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Chapter 280 - Acting Succeeds…

Chapter 280: Acting Succeeds…

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Chapter 280 – Acting Succeeds…

Morning, in a plaza on the Super Floating Castle…

After squeezing out the last four words of his script, Chen Yu landed on the ground and stared at the bewildered students.

Silence continued enveloping the scene.

Half an hour later, several dozen professors slowly arrived at the plaza, each person carrying a stack of papers.


Upon sensing everyone’s gaze falling onto him, the leading professor suddenly felt chills envelop his body. He then asked hesitantly, “Did we arrive early?”

“Yes.” Nodding, Chen Yu said, “You should’ve waited until the students have starved to death before coming.”

Cough, cough…

The professors could naturally discern the dissatisfaction in Chen Yu’s words. Hurriedly, they turned their heads away and cautiously stood behind Chen Yu.

“What took you so long?” Chen Yu asked sternly.

“H-Headmaster…” Gulping, the leading professor said, “Didn’t you say your speech would take a while to finish?”

“Who told you that?”

“Department Head H-Hermione…”

“Nonsense!” Chen Yu said with a raised tone. “Am I the kind of headmaster who likes to show off?”

The professors blinked their eyes simultaneously, but none of them dared say a word.

As for the various government representatives and security personnel standing in the distance, they subconsciously took half a step back to avoid getting themselves dragged into this situation.

“How tasteless must I be to prattle about endlessly before my students and subordinates? Am I that lacking in attention? If that’s the case, why don’t I just become a celebrity instead? Also, did you consider whether anyone is willing to listen to me prattle, to begin with?”

After saying so, Chen Yu looked toward the students and said, “If I blabbered on and on to you here, would any of you be willing to listen?”

“No!” x1,763

The teenagers cooperated with Chen Yu and cheered. Simultaneously, they felt that this new headmaster of theirs was quite “something.”

“See? Nobody wants to hear my prattling.” Looking at the professors again, Chen Yu said, “If I have useful words to say, I’ll say them even if others are unwilling to listen. If I don’t have anything good to say, I won’t say it no matter how much others are willing to listen! This is integrity! This is efficiency! This is wisdom!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The professors promptly nodded.

“As an institution that integrates scientific research with education, we must walk the path of efficiency! All of mankind is waiting for our research results. Wasting time on a meaningless speech is tantamount to committing a crime!”

As Chen Yu’s sonorous and powerful words fell, his audience couldn’t help but be stunned.

The expressions of the students, government representatives, and security personnel instantly turned serious. Many professors even began suspecting whether Hermione had relayed the wrong message…

“Students.” Flying into mid-air, Chen Yu spread his arms and scanned the plaza once more. He then said in a deep tone, “Since an incident like this has happened, let me use this chance to state my opinion. We’ll also treat this as the Transdimensional Academy’s first lesson. Let me ask you: what makes a school prestigious? Does anybody know the answer?”


A bold young man standing at the front of the group of students raised his hand. In a tone that was neither humble nor overbearing, he said, “Well-known teachers, an excellent and comprehensive teaching system, and a long history. Schools with these factors are known as prestigious schools.”

“You have only clarified the surface meaning of a prestigious school. What about the essence? You need to dig into the essence when looking at a problem. Don’t just stop on the surface.”

“I don’t know,” the young man answered honestly. “Excuse me, Mr. King, but what is the essence of a prestigious school?”

“The truth,” Chen Yu spat out these two words without hesitation. Raising a finger, he repeated, “What makes a school prestigious is the truth.”

Including the dozens of professors, everyone present fell into deep thought simultaneously.

Some of the government representatives even took out their mobile phones to record this scene. They hoped to use these ideas to analyze the inner wisdom and philosophical level of Transdimensional’s UP.

“At the end of the day, the birth of human civilization boils down to the inheritance of education. Meanwhile, as the existence that stands at the top of the education hierarchy, prestigious schools represent the truth,” Chen Yu narrated while hovering around the plaza. “A prestigious school guides civilization’s development, urges ideas and progress, promotes scientific ascent, and stabilizes social processes.

“Prestigious schools…” Suddenly coming to a halt, Chen Yu continued with emphasis, “Allow civilization to believe the truth!

“Be it the Babylonian Academy born in the Euphrates River, or the Milesian school founded by Pythagoras in Ancient Greece, or the series of schools the Aristotelian theology created in Europe during the eleventh century, all of these schools have proven this point.

“Prestigious schools allow civilization to believe the truth.

Turning to the young man, Chen Yu asked, “Do you understand now?”

“I-I think I vaguely understand it,” the young man said as his brain began working overtime.

“State whether you understand or not clearly. There mustn’t be any ambiguity on the road of science.”

“I understand!”

“What about you guys?”

“I understand!” x1,763

“Since you understand, I’ll continue my speech.” Lowering his tone once more, Chen Yu said, “Since prestigious schools are of such importance, anyone who can enter one is bound to be extraordinary. Take you all, for example. Every one of you is the pride of heaven. With your performances, you can enter any school in the world. This is your glory. However, it is also your responsibility.

“While prestigious schools exist to make people believe the truth, you are the ones who will discover the truth.

“As geniuses, you are born to bear this responsibility!” Chen Yu said in a high-pitched tone, and every one of his words shook the hearts of everyone present.

“It is no exaggeration to say that mankind has been waiting for geniuses to unleash their talents! Art, culture, physics, economy, philosophy, history, language, education, biology, chemistry, engineering, information, architecture, etc. This holds true in every field!

“Prestigious schools are important, and geniuses are rare. The combination of the two should result in a perfect chemical reaction. To delay this chemical reaction for a meaningless speech is akin to a crime, isn’t that right?”

Everyone fell silent.

The several dozen professors, in particular, had practically buried their heads into their stomachs.

“I don’t think I am wasting time to give this lesson. Just the thought that I can teach many of the people present about the truth makes it worthwhile,” Chen Yu said as he landed on the ground. Sighing, he continued, “Of the 1,700 or so students present, there might not be even a hundred of you who will make it into the Transdimensional Academy. However, I hope that even if you join other schools, you will remember my sincere words today.




“Human life only lasts a few decades. There is no time for delays. The aura of glory isn’t given out so casually!

“Einstein’s brain does not belong to himself. If he had been addicted to squandering time and failed to create the theory of relativity, then his soul would become the sinner of human civilization!”

Restraining his mood, Chen Yu concluded his speech, “You, are the truth.”



Clap! Clap! Clap!

After five seconds of silence, thunderous applause erupted from both the inside and outside of the plaza.

The students were excited.

The professors were excited.

The various government representatives and security personnel were excited.

Everyone was desperately clapping their hands without stopping.

Closing his eyes, Chen Yu enjoyed this moment that belonged solely to him for a full minute. He then waved his hand and said, “Stop!”

The applause stopped.

“Distribute the papers and start the exam!”

“Yes, sir!”

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