Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 56

Chapter 56: The Best Method for Hiding One’s Identity

Chapter 56 – The Best Method for Hiding One’s Identity


Upon hearing the loud thud, Chen Yu turned his head, and the sight that greeted him immediately rekindled his spirit.

“It’s here!”

He hurriedly walked over and picked up the box to examine it carefully. The box was quite hefty. He then tore the seal and opened up the box.


When Chen Yu saw the item inside the box, however, he leaped back in fright.

The thing inside the box…was actually a gun!

The gun was roughly half a meter in length and 20 centimeters wide. Its metallic black exterior shone with a cold luster when hit by sunlight.

“Is… Is this a real gun?”

Skeptically, Chen Yu bent down and carefully removed the gun from the box. He then earnestly inspected it.

Gun barrel, trigger, magazine, scope… It had everything that a real rifle would possess. Aside from its novel shape, it was undoubtedly a real gun!

“It’s so heavy.”

After holding the gun for less than two minutes, Chen Yu’s arms already started to ache. He then carefully set the gun down and retrieved the thick instruction manual sitting inside the box.

“The 404 Heat Ray Gun. Manufactured in the year 2404 by the Kelmei Arms Company…

“Releases a diffusive heat ray that heats a target by 8,500C° to 9,750C° per millisecond. Capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 12,000°C. Can instantly gasify carbon-based organisms and melt substances with a melting point below 4,300°C…”

Placing the instruction manual down with trembling hands, Chen Yu stared at the ceiling with dazed eyes.

After some time had passed, he pulled out his phone and typed a message with his stiff fingers.

[Chen Yu: “You there?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Here…”]

[Chen Yu: “This gun is the fourth episode’s product?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “That is correct. Are you satisfied with it, Mr. Chen? Normally, you wouldn’t be assigned a product of this caliber during your probation period. However, due to your great potential, the higher-ups made an exception.”]

[Chen Yu: “I know this gun is very amazing, but didn’t you say that the fourth product will be very helpful in hiding my identity? Can you please tell me how this gun will do that?!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Of course, it’s of great help! If you wish to conceal your identity, just vaporize everyone that knows of it!”]

[Chen Yu: “…Are you certain there’s nothing wrong with your logic?! “]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Mr. Chen, there is nothing for you to worry about. Once your probation period is over, our team will continuously apply for all kinds of advanced technological weapons for you! You will be more than capable of fighting a global surface war with these weapons! For our mutual benefit, fight!”]

[Chen Yu: “To hell with your war! I finally understand why this gun is named 404! I want to switch products!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I’m very sorry, but once a product has been delivered, it cannot be switched with another one.”]

[Chen Yu: “We’re breaking up, you scummy man!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I’m a woman.”]

[Chen Yu: “Scummy woman!”]

After exiting WeChat and setting aside his phone, Chen Yu returned his gaze to the 404 Heat Ray Gun, his scalp going numb as he looked at the weapon.

A heat ray over 8,500°C… Let alone humans, even armored vehicles, bunkers, planes, tanks, aircraft carriers…there was nothing this gun could not destroy.

In less than 400 years of development, humans had actually managed to develop such a terrifying weapon.

After pondering for some time, Chen Yu picked up his phone once more.

[Chen Yu: “Big Sis, I have to review this product?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “That is correct.”]

[Chen Yu: “Why do I feel that reviewing this weapon will land me in an even bigger mess…”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Mr. Chen, your current thought process is still confined to the standard of ordinary citizens. No matter the space-time or era, strength will always be the most stable form of support. As the number of transdimensional products you reveal to the public increases, so will your authority and deterrence. Eventually, the others will be the ones who need to be afraid.”]

[Chen Yu: “…That sounds somewhat logical.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Oh, right. As you have already met your promotional targets, it is only a matter of time before you become an official partner of the Transdimensional Marketing Company. So, I will explain the promotion methods that will be used during the official period.”]

[Chen Yu: “Alright, continue.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Firstly, once you are officially partnered with us, your main method of advertising will be livestreams. During livestreams, your number of viewers will be the most important statistic to take note of. Every 10,000 viewers you get will net you one point. The more points you accumulate, the quicker your access level will increase.”]

[Chen Yu: “Does that mean review videos will no longer be important?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Videos are similarly important! They are crucial to boosting your popularity. The more views, discussions, shares, and saves your videos get, the more high-tech companies you will attract to sponsor you for advertisements. As to how you should create your videos, all you need to do is import the recording of your livestreams and edit it using the software we provided. Afterward, just upload the edited video.”]

[Chen Yu: “OK, I understand. And will the products come once a week during the official period, as well?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “During the official period, you will review one heavyweight product a month. Three months is considered a quarter, and the company will evaluate your performance once every quarter. If you pass the evaluation, your access level will be increased. If not, then it will be decreased.”]

[Chen Yu: “I can review only one product a month?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Under normal circumstances, yes. However, if you are willing to spend some points, you can apply for additional products to review. You can even review 30 products a month if you want to and have the points to do so.”]

[Chen Yu: “Alright, I understand everything.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I wish you a smooth review. Goodbye.”]

Pocketing his phone, Chen Yu dug out his winter coat and used it to wrap the Heat Ray Gun. He then stored his camera, laptop, pen, and paper in his bag before leaving his room with them.

Currently, only Chen Yike and Chen Sanke were in the living room.

Seeing Chen Yu walking toward the security door, Chen Sanke trotted over to him and hugged his leg, asking, “Where are you going, Big Brother?”

“I have something to do outside. Did Mom send Second Eldest to tuition?”


“Stay at home and play together with your big sister. I’m leaving now.”

Patting Chen Sanke’s head, Chen Yu pushed open the security door and left the house.

Twenty minutes later, his taxi arrived at the warehouse he previously rented.


After shutting and locking the warehouse door tightly, Chen Yu turned on the lights and scrutinized the warehouse. Since everything inside the warehouse looked the same as before, he made his way to his review table and sat down before it. He then flipped through the Heat Ray Gun’s instruction manual while drafting a script.

Roughly 10 minutes later, he completed his script.

He gave his script a few reads and found nothing wrong with it, then left the warehouse to purchase some tools for his review.

“Everything’s ready!”

After returning from his shopping, Chen Yu set up his camera, sat before his review table, and then started filming his fourth review video.

“Greetings, my fellow viewers! This is Transdimensional Review’s fourth episode! I am very grateful for the support everyone has shown me thus far!

“Today, I have brought a slightly special product for everyone…

“It is…”

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