Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 1490 - Chapter 1490 Such Procrastination

Chapter 1490 Such Procrastination

The two Supreme beings were currently in a very miserable situation!

They couldn’t advance, they couldn’t retreat, they couldn’t speak, and they couldn’t curse! Looking at the Sword Spirit’s eyes, they were as astonished as if they had seen a ghost.

As for fighting… cough, where in their hearts did they have the courage to fight now!?

Joking… facing such a monster, what fighting was there to be done? The Eighth Rank Supreme’s lifetime cultivation of sword aura stirred up a whirlwind in the opponent’s internal organs, but it didn’t even stir up a drop of blood. What fighting was left to be done?

The other side didn’t even resist, letting you hack away until you were exhausted; facing such an opponent, who still had the courage to fight? That was a joke.

The Sword Spirit was also helpless.

It was originally a soul body, although it condensed into substance and looked like substance, in reality, it was still a soul body.

As for soul bodies, some feared fire, some feared… but they definitely didn’t fear things like knives, guns, swords, and halberds! They couldn’t cause any harm… as long as the other party didn’t use soul attacks or spiritual consciousness attacks, the Sword Spirit would never be hurt!

But facing such a monster, who still had the courage to use mental attacks? Wasn’t that asking for trouble?

Although the Sword Spirit couldn’t be hurt, it was equally unable to harm others.

Because when it came down to it, it was still a spirit body!

Previously, killing Shi Qishu was done by being close to the Sword Master, and using the Sword Master’s strength to kill unexpectedly.

But now, facing these two real Eighth Grade Supremes, the Sword Spirit was completely powerless.

But his mission was to hold the other side back and not let them go for reinforcements, in this regard, the Sword Spirit was confident.

He didn’t need to pretend to be anything, he could create an aura of peerless experts without trying!

Without trying to pretend, he was already pretending to the point of no limits!

He shifted his position slightly, stood with his hands behind his back, and looked at the two of them.

He stood on level ground and watched the two men. However, they inexplicably felt as if they were being looked down upon, as though he was towering above them. It was a feeling they had only experienced in the presence of the Fa Zun. But at this moment, for some reason or another, both of them felt that the imposing aura of this man was even stronger and more powerful than that of the Fa Zun, and much more so. Now, both of them had the same feeling: could this man be a legendary figure from ancient times?

As they thought this, the two of them suddenly regretted everything they had done. How could they possibly deal with someone so powerful? Even though the difference between an eighth-rank and a ninth-rank Supreme was only one rank, it was a world of difference! Even if they had the courage and confidence, they would never dare to be confident enough to defeat the Fa Zun, let alone someone who was obviously stronger than him. Although the Fa Zun was powerful, he would still die if he was stabbed in the stomach by a long sword and the sword qi exploded.

But this man in front of them hadn’t even shed a drop of blood. Who was stronger and who was weaker, was that even a question?

“May I ask, who exactly are you, senior?” asked the leader of the white-clothed masked men, somewhat apprehensively.

The term “senior” was extremely particular. The voice of the other party was full of a sense of desolation, with an imposing manner that carried a world-shaking and ghostly martial arts skill. If this person wasn’t a senior, who else could be?

The Sword Spirit sighed, “Who am I…” He said dejectedly, “Who am I really?…”

He fell silent, looking up at the sky, as if contemplating something.

After a long time, he said somewhat bleakly, “It’s been too long, I’ve forgotten who I am… I only remember… that the world changes with the wind and clouds, the world is full of changes, and everything… is just like that… Hahaha… You are still young, you still don’t understand the feelings of an old man…”

“You are still young, you still don’t understand!” The two eighth-rank Supremes suddenly felt dizzy.

Suddenly, a bright idea flashed through their minds and they asked carefully, “Could it be… Senior Wu Chenfeng… the Supreme Wu Chenfeng?”

The Sword Spirit immediately furrowed his brow, “Wu Chenfeng? Are you talking about… the little Chen from tens of thousands of years ago?”

Little Chen?

Two figures in white, their bodies swaying as if they were about to fall.

“Dear Heavens… in front of this person, even the Supreme Wu Chenfeng is called… Little Chen!”

The Sword Spirit spoke with a sense of desolation, “I am older than him… by many years!”

The two figures in white were completely stunned!

Older than Supreme Wu Chenfeng by many years…

For a long time, no one said a word.

Finally, one of the figures in white gathered the courage to speak, “Senior, we still have two brothers with us. They might…”

The Sword Spirit interrupted with a cold sneer, “Oh?”

The figure in white continued, “May we take our leave for now and meet up with our brothers, and then we can listen to your teachings together…”

The Sword Spirit chuckled coldly, “Before I finish speaking, you dare to move? Try it!”

The two figures were instantly frozen in place!

