Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 260 - Circling the Pacific Ocean (2)

Chapter 260: Circling the Pacific Ocean (2)

Chapter 260 – Circling the Pacific Ocean (2)

America, NASA Headquarters, second-floor:

“Keke, do you think we’ll foolishly let you humiliate us again?”

Standing inside an independent office, NASA’s director chuckled as he looked through his office’s glass wall and watched the livestream playing on the main screen in the second-floor hall. When he looked at Chen Yu’s figure, he repeatedly sneered, “Even if NASA’s funds are plentiful, I won’t let you play us for fools!”


At this time, one of the many assistants standing beside the director stepped forward and hesitantly asked, “Are we really not going to participate in the bidding this time?”

“Is it even necessary to participate?” the director asked with squinted eyes. “We have always donated the greatest amount every time, yet not once have we been selected! Transdimensional’s UP is the most narrow-minded and vile person in the world! He utterly lacks international spirit and foresight for the big picture! You want me to throw more money at him? Bullshit!”

“But…” Subconsciously lowering his voice, the assistant said, “Transdimensional’s UP has stated since the beginning that participants aren’t selected based on their donation amount. Bigger donations only earn you a greater chance of being selected.”

“If it happened only once, twice, or even thrice, I might be able to accept it.” Clenching his fists, the director gnashed his teeth and said, “But not getting selected for the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and even tenth time?! Who can accept such a result?! Do I look like a fool to you!?”

“…” The assistant remained silent.

“Tell me!” The director demanded. Pointing at his own forehead, he bellowed, “Look at me! Do I look like a fool?!”



“Y-You’re right…”

Hearing this, the director nodded and said, “He is deliberately targeting NASA.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“The higher-ups have already grown dissatisfied with me due to the several failed bids from before. If I continue wasting our funds, do you think I can continue retaining my director position?”

“B-But if we don’t transfer the funds now, it will be too late once the bidding starts.”

“I’ve already said NASA isn’t participating in this damned auction! Let everyone see how abominable Transdimensional’s UP is!”

“O-Okay…” Helpless, the assistant backed away.

“Hmph.” Returning his gaze to the big screen outside, the director placed his hands behind his back. With a piercing look in his eyes, he mumbled, “Picking a fight with me?”

Meanwhile, standing on the Andromeda space capsule, Chen Yu faced the camera and said, “Due to the capsule’s limited space, to make the travel experience as comfortable as possible, I will only be recruiting for two groups of participants: the bullet comment group and donation group. The rules will be the same as usual. One group will rely on luck, while the other will rely on luck and money.

“I’ll dispense with the nonsense and start the lottery straight away.

“First, I’ll select five members for the bullet comment group!”

After Chen Yu said so, a tsunami of bullet comments flooded the 10 livestream rooms.



[Pick me! Pick me!]

[I know I won’t win, but I’m still going to lower everyone else’s win rate. ( ಠ◡ಠ )]

[Lowering win rate.]

[Lowering. +1]

[If I turn off the bullet comment display and submit my entry, I’ll be the only person to have submitted an entry.]

Three minutes later, Chen Yu raised his wrist and scanned his watch’s screen. He then shouted, “Stop!

“I’ve selected the five lucky winners for the bullet comment group! I will now announce their names.

“Bilibili, ID River Mountain 457.

“DouYu, ID Crazed Awakening.

“Afreeca TV, ID Dim Memory.

“Youtube, ID, LONGsenve.

“Lastly, Japan’s Niconico, ID… Huh?”

When Chen Yu saw the IDs listed for Niconico’s platform, he couldn’t help but grow puzzled. “Why are everyone’s IDs made up of random alphabets and numbers? Are you guys stupid?”

Livestream audience from Japan: “…”

“I hate netizens who don’t use good names the most. Please think of proper names next time.” Pausing slightly, Chen Yu tapped his watch’s screen and continued, “Niconico, ID CC178.”

Lowering his hand, Chen Yu looked at the camera and continued, “The IDs mentioned above, you are officially RNG Gods who have won a lottery with a 5 in 25.35 million probability. I have already granted you access to private message me. You have one minute to send me your addresses. Otherwise, you’ll be disqualified.”

[Dammit! I’m salty again!]

[These people have such luck, yet they don’t use it for a better reincarnation. They deserve to live on the streets!]

[You’re overthinking things. Such lucky bastards definitely wouldn’t have a bad reincarnation. The world is such an unfair place. :)]

[It’s almost the New Year! Hurry up and suck up the luck of these bastards! Time to get rich!!]


[‘ll suck!]

[Suck, suck, suck…]

“Next, it’s the donation group’s turn.”

Looking back at the space capsule behind him, Chen Yu pondered for a moment before saying, “As a side note, because today’s interactive event is related to aerospace, I will lean towards choosing space-related units or institutions for the donation group.

“Meanwhile, when thinking of space-related institutions, I have no choice but to bring up America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which has the deepest involvement in the field of space.

“At present, NASA should be the most authoritative aerospace scientific research institution in the world, and it has made indelible contributions to human civilization. For a long time now, NASA has also been the biggest supporter of my program. Hence…”

Smiling, Chen Yu spread his arms and said, “For today’s lottery, so long as NASA participates and ranks within the top five of the donation amount, I will guarantee a spot for NASA! Let us experience the charm of future space technology to create more brilliant achievements!

“Well, then…

“The lottery for the donation group begins now!”

[Notice: Volvo Company has sent 50,000x Super Rockets!]

[Notice: China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation has sent 4,500x Transdimensional Glory!]

[Notice: Intel’s Toothpaste Supplier has sent 3,888x Transdimensional Glory!]

[Notice: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has sent 20,000x Flashlights!]

[Notice: …]


Five minutes later, Chen Yu snapped his fingers to stop the many institutions’ fanatical spending.

“Stop! Time’s up!”

Raising his wrist, Chen Yu slid his finger across his watch and carefully inspected the donation ranking list. A moment later, a frown formed on his face.


“Where’s NASA?

“Is there something wrong with the system?”

Chen Yu quickly swiped through the list. However, even after reaching the 100th rank, he still hadn’t found NASA’s ID.


Looking at the camera in a daze, Chen Yu scratched his helmet and said, “Does this mean NASA doesn’t want to get involved in the interactive event this time? This is unexpected.

“If that’s the case, as a fair, open, and third-party reviewer, I will not force the subject. I will respect your decision, NASA.

“Then, I will now announce the winners.

“Bilibili, ID China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation.

“Youtube, ID Space X Space Exploration Technology Corporation.

“Periscope, ID Airbus Company

“The aforementioned IDs, send me your addresses within one minute. Also, each ID only gets to send one person.”

After saying so, Chen Yu shrugged and continued, “It’s a pity that NASA didn’t join. I guess they have their own ideas. How unfortunate.”

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