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Chapter 265 - Eighth Official Livestream Ends

Chapter 265: Eighth Official Livestream Ends

Chapter 265 – Eighth Official Livestream Ends


The hatch opened, and a strong gust swept in. Everyone inside the capsule immediately fell to the ground, their bodies shaking.

At the capsule’s current velocity, had it been in the troposphere or stratosphere instead of the thermosphere, everyone inside the capsule would’ve suffered fatal damage.

“Little— Assistant! Come close the hatch!”

“Okay!” At this critical moment, Little Peach dual processors ran simultaneously. Reacting swiftly, she stepped forward and grabbed the hatch’s handle. She then said, “King, you can go out now!”



After making an ‘OK’ gesture, Chen Yu decisively activated the plasma engine. A blue tail flame immediately burst out from the back of his armor, propelling out of the capsule.


With lightning speed, Little Peach closed the hatch firmly. She then yelled, “Quick! Release the gas!”

In response, the old engineer dizzily grasped the handrail beside him and pressed down on the main gas valve, sealing it. He then toggled a switch and had the capsule start producing oxygen again.


Air started gushing out of the enclosed box, rapidly filling every corner of the space capsule. While holding their aching chests, everyone promptly started inhaling and exhaling deeply.

“W-We survived?”

The Japanese girl struggled to get up. She then looked up at the hatch in shock.

“We’re safe.” Her arms akimbo, Little Peach said, “Believe in King. This is merely a small interlude. What’s there to panic about? Also, it’s not like we’re refusing to give compensation.”

“This isn’t a question of receiving compensation or not!” the Director of Google Planetary Resources couldn’t help but retort. Wiping off the cold sweat on his face, he continued, “Thankfully, we were at a suitable altitude. Otherwise, lives would’ve been lost.”

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, a knocking sound came from outside the capsule.

Like startled birds, everyone abruptly turned toward the source of the nocking. They then found Chen Yu leaning against the window outside and making gestures.

“W-What is he trying to say?” Musk asked.

“I think he’s telling us to open the hatch. He wants to come in,” Little Peach guessed.

“Bull—” Holding back his curse, the old engineer said, “Mr. King is asking if anyone is injured.”

Hearing this, everyone briefly exchanged looks with each other before shaking their heads.

“I’m good.”

“I’m not injured.”

“Me neither.”

“My chest hurts a little, but it shouldn’t be a big problem…”

After everyone gave their replies, the old engineer approached the window and gestured in sign language: We are all healthy.

Unfortunately, Chen Yu didn’t understand sign language. However, seeing that everyone inside the capsule was alive and kicking, he felt reassured. Immediately, he flew to the capsule’s top, faced the camera, and sat down cross-legged.

“Everyone is safe. The operation has been completed perfectly. See? I said there wasn’t a need to panic.”

[What? No casualties? Dislike!]

[What are you smoking?]

[I suggest directly reporting this fool. The internet is like this. The larger a forest becomes, the larger the variety of birds living in it.]

[It was so dangerous just now!]

[I seriously suspect the UP did this deliberately.]

[+1. How can someone of UP’s caliber make such a low-level mistake?]

Leaning against the capsule’s side, Chen Yu admired the magnificent water column underneath him for a while. He then said, “Honestly, I should’ve come up here long ago. Just like riding a high-speed train, sitting on the train’s roof is much more addictive.

“According to the data displayed by my helmet, our current altitude has already exceeded 100,000 meters, and the surrounding temperature has already begun to rise.” Returning to the capsule’s top, Chen Yu explained, “It won’t be long before the Earth Spray enters its second stage. I’ve already explained the second stage’s working principle before, so I won’t repeat it again.”

Boom… Boom… Boom…

As soon as Chen Yu finished speaking, the capsule suddenly started shaking violently. Simultaneously, the sound of explosions came from below the capsule one after another.

“It’s here!”

Chen Yu’s eyes glowed with excitement, and he hurriedly looked downward. Immediately, he noticed parts of the water column lighting up with a red glow. The appearance of the red glows also caused the space capsule to accelerate even further.

[They’re just small explosions? How boring.]

[The water column can’t endure big explosions.]

[Dammit! I can’t continue reading the bullet comments!]

[Sure enough, the Earth is round.]

[Once space tourism becomes a thing in the future, I must experience it myself.]

[That won’t be possible within a short period. The various nations will definitely prioritize space research and establishing colonies on the moon and Mars first now that they have a zero-cost launchpad.]

[I’m still thinking about the very dangerous product the host mentioned before.]

[I have an unpleasant feeling about this…]

As the space capsule continued accelerating, the capsule’s outer surface also started reddening.

One hundred thousand meters.

Two hundred thousand meters.

Three hundred thousand meters…

Five hundred thousand meters!

The space capsule thoroughly traversed through the thermosphere and reached the atmosphere’s outermost layer.

Simultaneously, the space capsule’s surface temperature began cooling down, and the super-fountain underneath the capsule gradually disappeared.

At this distance, the gravity from Earth was minimal. The air here was so thin that it was no different than a vacuum. With the capsule’s current inertial speed, it could even reach the medium Earth orbit 1,000 kilometers away!

As for reaching the high Earth orbit, that was going to be difficult without the help of additional propulsion.

After looking at the almost spherical planet below him, Chen Yu stood up, faced the camera, and intertwined his fingers. “With this, we have completed the unboxing phase, the product introduction phase, and the actual testing phase. In that case, today’s livestream will also be coming to an end.

“As usual, I would like to first thank the Huaxia Heavy Industry for providing us with this Earth Spray. Although there have been several interludes during the review, I admit that these are my personal mistakes. The product’s performance is still excellent, and it has given us a new perspective on space.

“Secondly, I would like to thank the 26 million viewers inside the livestream rooms. As my viewership increases, I can no longer casually speak my mind. This has undoubtedly brought stress to me. However, even though I have made mistakes, you still continue tolerating and supporting me. Thank you very much for that.”

Pausing slightly, Chen Yu lowered his hands and bowed slightly to the camera. He then straightened his back and continued, “The New Year is coming soon. On the day of the Spring Festival, I promise to give everyone a beautiful gift. You will definitely like it, so stay tuned.

“Lastly, let’s start the conclusion.”

After thinking for a moment, Chen Yu raised his hand and pointed at the luminous galaxy ahead of him. “Every living person has 30 souls behind them. A 1-to-30 ratio. This is the ratio of the living to the dead. Since the birth of civilization, over 100 billion humans have lived on Earth.

“Coincidentally, our Milky Way galaxy has over 100 billion stars.

“One hundred billion stars to form a magnificent galaxy, and one hundred billion humans to create a dazzling civilization. As you can see, the age of space exploration is upon us. As someone belonging to this era, I’m sure that you, too, can feel the pride I’m feeling.

“The Milky Way’s greatness lies in the fact that every one of its stars is shining.

“The same is true for humans. Every member of humanity is indispensable because every one of us corresponds to a twinkling star.

“When night arrives, look up and try to find a trace of yourselves. It is hanging there quietly, and it is both brilliant and bright…

“That is it for today’s livestream.

“Let us meet again during the Spring Festival!”

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