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Chapter 290 - Only Extinction Awaits Mankind…

Chapter 290 – Only Extinction Awaits Mankind…

The world did not revolve around only one person.

While 40 million viewers were indeed many people, that was less than 2% of the human population on Earth.

Therefore, when Chen Yu’s review was gradually entering its climax, a board meeting that would affect all of mankind was also being held simultaneously in the HAL Hall, which was located underneath Google’s headquarters in America.

If one were to look at human history from a point in time in the future, this meeting held much greater importance than even Chen Yu’s livestream…

“We have run trial operations for three days now. HAL’s operation is stable, and its learning efficiency has already reached the server load’s limit,” the middle-aged, white professor said with a dignified expression as he looked at Google’s CEO and many board directors. “Under its own independent study, HAL has also fixed many of logic-level loopholes that existed in the early design stage. Aside from the huge energy consumption, this Strong AI has no flaws.”

“Let the directors see the breakthroughs we made in the field of medicine,” the CEO said.

“Okay.” The professor nodded. He then said, “HAL, show the results of the OCD drug research.”

“Yes, sir.”

As the electronically synthesized sound appeared, numerous images appeared on the circular screen.

Stepping forward, the professor pointed at the pictures and introduced, “As we expected from the beginning, the advantages artificial intelligence has in designing drugs are simply…beyond imagination.

“At present, there are too many molecules that can be used for drug therapy. This number is so massive that even if all seven billion people on Earth are medical researchers and are involved in the same research, we won’t complete all the necessary tests.

“However, this is a simple task for a Strong AI. Through discovering and analyzing different molecules, HAL can compare them with other available information to efficiently develop compounds with greater therapeutic potential. For example, this…”

After saying so, the professor swiped his finger across the screen, pulled out a picture, and zoomed in on the picture. “This compound produced yesterday, called DSP-1181, can effectively inhibit obsessive-compulsive disorder. It lasts longer and has a more substantial effect than other existing drugs. We are already in the process of registering for its patent.

“Meanwhile, HAL has already created 2,145 of such drug patents during the past three days, of which 32 are of value. Moreover, this is only in the field of medicine. Shareholders, you can now reduce your investment in biotechnology and begin investing more funds in the field of artificial intelligence.”

After saying so, the professor stepped back and nodded. “That’s it from me.”

Clap, clap, clap…

Elegant and warm applause echoed throughout the room.

After having a brief discussion with each other, the directors all voiced their unanimous satisfaction with HAL.

“Thank you very much, Professor. However, in addition to this, we also have to recognize one thing—HAL’s learning speed is still limited,” the CEO said to the directors. “The server array’s performance is limiting her evolutionary speed.”

“I understand,” a plump lady said, smiling. “We won’t forget about the additional funding. This is the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. The board of directors will fully support the bold assembly of quantum servers.”

“It isn’t just a matter of additional funding,” the CEO said as he looked toward the two eyeballs displayed on the circular screen. His gaze sharpening, he continued, “We wish to take a step further.”

“Go on.”

“We want to incorporate HAL into the global internet,” the CEO said.

“Incorporating it into the internet?!”

Aside from the middle-aged professor, everyone else in the room couldn’t help but be surprised by the CEO’s words.

“If we incorporate HAL into the internet, its computing power will be greatly improved. Not only will this save us on high operation costs, but it will also allow us to obtain more supportive information! For a Strong AI like HAL, having access to massive amounts of data is crucial for its evolution.”

“This…” Among the crowd, one male director hesitantly said, “This is an illegal behavior.”

“We have a million ways to avoid legal provisions. The legal aspect of this matter is the last thing we need to worry about,” the CEO said, smiling. “Organizations standing at the top of the technology pyramid are outside the laws of the internet world. Moreover, the progress of time is unstoppable. It will crush everything in its path. Even if we don’t do it, someone else will in the near future. This is the tide of technology.”

“But HAL is the world’s first Strong AI, after all. Will there be any unexpected dangers or results?”

“My dear Mr. West, you have watched a little too many science fiction movies. Reality is different from fantasy.” Placing down the documents in his hand, the CEO pointed at the circular screen and said meaningfully, “Also, even if the birth of artificial intelligence will bring danger to humans at a 100% certainty, and humans are fully aware of it, but when driven by time, interests, and competition, mankind will still welcome it without hesitation…

“For example, despite knowing that the birth of nuclear weapons is a disaster waiting to happen, they are still produced in large quantities.

“Despite knowing deforestation will cause ecological disasters and other chain reactions, the number of vegetation disappearing annually is still increasing year after year.

“Despite knowing greenhouse gases will cause the collapse of humanity’s living environment, and the deposition of harmful metals into nature will cause the loss of the food chain…

“Despite knowing all these actions are wrong, humans still proceed to make these mistakes.”

Hearing the CEO’s words, everyone fell silent.

“This is the sorrow of civilization. Ignoring all those illusory love, ideals, and propaganda, the end of mankind has long been determined, and that is extinction. There is no other end awaiting us.

“Just take a look at the future technological products Transdimensional’s UP has revealed to us. Almost every one of them carries immense danger with it. If I told you that none of those products have caused human deaths or injuries, would you believe me?”

Everyone remained silent.

After pausing slightly, the CEO caressed HAL’s screen and said somberly, “If an artificial intelligence crisis truly exists, then it will inevitably appear one day. After the disaster, so long as human beings do not go extinct, then an intelligence crisis will continue to occur for a second, third, fourth time, and so on until humanity disappears completely. Hence…

“What is there to be hesitant about? Let us connect HAL to the internet. At the very least, let us be the ones to open the doors to this new era…”

At the same time, in the outer solar system…

Chen Yu, who was suspended 20,000 kilometers away from Asteroid Gisella, suddenly noticed a drastic change occurring to the statistics displayed on the inside of his helmet!

“The gravity parameters have changed, which means Gisella’s destruction is about to begin. I’ll fly further away to allow everyone to have a clear view of the process.”

After saying so, Chen Yu hugged the Oscillating Planet Smasher and flew into the depths of space.


Driven by the plasma engine, Chen Yu’s flying speed was incredibly fast. In no time at all, the asteroid that originally extended past the camera’s field of view had become a fully visible sphere.

[What a beautiful asteroid.]

[If it was closer to the sun, it could shine as brightly as the moon.]

[It’s going to explode soon, though. Lololol…]

“This should be far enough.”

Halting his flight, Chen Yu turned around and looked at the Asteroid Gisella.

Meanwhile, at this time!

Under the gaze of 40 million viewers!

The massive celestial body…suddenly shook!

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