also mean the difficulty of reaching level C+, B-, B, and so on, would reach insurmountable heights.

Moreover, the Transdimensional Marketing Company’s staff had already made it clear that the requirement to pass the company’s evaluation wasn’t fixed. Partners with low potential could pass the company’s evaluation with just one point. In contrast, partners with great potential might not even pass the evaluation after accumulating 10 points. With that being the case, the trap here was evident.

Popularity wasn’t the determining factor for promotion, but growth instead!

The more popular he became, the more he would shave off his growth potential.

Only by adequately planning how to tackle earth’s seven billion population would he be able to gradually and steadily raise his access level and eventually reach level A!

It would be utterly foolish of him to drastically raise the difficulty of his future promotions just for some short-term popularity.

Hence, from a particular perspective, by attempting to cover up his reviews’ content, the government was basically playing into his hand.

Ring, ring, ring…

While Chen Yu was thinking to himself, the class bell rang. Immediately afterward, Chen Yu’s form teacher walked into the classroom with his chest puffed up, picked up a piece of chalk, and knocked on the blackboard, saying, “Good morning, students.”

“Good morning, teacher.”

However, despite the form teacher’s enthusiastic greeting, all he got in return was a sparse few replies.

“I have something to announce today.” Propping up his arms and gazing at the students before him, the form teacher said, “Our class will be receiving a new student today. Let’s welcome our new friend with a round of applause.”

Clap, clap, clap…

Clap, clap…

The female students lazily clapped their hands.

The male students joyously clapped their bellies.

“Student Xing Biqi, please enter,” the form teacher said as he looked out the door. He then took a step back and let out the lectern.

Following which, under the dumbfounded gazes of Class 2-2’s students, a delicate girl with an exquisite appearance entered the classroom. After walking up the lectern, the girl bowed slightly and said, “Hello, everyone, my name is Xing Biqi. Please take care of me.”


After three seconds of silence, every student in the class simultaneously howled, “Awooo~~~”

In reality, when it came to beauties, they would be welcomed by both males and females.

The instant Xing Biqi appeared, just with her cuteness alone, she had already captured the hearts of the majority of Class 2-2’s students.

“Student Xing Biqi, if it’s convenient for you, please write your name on the blackboard and let everyone know you,” the form teacher said in a surprisingly gentle tone.

“Okay.” Revealing a smile, Xing Biqi accepted the chalk the form teacher offered and wrote her name on the blackboard.


Howls echoed throughout the classroom once more as Xing Biqi wrote.

“Student Xing Biqi, please find an empty seat. Class is about to start.”

“Okay.” Nodding, Xing Biqi turned around to look at the seats inside the classroom.


All of a sudden, the entire classroom became deathly silent.

At this moment, practically every student in the classroom wore an optimistic look on their faces as they looked at Xing Biqi. They all hoped that this lovely new student would sit next to them so that they could start a “romantic” high school life.

Only Chen Yu remained calm.

A girl so cute is definitely a boy inside. I definitely won’t be tricked, Chen Yu thought as he clenched his fist and observed his surroundings.

What kind of place was Sixth High?

It was a gathering ground for scum!

How could a girl so cute possibly have poor academic performance? How could she possibly fall into a cesspit like Sixth High? Moreover, this lovely girl just so happened to fall into Class 2-2?

It was obvious that this girl had a goal. Moreover, there was a high chance that this goal was him, Chen Yu!

“Kekeke. It seems they’re still suspecting me? Using a honeytrap on me? Did you think I’ll fall for it?” Chuckling to himself, Chen Yu suddenly smacked Li Liang, who sat before him, to the ground, and raised his hand, saying, “Beauty! Sit over here!”

Swoosh! Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Suddenly, the gaze of every student in the classroom focused on Chen Yu.

“Chen Yu! What are you doing?” Li Liang angrily questioned as he supported himself back up using his table. However, before he could continue questioning Chen Yu, a desk leg with nails stuck in it appeared before his eyes.

“Bald Li, do you wish to live, or die?”

“…You damned…” At this moment, Li Liang could not help but wish he could send his table flying at Chen Yu’s face.

“Move aside. Give your seat to the beauty. Show her Class 2’s gentlemanly demeanor.”

“Why don’t you give her your seat?”

Standing up, Chen Yu leaned into Li Liang’s right ear and whispered, “That girl is coming at me. I’ll bear all the suffering. If I don’t go to hell, who will? I don’t want to involve other classmates.”

“You damned bastard! You’re basically choosing hoes over bros!”

“Are you moving, or not?” Tired of wasting words, Chen Yu raised his nail bat for everyone to see.

“I’ll go! Chen Yu! You better remember this!”

“Farewell, farewell.”

After sending off Li Liang, Chen Yu quickly noticed the ashen look on his form teacher’s face. After shyly storing away his nail bat, he hooked his finger at Xing Biqi and said, “Well, come on over!”

The form teacher: “…”

Xing Biqi: “…”

Every other student in the class: “…”

After giving Chen Yu a glare, the form teacher turned to Xing Biqi and gently said, “Student Xing Biqi, have a seat there, then.”

“Okay, thank you, teacher,” Xing Biqi said as she politely bowed to the form teacher. She then started timidly walking to the seat that once belonged to Li Liang and sat down while doing her best to avoid Chen Yu’s gaze.

“Hu…” Shutting his eyes, Chen Yu silently sighed as he got a whiff of the youthful scent entering his nose. This is the smell of wheat…

“Little scoundrel.” At this time, the form teacher picked up a chalk and shouted at Chen Yu, “Class is starting now. There’s going to be another monthly test next week. Your grades definitely cannot-”

“Teacher.” Suddenly, Li Liang raised his hand and interrupted, “Where should I sit?”

Turning around, the form teacher noticed that Li Liang was still idly standing at a corner while carrying his bag.

“Sit at the balcony!”

Li Liang: “…”

Meanwhile, covering his face with one hand, Chen Yu evilly chuckled as he gazed at Xing Biqi’s graceful back.

Since they sent a special agent right up my face, they can’t fault me for being ruthless. We’ll see how I ‘toy’ with you…

At the same time, an elderly couple wearing faces filled with worry stood outside of Sixth High’s compound.

“Old man, I heard that this school’s environment is awful. Will our granddaughter get bullied in there?” the old woman asked worriedly.

“We don’t have any other choice. Qiqi’s academic performance is too poor, and no good school wants her. We don’t have the money for bribes either. Our only option is to send her to Sixth High. Don’t worry. I’ve already greeted Qiqi’s form teacher. He’ll take care of her,” the old man said.

“Hah…” Suddenly shedding a tear, the old woman lamented, “Qiqi truly is an unfortunate child. Despite being so young, her parents have already…”

“This is fate,” the old man said with trembling lips as he hugged the old lady.

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