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Chapter 267 - Ban Falters!

Chapter 267: Ban Falters!

Chapter 267 – Ban Falters!

Half-past two in the afternoon, Jinzhou City, Lanhe District:


As soon as the Interstellar Portal opened, Chen Yu walked through it, threw himself onto the bed, and frenziedly rolled around on it.

“Mr. Chen, will you leave that product out at sea?” Little Peach asked as she followed Chen Yu through the portal. She then closed the door and disconnected the spatial link.

“Mhm.” Chen Yu nodded as he laid flat on his bed. “I’ll let them use it. I don’t need it, in any case.”

“You must’ve gotten a lot of points today, right?! That means you can exchange for awesome toys!”

“Plenty.” Sitting up, Chen Yu pulled out his phone and opened his web browser. He then solemnly said, “I should’ve gotten at least 2,500 points today. However, rather than redeeming products, I have something more important to check right now.”

“What is it?”

“The problem regarding my soaring viewership.”

While saying so, Chen Yu searched for various keywords on his search engine. “The increase in viewership this time is abnormal. It’s almost twice the previous record. Something must’ve gone wrong.”

“Why didn’t you ask those representatives about this before?”

“Most of them are navy officers stationed nearby. They won’t understand these things. It’s better to just search for the answer myself.”

Very quickly, Chen Yu arrived at a news piece made by an overseas news website. After carefully reading through it twice, the corners of his lips suddenly twitched. “…I found it.”

“What’s the cause?”

Showing his phone screen to Little Peach, Chen Yu sighed and said, “Dammit, it’s because of that three-kilometer-tall delivery box.”

“The box was exposed!” Little Peach exclaimed in surprise.

“Mhm. The Echigo Plain is one of the few cultivated land remaining in Japan. To move that delivery box away, the Japanese government chose to drag it across the ocean. When the box passed by Niigata City, over two million citizens saw it. Something also went wrong with the information ban, and the box ended up becoming a global sensation.”

“Did the other countries not place a ban on the information?”

“They did, but the effects are only average.” Chen Yu shrugged. “The main problem lies with the Japanese side. Now, all of Japan’s netizens know about the box. The situation there has gotten completely out of control. Although most people still aren’t aware of the box’s origins, it is only a matter of time before Transdimensional Review gets dragged into the matter. For example, the additional 10 million viewers we got today are all Japanese spectators.”

“T-Then is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Little Peach asked, tilting her head.

“In the short term, I no longer have to worry about my promotions. However, it is undoubtedly a bad thing in the long run.” Storing his phone away, Chen Yu stood up and approached the window. He then gazed out at the snowy scenery outside while scratching his head in agitation. “With our current base viewership and that delivery box incident, even if the various governments try desperately to suppress information, the information will still spread rapidly. I wouldn’t even be surprised if our viewership exceeds 50 million on the ninth official livestream. Meanwhile, Earth only has seven billion people…”

“Once everyone in the world knows of you, you won’t be able to get promoted anymore,” Little Peach said slowly.

“Correct. That’s why I deliberately toned down the commotion I caused this time. However, it would seem that my efforts were meaningless.” Turning around, Chen Yu revealed a helpless expression filled with complex emotions and said, “I’m about to become a global sensation.”

“You should quickly think of countermeasures with the various governments!”

“They’re even more anxious than I am because of that letter. Anyway, there’s nothing we can do about this situation. We’ll just let the various governments think of a solution while we focus on taking one step at a time.”

After saying so, Chen Yu laid back on his bed and raised his wrist. He then swiped his finger across his watch to inspect his income for this livestream.

In total, he had gained 26.12 million viewers across the ten livestream rooms, which netted him 2,612 points!

Including the leftover 1,201 points…

He now had a total of 3,813 points!

“I’m really rich this time…”

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Chen Yu stood up and walked out of the room without hesitation.

“Mr. Chen, are you going out to eat?”

“I’m going to go flush my brain.”

Opening his bedroom door, Chen Yu found only Father Chen and Mother Chen watching TV in the living room. All three of his little sisters were absent from home.

“Where’s Third Eldest?”

“She said it’s boring at home, so she followed Eldest and Second Eldest to class,” Mother Chen answered while nibbling on some sunflower seeds. “You slept in the whole morning? Did you stay up all night again?”

“Oh, mhm.” Chen Yu replied vaguely. He then walked into the bathroom, turned on the faucet, and washed up happily.

“Ha! My head should be clear now. There won’t be any more insane products, right?”

After drying his hair with a towel, Chen Yu returned to his room and locked the door. Sitting on his bed, he held up his watch and visited the Transdimensional Store eagerly.

[Transdimensional Store Recommended Products (Refreshes at midnight every day.)]

After waiting briefly for the store to refresh, the first product of the day appeared on the screen.

[1. Assassin Bee: Produced by the McKent Military Industries in 2673. The Assassin Bee is three millimeters in diameter and is equipped with sixth-generation biometric technology. It integrates regional feature analysis algorithms, computer image processing, and biostatistics. The Assassin Bee can quickly distinguish portrait features and accurately recognize and assassinate targets with a 99.996% accuracy.

There are three default assassination methods:

  1. Quickly pierce the target’s pupil, enter the brain, and wreak havoc, instantly killing the target.
  2. Sneak into the target’s body through the respiratory system and cause continuous trauma until the target is dead.
  3. Sneak into the target’s body and release metallic poisons, which will induce a sudden heart attack and cover up the assassination as a natural death.

The selling price is 1,560 points.]


Chen Yu couldn’t help but shudder when he read the product’s introduction.

He could easily foresee the terrible consequences should this weapon fall into the hands of an “ambitionist.”

Compared to guns, heavy weaponry, and nuclear bombs, a Grim Reaper hiding in the dark was much more daunting…

“It seems very suitable to act as a deterrence.

“It might be good for research, but it’s too dangerous…”

Squinting his eyes, Chen Yu pondered for some time before flipping to the next page.

[2. Ice 9: Produced by the VG Super Century Company in 3281. Ice 9 is stored in a liquid state in a strong magnetic confinement field. Any object that comes into contact with Ice 9 will have the kinetic energy of their atoms, molecules, and other particles quickly reduced, bringing the object infinitely close to absolute zero. Ice 9 will indefinitely freeze the object it is in contact with until it dissipates completely. Typically, one liter of Ice 9 is sufficient to freeze an area the size of the Australian continent for 600 years under a standard Earth environment. (This is a hazardous product! Please be careful when using it!) The selling price is 3,500 points.]

“…So, flushing my head produced such results?”

“What?” Little Peach was puzzled by Chen Yu’s mumblings.

“What are these nonsensical products?”! Chen Yu bellowed. “Aren’t they too frightening?!”

“What are they?” Little Peach curiously leaned forward. “Are they toys?”

Chen Yu did not answer. He then flipped to the next page without hesitation and nervously read the third product’s information.

[3. Death Glasses: Produced by the China Vision Optical Company in 3156. After aiming at a target, the built-in ultra-micro quantum computer will accurately analyze all available information in the user’s field of view, ranging from a falling teacup to a large moving vehicle. The data will then be incorporated into the ‘Fal’ calculation model to analyze environmental causal nodes. So long as a node is changed, a series of seemingly unrelated chain reactions can be caused to accidentally kill the target. (For example, a sneeze could result in a series of car accidents that kill the target.) The selling price is 2,720 points.]

Chen Yu: “…Is there a horror special today?”

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