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Chapter 257 - It’s Spraying! (2)

Chapter 257: It’s Spraying! (2)

Chapter 257 – It’s Spraying! (2)


Inside the Observer Conference Hall, the various countries’ representatives and technical staff members stared at the screen without blinking. Occasionally, bursts of exclamation would also exit their mouths.

Currently, displayed on the screen were ripples spreading through the water one after another. The camera also shook along with the violent ripples.

Fortunately, with the camera’s powerful performance, everyone could clearly see what was happening in front of the camera.

That was a metal cylinder!

It was a cylinder that was continuously expanding and splitting!

Like a fragmented grenade that had exploded, the originally perfect cylinder had already split into thousands of metal fragments at this time. The fragments also quickly spread out to a 100-meter radius.

Meanwhile, every piece of metal had a slender wire made of unknown material connected to them. These wires were so thin that they were difficult to perceive with the naked eye. Yet, despite being so flimsy, the wires remained unperturbed under the strong underwater currents.

From the camera’s perspective, it looked as if an asteroid belt was orbiting a star! The metal fragments also reflected the light coming from the camera, creating a blurry yet beautiful scene.

After the cylinder was done expanding horizontally, it began extending vertically downward. Ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred meters… The cylinder reached the seabed in the blink of an eye.

The extension process was simple. Like a modern fishing rod, tubes of a smaller diameter continually emerged from larger diameter tubes. The only difference was that the Earth Spray’s craftsmanship was exquisite. The tubes’ thickness was so thin that it was almost impossible to see the tubes’ difference in diameter.

Seeing this, Chen Yu, who was far above the ocean’s surface, immediately manipulated the camera and had it dive down to the seabed to get a clearer view of the extended metal tube.

As the audio playing in the livestream rooms was recorded through Chen Yu’s watch, the people inside the Observer Conference Hall couldn’t actually hear the loud vibrations reverberating through the seawater. However, just looking at the rising silt and the screen’s shaking allowed them to easily imagine how powerful the collision between the tube and the seabed was.

“The bottom of the tube isn’t sharp, so how did it penetrate the seabed so quickly?” the Australian representative asked the technical staff behind him in a hushed voice.

“It is likely to be using a high-frequency oscillation technique. Not only does this method allow the tube to be inserted deep into the seabed, but it also tightens the silt around the tube, which prevents the tube from slipping out. This is my guess.”

“Oh…” Realization dawned upon the Australian representative. “So, it’s similar to a concrete vibrator?”

“The principles are roughly the same.” The technical staff nodded. “However, the tube’s technical content is several orders of magnitude higher. And if I were to guess, once the tube is inserted into position, it would probably further expand and thoroughly fix its position…”

Similar technical discussions were also happening all around the world.

This was also one of the important reasons why academia paid attention to Transdimensional Review.

It was so that they could have new predictions for the future direction of science and technology.

Watching the livestream also brought about a new systematic understanding of existing technology.

“The silt layer is too dense to see what’s going on underneath. However, I’m guessing that once the tube plunges into the rock layer, it will expand there to stabilize the whole structure.”

Chen Yu’s voice sounded in the ten livestream rooms, and the result of his analysis was surprisingly consistent with the various scientific researchers around the world!

“This is roughly the same method used to fix the position of modern offshore installations. Since there is nothing left to see here, I’ll have the camera return.”

After saying so, Chen Yu had the camera ascend and continue observing the cylinder’s “deformation” process.

However, even after the cylinder’s lower-half hit rock bottom, it didn’t stop expanding. On the contrary, it expanded even more rapidly, pushing the cylinder toward the ocean’s surface.

Those attentive in the livestream rooms would see that the tube’s outer wall was covered in holes of various sizes to accommodate the influx of vast amounts of seawater.

Simultaneously, driven by the underwater currents, the scattered metal fragments also started spinning rapidly.

[Is it self-generating power?]

[How can they spin so fast?]

[Don’t ask. The only answer you’ll get is that it’s future technology.]

[It’s calculated, right? There should be sensors on the sheets, and the central computer will adjust the angle of the sheets in real-time to ensure the side with positive resistance always faces the water currents, while the side with negative resistance is always flattened. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain how the sheets can spin so rapidly.]

[Crap! Awesome!]

[I heard modern wind turbines use this method. However, due to material limitation, they can’t turn as fiercely as these things.]

[Power generator (x); Meat grinder (√)!]

[This really is the magic of nature…]

After obtaining power from the hydropower equipment, the Earth Spray began treating a massive amount of seawater in the overhead pipeline. The deafening roar generated by the device could even be heard from above the ocean.

“This is the power of industry.”

Sighing, Chen Yu had the camera return to the surface and quietly waited for the metal cylinder to protrude from the ocean.


Finally, half a minute later, the two-meter-diameter cylinder emerged from the water and saw the sun again.

“Is it over? No, not yet.”


The next moment, the crisp sound of a mechanical transmission appeared, and the cylinder’s outer surface continuously fragmented. The fragmented parts then quickly spread out to form a giant platform with a diameter of over 50 meters!

At this point, the Earth Spray had officially taken shape.



Chen Yu landed on the platform and bent down to feel the platform’s smooth surface. He then approached the “cannon barrel” in the platform’s center and tentatively looked down the barrel.



[It would be God’s doing if the host were to get blasted into space at this time.]

“No need to worry. Calcium chloride is essential for the production of metallic sodium. Without it, the Earth Spray shouldn’t be capable of performing any powerful water spray operations.”

Walking past the spray nozzle, Chen Yu pointed to the small channel on his left. “This is the inlet for the calcium chloride. As you can see, the chemical formula, CaCl2, is written on the ground.

“The protruding pipe on the right should be the chlorine gas’s outlet. I plan to use the island-building ship to collect the produced gas. However, I’m not doing it just to sell the gas for money. Chlorine is a highly toxic gas. If too much of it is released into the open air, it might endanger the artificial island nearby. It might also react with hydrogen to cause a big explosion.”

After saying so, Chen Yu turned to face the camera and smiled. “Everything is ready. Once again, we have reached the stage where we need government cooperation. Like the maglev train, this product’s ownership will remain with me, or to the Transdimensional Academy. The various governments will supply the required materials. All profits generated and usage rights will be distributed according to the investments made on Light Island.

“To hasten the review’s speed, we’ll collect the calcium chloride from America and China. Both parties, please transport a large amount of calcium chloride to a specified location and privately message me the location in ten minutes. I will go collect it after ten minutes. In return, I’ll give you the chlorine gas generated for free.

“Besides that, I heard Russia has built a multi-person space capsule? I think it’s scheduled for launch in 2022. No need to wait that long. Let me launch it for you. Have it ready within ten minutes and message me the address.”

After giving out his orders, Chen Yu spread his hands and proudly said, “How far-sighted of me. Everyone, do you know why I left my female assistant in the floating castle? It is for this situation now. We can have her open a portal here from the Academy, saving me the trouble to make the return trip.”


However, as soon as Chen Yu finished speaking, the faint sound of spinning propellers came from a distance.

Stunned, Chen Yu turned to the sound’s origin and saw two helicopters flying toward him.

Meanwhile, there was a figure poking out of the window of the leading helicopter. This figure waved at Chen Yu and shouted through a loudspeaker, “Hey! I finally caught up!”

Chen Yu: “…”

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