Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 252 - Product Capable of Destroying the Solar System

Chapter 252: Product Capable of Destroying the Solar System

Chapter 252 – Product Capable of Destroying the Solar System

Sunday, 8:50 AM:

Jinzhou City, Lanhe District, Chen family’s abode:

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Chen Yu squinted his eyes and asked indifferently, “What time is it?”

“It’s eight-fifty. There are ten minutes left,” Little Peach answered after taking a look at the time. She then picked up Chen Yu’s wizard robe and said, “You should change your clothes now.”

“Forget that for now. Let’s see how large the product is first. If it’s something that needs me to go outdoors, I’ll just change into the protective suit.”

After saying so, Chen Yu pulled out his phone and opened WeChat. He then sent a brief message to Transdimensional Marketing’s staff member.

[Chen Yu: “You there?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I’m here, Mr. Chen.”]

[Chen Yu: “??!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “What are you trying to say?”]

[Chen Yu: “Nothing. I’m just surprised you didn’t get angry.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Do you know what ‘resigned’ means?”]


[Chen Yu: “I understand. Let’s not talk about this for now. How is today’s product? Is it large? How large is it? Is it bigger than last time?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Mr. Chen, this product is of moderate size. You can receive it at home.”]

[Chen Yu: “I can’t afford to have my floor destroyed anymore. I’ll head to the floating castle, so send it there.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Very well. I will send it to you in a few minutes. By the way, I have something to tell you.”]

[Chen Yu: “What?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “As you have accomplished excellent results in all seven of your livestreams, my team and I have applied for a very special product for you. So long as you can successfully raise your access level to C- and conditions permit it, we can make an exception and send it to you.”]

[Chen Yu: “Special product? How is it special?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “It is a product that can only be applied for with B-rank access level.”]


Chen Yu couldn’t help but be surprised by these words. After carefully re-reading the message two more times, excitement welled up within him.

[Chen Yu: “How amazing is a B-rank product?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “It is far better than any product you’ve reviewed.”]

[Chen Yu: “Isn’t that obvious?! Can’t you give me a better description? How powerful is it? Is it dangerous?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “It definitely carries a certain degree of danger. Moreover, the degree of danger is extremely high. Hence, I said that even after your access level reaches C-, we’ll still need to see if conditions permit it. And these conditions are safety conditions.”]

Seeing this, Chen Yu grew agitated and quickly typed a reply.

[Chen Yu: “Can you not leave me hanging? Can’t you tell me what this product is?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I’m sorry, but this isn’t allowed. I can only briefly tell you that this product can easily result in the solar system’s destruction.”]

[Chen Yu: “Crap…”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “A single mistake might lead to the destruction planets on the scale of Earth, Jupiter, and Saturn.”]

[Chen Yu: “…”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “So, you’ll have to meet the safety conditions.”]

Putting down his phone, Chen Yu stood up and paced around his room over a dozen times.

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong?” Little Peach asked in confusion.

“It’s nothing.” Picking up his phone again, Chen Yu typed a message while saying, “Activate the portal first. Connect it to the Headmaster’s Tower’s second-floor hall. We’ll be starting the livestream right away.”

“Okay.” Little Peach nodded. She then approached the Interstellar Portal and started manipulating its virtual interface.

[Chen Yu: “It’s my eighth official review now. I’ll be able to get promoted after another review. In other words, I should get the product you mentioned in the 10th review, which is in three months. What are the safety conditions you mentioned?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “It is your personal safety condition. You must have sufficient ability to protect yourself.”]

[Chen Yu: “What else?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “There’s nothing else.”]

[Chen Yu: “Can’t you give me any more hints?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Our work is constantly under supervision. It is already rare that we managed to get that product for you. I cannot disclose any more information to you.”]

[Chen Yu: “…Fine. In that case, try to get me a product that helps with meeting that safety condition next time.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Please rest assured. My team and I will do our best. It is almost nine o’clock in your current timeline. Please prepare to receive today’s delivery.”]

[Chen Yu: “OK. Send it to the second-floor hall of the floating castle’s Headmaster’s Tower.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Very well.”]

Tossing his phone onto the bed, Chen Yu quickly changed into his wizard robe and put on his opera mask. He then put on the magic hat representing the headmaster’s authority. Once he was fully dressed, he stepped through the Interstellar Portal and arrived in the Headmaster’s Tower’s second-floor hall.


Snapping his fingers, Chen Yu called out, “Hermione.’

“I’m here.”

A stream of silver particles emerged from the ground and took on the form of a slender figure. While suspended before Chen Yu, Hermione asked, “Lord Headmaster, your orders?”

“I’m going to start hosting my livestream. The Academy’s professors can spectate, but don’t let them get too close.”


“Mhm.” After taking a look at the time, Chen Yu continued, “How is the island’s construction progressing?”

“The outer shape is completed,” Hermione said as she landed on the ground. She then tapped the butt of her staff on the ground, summoning a virtual projection of the manmade island. “The main body is completed, and the revetment is also completed. However, we still need to pump out the excess water. It will take five more days at most before we can transfer the various governments’ supplies ashore and start the next step of construction.”

“That’s fast. How about the censoring work in the library?”

“We have finished censoring 7% of the first floor’s books,” Hermione reported. “In the case of books on basic science, we have finished censoring 52% of them already. The professors have also begun compiling the teaching materials for the new semester based on these books, so their research speed has temporarily slowed down.”

“Okay. Have them focus on the teaching materials first before doing their research. Make sure to keep a close eye on them. We can’t have any of these teaching materials leaked to the outside world for now.”


After understanding the floating castle’s and artificial island’s general situation, Chen Yu stopped speaking and stared at the time displayed on his watch.

Three minutes later…

Both the minute hand and second hand reached 12 simultaneously. A wormhole with a diameter of no more than three minutes appeared in the middle of the hall immediately.

“It really is a small product.”

Suppressing his excitement, Chen Yu took two steps back and looked up.


Shortly after, a rectangular delivery box with a width of two meters and a height of four meters fell out of the wormhole and landed heavily on the ground.

The snowy-white box gave off a dazzling reflection when sunlight shone on it.

Compared to the previous few official products, this product was exceptionally compact.

“It really is ‘small.’”

After waiting for the wormhole to disappear, Chen Yu stepped forward and stroked the box. He then tentatively hugged it and found that he couldn’t move it at all.

“It’s heavy.”

“Take it apart and see what’s inside!” Little Peach eagerly said. “Is it a toy?”

“The products can’t always be toys.”

Taking half a step back, Chen Yu snapped his fingers.


The ground before him suddenly crumbled and formed a staircase leading down to the first floor.

“Let’s go.” With a wave of his right hand, Chen Yu strode forward and said, “It’s time to start the livestream.”

“Okay!” Little Peach cheered and followed after Chen Yu.

Pausing his footsteps, Chen Yu looked back with a dark look. “Are you just leaving empty-handed?”

Little Peach: “What?”

“Don’t ‘what’ me! Are we going to review the air?”

“Oh! Realization dawning upon her, Little Peach hurriedly turned around and picked up the five-meter-tall box. “Ugh… It’s heavy.”

“Watch your steps. Walk down the stairs slowly.”

“Mhm! Rest assured, I won’t come under any danger.”

“I’m afraid you might break the product.”

Little Peach: “…”

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