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Chapter 415 - For the Glory of Humanity

Chapter 415: For the Glory of Humanity (1)

Chapter 415 – For the Glory of Humanity (1)

[It became bigger?]

[Crap! It actually became bigger!]

[It became so big…]

Amidst the audiences’ surprise at the Interstellar Portal’s enlarged size, the “long overdue” gamma rays struck the portal that was now several hundred meters tall.

There was no sound.

There was no vibration.

Apart from Chen Yu’s vision being filled with blue and white lights, nothing else happened.

However, in the distant solar system, fatal gamma rays had already struck Earth’s atmosphere. As the gamma rays expanded and spread, it only took 13.321 seconds for a brilliant aurora to appear in the eyes of every person around the world.

Thanks to the precise calculations of the Type-R Spacecraft’s computing module, the damage the gamma rays caused to Earth was just right. Computers, servers, home electronics, military electronics…

As if a massive EMP bomb had struck Earth, every electronic device, both active and inactive, was rendered useless instantly.

Simultaneously, the livestream’s viewer count had also instantly fallen to zero.

The world…became silent.

After taking a brief look at the viewer count displayed on his watch and the glaring gamma rays in front of him, Chen Yu flew into his private bedroom on the spacecraft, locked the door, and turned off the E·I Force Field. He then found a random spot to sit down on.

Removing his mask, he took out a cigar the husky gifted him, trimmed the butt off, lit it, and took a deep puff.

Cough! Cough, cough…

“It’s finally over.

“I should be able to rest for a while…”

After saying so, Chen Yu slumped to the ground, closed his eyes, and relaxed his tensed nerves.

The “sacred light” of the gamma rays “bathed” Earth all day and night, covering the planet from top to bottom and left to right. No corner of the world was spared.

In fact, even the moon, which was 370,000 kilometers away, was not spared.

If not for fear that the human body would accumulate too much radiation, Chen Yu would’ve chosen to continue this “bathing” process for a whole week.

Even so, a considerable number of animals and plants still died from the radiation. Those situated in the middle and lower levels of the ecological pyramid suffered especially severe damage, with some species even going extinct.

Once the “aurora” disappeared, humanity’s lifestyle wouldn’t be the only thing that would change.

The natural ecosystem would undergo earth-shaking changes as well.


After closing the shrunken portal tightly, Chen Yu took one last look at the scorching light source in the distance before manipulating the Type-R Spacecraft to head back to Earth.

The dead star would continue generating light for several more months. However, from this moment onward, this region would become a thoroughly dead space.

This was because the only outcome awaiting the collapse of such a massive supergiant was the generation of a supermassive black hole.

Ten hours later…

Chen Yu arrived back in the solar system along with the two battery modules. He then had the spacecraft hover above Earth’s atmosphere.

As far as his eyes could see, no satellites were hovering above the bright side of the planet. No resplendent lights were decorating the dark side of the planet, either. All traces of civilization had disappeared along with the annihilation of electronic products.

“…They’re not all dead, right?”

After circling the planet twice and verifying that the ozone layer hadn’t been damaged, Chen Yu had the spacecraft dive straight into the troposphere. He then arrived at the Super Floating Island in less than five minutes.

After parking the spacecraft in the Forbidden Forest, Chen Yu put on his mask, picked up the two battery modules, activated the E·I Force Field, and flew to the castle complex.

After being baptized by gamma rays, the entire castle’s defense robots had undoubtedly been damaged. Hence, he had to be careful of his own safety.

Shortly after entering the castle complex, Chen Yu saw many professors and students gathered in the central courtyard.

Meanwhile, when these people saw Chen Yu’s return, they promptly swarmed him.

“Hello, Headmaster!”

“All experimental equipment is broken.”

“The refrigerators are broken as well, so a lot of our food is going to spoil.”


Hurriedly flying into the air, Chen Yu waved his hands and stopped the crowd from approaching. “Stop. You’ll die if you stick to the spatial field. I’m just here to ask if there have been any casualties in the Academy.”

“There are!”

“We suffered heavy casualties, Headmaster!”

At this time, a female student anxiously raised the object in her hands and said, “Headmaster, look! Your bird died!”

Chen Yu: “???”

“The deers, turtles, and various fishes have all died of radiation.”

“One of the pandas as well…”

“I’m talking about humans!” Stretching out a finger, Chen Yu emphasized, “Apart from these animals, have there been any human casualties?”

“Fortunately, no.”

“Good, then. By the way, what are you all doing here?”

“To look at the panda…”

Everyone immediately stepped aside and revealed a dead panda lying on the grass of the courtyard.

“Tsk, tsk.” Shaking his head regretfully, Chen Yu said, “It was a national treasure. What a pity. Let’s grill it, then.”

“Huh?” Everyone responded in unison.

“Oh… I mean, let’s bury it…”

After saying so, Chen Yu flew away and entered the Headmaster’s Tower’s second floor. He then made his way to the study’s secret room, opened the protective suit’s maintenance pod, and pulled out the husky hiding within it.


Opening its eyes in a daze, the husky stared at Chen Yu for a moment before regaining consciousness. It then licked its paw and asked, “Is it over?”

“It’s over.”

“Is HAL dead?”

“Most likely. I lit up the planet for 24 hours.”

“How ruthless.” Pulling out a cigarette from its fur, the husky said, “It seems it was a wise choice for me to hide in the maintenance pod. I’m not as strong as you humans.”

“Even humans are just barely able to survive the gamma rays.” Waving his hand, Chen Yu said, “We need to hurry up and enhance our medical technology. Many people should’ve gotten cancer from radiation.”

“As it so happens, since you no longer need to drag the star away for the next livestream, you can ask for a medical product instead.”

“Mhm.” Nodding, Chen Yu asked, “Where’s my family?”

“I fed them some nutrient solution four or five hours ago. They’re still sleeping upstairs.”

“They’re still sleeping?”

“That’s right.” Spitting out a smoke ring, the husky said, “They’re close to becoming brain-dead from oversleeping. You really are a filial son.”

“Scram. Follow me upstairs and help me move them.”

“Ah~~” Stretching its back, the husky flicked its cigarette away and said, “To celebrate the perfect success of my plan, let’s have steak once we head home. I want something like Kobe beef that has a lot of fat in it. I’m close to starving to death already.”

“Steak is too dry. Let’s have dog broth instead.”

“I feel offended, thank you.”

“Have you never heard of the saying that once the cunning rabbit dies, the hunting dog no longer has any uses?”

“Sure, sure, sure. In that case, make sure to put in more star anise to get rid of the smell.”

“Awesome, awesome.”

“By the way, do you get the feeling as if we forgot something?”

“Not really.”

At the same time, four million kilometers away from Earth…

Little Peach was currently “floating” alone in the gravity-free space, a frown on her face as she stared at the distant Earth.

“I keep getting the feeling as if I’ve forgotten something…”

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