The killing intent in those words was clear: if you dare to move, I will kill you!

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And undoubtedly, the Sword Spirit had the power to do so!

The distant rumbling sounds had gradually faded away. The two figures were anxious, but in front of this mysterious and unfathomable senior, they did not dare to move.

The two figures in white and masks respectfully apologized, “We have offended you, Senior.”

“You have indeed offended me…” The Sword Spirit said quietly, “But I have already killed someone today, that’s enough. I cannot kill anymore…”

He paused before continuing, “I have a habit of being merciful. Heaven has a benevolent nature, how can we, who possess martial strength, kill people at will? Wouldn’t that be against the principles of yin and yang?”

The two figures breathed a sigh of relief and said in unison, “Senior, you are generous and compassionate. We are forever grateful and will always remember your kindness.”

But the senior continued with a sigh, “Therefore, based on my principle of compassion for all beings, I am reluctant to create unnecessary bloodshed. However, there are too many evildoers in the world who must be killed… Therefore, I have made a solemn oath to Heaven and Earth: I will only kill one person per day! Never more!”

The words of the two figures in white clothes suddenly choked in their throats, and for a moment, an inexplicably frustrated emotion rose from the depths of their hearts.

“Damn it, if you kill one person a day, wouldn’t that be 365 people a year? You’re much older than the Supreme Wu Chenfeng, so you’ve lived for at least seventy to eighty thousand years… Does that mean you’ve killed at least twenty million people? Holy shit, you still have the audacity to act merciful and compassionate towards others…”

“Human life is of utmost importance… it cannot be wantonly taken!” The sword spirit let out a deep sigh.

The two figures in white opposite him twisted their mouths and eyes, not knowing what to say.

“Even if someone offends me, I will only kill one person… at most, I’ll make it up the day after tomorrow…” The sword spirit smiled with a hint of loneliness and desolation. “Can human life be treated so cheaply?”

The two Supreme beings felt their minds thundering, unable to bear the old man’s pretentiousness any longer…

“I’m asking you!” The sword spirit narrowed his eyes.

“Please speak, senior.” The two bowed together.

“Why have you come here? Are you colluding with the little brat from the Shi family?” The sword spirit asked casually. “He once offended me. Three months ago, many people offended me, and he was one of them. But I only kill one person a day, and today is his turn, he’s the last one…”

The two suddenly realized!

No wonder this mysterious and inscrutable senior suddenly killed Shi Qishu. It turned out that Shi Qishu had offended him before…

Both of them let out a sigh of relief, feeling that they had nothing to do with this.

“I was planning to leave after killing him. I only have one quota for killing a day, and I’ve already used it. And there are four of you, how can I have enough quotas for all of you?” The sword spirit said calmly.

The two were dumbfounded.

Quotas for killing? This old guy is acting like he’s doing them a favor by killing people?

“If I didn’t leave, and you four offended me, wouldn’t I have to stay in this snowy wilderness for four more days?” Sword Spirit Yun Danfeng said lightly, “So I’ll just leave… hehe, I didn’t expect you to chase after me so relentlessly… that makes me curious…”

Hearing this, the two couldn’t help but regret deeply. They couldn’t resist the urge to slap themselves in the face.

Damn it, it would have been so much better to let him go, why did we have to make trouble… Now things have gone beyond our control…

“Since you’re chasing after me, I naturally have to play with you…” Sword Spirit snorted and gave the two a sideways glance. The two turned pale.

Their remorse was beyond words.

“Who are you?” Sword Spirit asked domineeringly, “Tell the truth, and I’ll spare your lives!”

The two hesitated for a moment, then shook their heads resolutely and apologized, “Senior, please forgive us. We have a great responsibility and cannot disclose it.”

Sword Spirit frowned and looked cold.

The two were sweating profusely, but this time, they didn’t say a word.

“Never mind, never mind…” Sword Spirit sighed, “I won’t trouble you…”

He thought to himself, it’s already been two hours, Chu Yang’s side should be almost done, why hasn’t the signal been sent yet…

In resignation, he said with a sense of desolation, “Well, even if you were soybeans, you wouldn’t be a match for me. But since you have offended me today, I can’t just let you leave easily. What would that do to my reputation?”

The two were frightened and asked, “What does Senior intend to do?”

“The old man has been lonely for too long…” Sword Spirit said with a sigh. “I don’t even know who those people are among the nine great clans today. Why don’t you introduce them to me? Ah, the good old days…”

The two had no choice but to reluctantly begin introducing the clans to Sword Spirit, who insisted on hearing all the details. As a result, much time passed before they were able to finish introducing only three of the nine great clans.

Finally, news came from Chu Yang that the mission was accomplished! However, Sword Spirit was still standing there, looking bleak. “This is really boring,” he said. “Alright, you two seem to be in a hurry, so get out of here already!”

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