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Chapter 285 - Ninth Review! Prelude

Chapter 285: Ninth Review! Prelude

Chapter 285 – Ninth Review! Prelude

“You think you can outsmart me? You’re a thousand years too early for that!”

After returning to his room and closing his door with a “bang,” Chen Yu sneered repeatedly.

“Mr. Chen, what happened?”

“It’s nothing.”

After locking the door, Chen Yu sat on the bed and said to Little Peach, “I need you to stay at home when I’m hosting the ninth official livestream in a few days.”

“Huh?” Little Peach was surprised. “Why?”

“Eldest is suspecting me. She even produced a lot of evidence. During my next livestream, she’ll definitely try to test me at the door. At that time, mimic my voice and deceive her.”

“B-But I want to livestream together with you…”

“Little Peach…” Stretching out his hand and stroking Little Peach’s head, Chen Yu smiled and said, “You have to be my most important assistant and do what Xing Biqi can never do.”

“Okay!” Hearing this, Little Peach immediately had her twin processor chips operate simultaneously and nodded frantically. “Don’t worry! I will help you resolve this problem!”


After figuring out a way to delude his three little sisters, Chen Yu had achieved balance once more.

From the country to his home, he felt that everything was within his control.

“I achieved invulnerability so easily. Such a life is boring…”

Lying down on his bed, Chen Yu began leisurely playing with his phone.

However, shortly afterward, he suddenly recalled the embarrassment he faced when attempting to do the mathematics paper at the floating castle this morning. Immediately, the pleasant expression on his face disappeared.


After pondering for a moment, he sat up and grabbed his school bag, which he had not touched since winter break began. He then grabbed his mathematics textbook from the bag.

“Mr. Chen, why are you studying all of a sudden?” Little Peach asked in surprise.

In response, Chen Yu said, “I cannot let the limit of my performance be too low.”

Nighttime, 6 PM:

After Chen Yu and Little Peach each changed into a set of mage robes, they arrived before the floating castle’s central auditorium entrance.

Hundreds of students sat opposite the 88 students inside the brightly lit auditorium as they waited for Chen Yu’s arrival.

This was a relatively important dinner event meant to celebrate the Transdimensional Academy’s official establishment.

“There are so many people,” Little Peach stated as she looked around the auditorium. “Are you going to give a speech?”

“I’m just going to say a few words.”

Chen Yu took out the voice-changing bowtie from his pocket and clamping it before his throat. He then shook his robe and strode into the auditorium.

The instant Chen Yu revealed himself, the originally noisy auditorium immediately went silent. Everyone inside the hall moved their line of sight along with his movements. Only after Little Peach had caught up with Chen Yu did some students start holding hushed discussions among themselves.

“Is that the female assistant?”

“Her figure is perfect.”

“How beautiful!”

“I have many of her pictures. Do you need them?”

“Thanks, brother. I already have them…”

After walking up the central platform, Chen Yu said loudly, “Good evening, everyone.”

“Good evening, Headmaster.”

Everyone spoke in unison, their voices echoing throughout the hall for some time.

“I’ve already talked to everyone about the importance of efficiency in the morning, so I’ll just say a few words for tonight.”

Straightening his mask, Chen Yu raised one finger and said, “One: The Transdimensional Academy’s last component is finally connected. I hope everyone can cultivate your sentiments, give full play to your expertise, enrich your knowledge, climb to the peak of science, and realize the dreams in your hearts in this wonderful environment.”

Pausing slightly, Chen Yu raised a second finger. “Two: The Academy’s rules and regulations are posted in the central courtyard. Yes, the place where the two giant pandas are living at. Please abide by the rules and don’t waste your opportunity to learn knowledge from the future. You should know very clearly that this opportunity isn’t easy to come by.

“I hereby announce the Transdimensional Academy’s official operation!”




Everyone gave a warm round of applause.

After waiting for the applause to end, Chen Yu took a step back and waved. “New faces need new values to get along with. A new way of life requires everyone to use new rationality and courage to blend together. Be assured that your hard work and sweat will not be wasted here. Strive to realize a fulfilling life for yourselves.

“Today, you stand proud because of the Academy.

“Tomorrow, the Academy will stand proud because of you!

“Let the banquet begin! Serve the food!”

Several days later, Sunday, 8:50 AM:

It was yet another familiar time. Dozens of governments around the world began working busily once more.

America, New York, United Nations Headquarters, Observer Hall:

“We have reached the limits of our information ban.”

Picking up the microphone before him, America’s representative said solemnly, “We should notify Transdimensional’s UP regarding this matter. According to the Florida team’s analysis, at least 40 million people worldwide already know of Transdimensional Review’s existence. Those indirectly in the know have also exceeded 60 million. We have used all sorts of information to prevent information leaks during this time, including suppressing software dissemination, deterring audiences, blocking forums and media, and hiring ghostwriters to confuse netizens. We have already exhausted all available means.”

“I’m sure Transdimensional’s UP will understand this problem,” Japan’s male representative said as he removed his glasses and wiped them. He then put his glasses back on and continued, “We have already complied with the cooperation agreement.”

“Who will notify the UP of this troublesome matter, then?” France’s male representative asked as he looked around the table.

“Let China do it. They have the closest connection with the UP,” Australia’s female representative said, smiling.

“Our side is in the same position as everyone else. We are also doing our best to find out the details of Transdimensional’s UP. Please do not make discriminative suggestions,” the middle-aged team leader said expressionlessly. “By the way, how is the fire in your country coming along?”

“We’ve extinguished it already.”

“You mean it’s nearly burnt everything, right?” someone in the corner of the room said jokingly.

Narrowing her eyes, Australia’s representative demanded, “Who said that?”

“Everyone, calm down,” America’s representative, the host of the meeting, said as he tapped his hand on the table. “Due to the special relationship China has with Transdimensional’s UP, I suggest we have China be responsible for this matter. We will vote by show of hands.”


Everyone around the round table raised their hands. Even the middle-aged team leader raised his hand.

“That settles it.”

Five minutes later, Chen Yu received a private message from China’s government through his watch.

The message’s tone was sincere from start to finish, and it objectively described the various governments’ information ban from many aspects.

Sitting on the bed, Chen Yu read the message carefully several times. He then sighed and muttered, “It seems there’s no way out of this.”

“What’s the matter?” Little Peach asked.

“It’s related to the information ban.” Standing up, Chen Yu closed the curtains and changed into the clothes he would be wearing for today’s livestream. “There are at least 40 million people around the world who know of Transdimensional Review. There is no longer any meaning in blocking information. The viewership for my subsequent livestreams will skyrocket.”

“What should we do?”

“There’s nothing we can do but bear with it.”

After putting on his haori, Chen Yu wore his opera mask and voice-changing bowtie. Shrugging, he said, “Optimistically, I can raise my access level to, at most, B-. It doesn’t matter. I don’t feel any pressure either. I now have authority, wealth, and influence. That’s enough for me. Once everything settles down, I’ll travel around and enjoy life.”

After saying so, Chen Yu looked toward Little Peach and instructed, “Eldest will definitely come knocking on the door during the livestream! Do not let her in, no matter what!”

“Please rest assured!” Little Peach habitually patted her chest. “Haven’t you noticed that I’ve been performing steadily recently?”

“Good job, good job.”

“In my system’s self-analysis, I have already successfully acquired the evaluation of a home simulation robot! I scored even higher in this aspect than in love and communication!”

“Congratulations, congratulations. Huh? Why are you crying?”

“I don’t know…”

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