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Chapter 299 - Milky Way Internet!

Chapter 299: Milky Way Internet!

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Chapter 299 – Milky Way Internet!

“That object isn’t a Dyson’s sphere.”

Inside the Super Floating castle hovering above the Pacific Ocean’s equator, Chen Yu faced the camera and said, “Instead, it is the Milky Way Internet!”





[When I type a question mark, I’m not asking a question. Instead, I think you have a problem.]

[What is that?]

[Internet… And it’s even for the Milky Way…]

[UP, are you serious?]

[Can we use WeChat to converse with aliens?]


[Dumbfounded. +1]

After a brief silence, the ten livestream rooms’ bullet comment sections were filled with question marks.

The professionals working in the astronomy industry and government officials were also stunned by this revelation.

They had thought of many possibilities such as a Dyson’s sphere, a wormhole installation, a scientific research site, and even a dual-vector foil.

The only answer they did not expect was a Milky Way Internet…


“Is he joking?!”

Inside the Observer Conference Hall, America’s representative couldn’t help but smack the documents held onto the table when he heard Chen Yu’s answer. “How can there be such a strange thing?!”

“Hmm…” After remaining silent for a moment, the middle-aged team leader from China, who sat to the right of America’s representative, picked up his microphone and said, “Maybe, the internet Transdimensional’s UP is speaking of is different from the internet humans use. It should have other meanings.”

“For example?”

“I don’t know.”



The representatives from the two countries stared at each other, both of them having no idea what to say. After a long silence, the two simultaneously turned away and focused their gaze back on the main screen.

Looking at the bullet comments flooding his watch’s screen, Chen Yu nodded and said, “Everyone’s reaction is within my expectations. When I first read the journal’s explanation, I, too, found it to be unbelievable. What does an isosceles triangle with a thickness of no more than five microns have to do with the internet?

“However, when I read the explanation on the next page, I understood everything.”

After saying so, Chen Yu turned to the journal’s 120th page and showed an analytic graph to his 46 million viewers.

“As mankind’s understanding toward outer space deepened, in 2060, humans finally realized that communication between interstellar civilizations is a very difficult task to accomplish. Two main difficulties hinder the enactment of this endeavor, and they have been labeled as the ‘two obstacles to civilization communication.’

“One, positioning.

“Two, energy consumption.

“For example, if we use radio waves to establish communications with a target five light-years away, the energy consumed would be terrifying. No civilization can afford such an energy cost. While using lasers will reduce energy consumption, it has an incredibly high requirement toward accuracy. Hence, it isn’t applicable on a large scale.

“At this time, the strongest electromagnetic wave generated by human beings can only be reliably detected by those within the solar system. Past the solar system, the electromagnetic wave would be drowned by cosmic microwaves.”

Raising a finger and tapping on the journal, Chen Yu smiled and said, “Evidently, by the end of the 21st century, humans still lacked the ability to raise the loudness of their voice. The universe is truly massive. It is massive to the point of instilling despair.

“There used to be a novel titled Three-Body Problem. In the novel, it is mentioned that stars are used as amplifiers to allow nearby civilizations to discover the voice of humans. However, this method still has its limitations. Firstly, the distance is limited. Secondly, it lacks stability. Every activation only allows for the transmission of one signal. In the complex cosmic environment, it is very easy for intelligent alien civilizations to overlook it.

“This is like the gravitational wave discovered in 2018. If the detector was built sometime later, then humans would’ve never detected this gravitational wave.

“Hence, in 2090, the astronomy community chose to take a different approach and proposed a communication method called the Giant Network Act.

“That is, to build a giant structure around a stable main sequence star such as the sun. Meanwhile, the standard triangle is the best planetary transit scene! It is an abnormality that can be detected by all intelligent civilizations within a radius of at least 10,000 light-years!

“Of course, depending on a civilization’s strength, the size of the structure it can construct will also differ. However, so long as a civilization blocks 2% of the sun’s brightness in a particular direction, it will attract the attention of intelligent civilizations in that direction for a long time.

“If the giant structure is rotated 360-degrees around the sun, all civilizations within 10,000 light-years can verify the anomaly of the solar system and determine whether there is the presence of civilization through long-term observation. In this way, we can successfully break through distance limitations, allowing us to communicate with other civilizations.

“Moreover, the more advanced a civilization is, the less limited they would be by distance. It wouldn’t be strange if a civilization manages to detect such anomalies from 20,000, 50,000, or even 100,000 light-years away.”

Under the stunned gaze of his audience, Chen Yu closed the journal and said solemnly, “As it so happens, the civilization residing around Tabby’s Star has used this method to announce its existence to the entire universe. Subsequently, we noticed its existence. This is all thanks to the giant structure constructed around Tabby’s Star being very massive. The giant structure has caused the star’s luminosity to drop by a whopping 22%. Presumably, so long as an intelligent civilization has reached Earth’s standards, it should be capable of noticing Tabby’s Star’s anomaly even if it was halfway across the galaxy.

“Meanwhile, this form of sharing information between intelligent civilizations is called the Milky Way Internet!”

[Crap! I’m dumbfounded!]

[Our main sequence star is stable! So long as there is a change to it, our neighbors will definitely notice it!]

[What a cool way of communicating…]

[As more and more civilizations establish this kind of triangle, they will be able to transmit various information through a common regularity, creating a real internet!]

[The timeliness of such a communication method should be terrible, right? After all, the speed of light is too slow.]

[What timeliness? Isn’t this method equivalent to uninterrupted broadcasting? The scope of the announcement may cover the entire galaxy! Simple information transfer is already more than sufficient.]

[What are you guys talking about? I don’t quite get it…]

[Simply put, if we cause the sun’s usual glow to become abnormal, aliens will understand that someone is here.]

[Am I the only one feeling that we’re asking for trouble by doing something like this?]

[+1. Even if The Dark Forest is a concept in science fiction, we can’t let our guard down completely against the possibility of an attack by advanced civilizations.]

[We can just do it to a star that’s far away from the solar system…]

Standing in place, Chen Yu waited for his audience to calm down from their excitement. He then walked out of the camera’s view, picked up the white delivery box, and set it down before the camera. “My friends, inside this box is the Point Hubble Space Telescope that was launched in 2105.

“NASA has specifically designed this telescope to observe Tabby’s Star. Through the built-in optical information simulation filling technology, the telescope can accurately capture the detailed optical spectrum and scene of the star’s surface. And after running the collected information through a simple computer calculation, it is possible to display the close-up photos!

“Next, I will fly into space, aim this telescope at Tabby’s Star, and provide pictures of the operating Milky Way Internet to everyone 100 years in advance.”

Walking up to the Interstellar Portal, Chen Yu manipulated the console while explaining, “The current date is February 21, 2021. According to the journal’s records, it just so happens that this is the time when Tabby’s Star’s luminosity dimmed. We are very, very fortunate.

“Because not only will we get to see an isosceles triangle that is 10 times the size of Jupiter, but we also get to see the vampires attached to it…”

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